Punching ticket to Shea

CarlosWe definitely needed this victory Sunday night against the Cardinals. We just came out and did what we did all year. When we score runs, we score in bunches.

With Oliver Perez being young and inexperienced in this postseason situation, we kind of thought that he might be all right out there. He gave us a solid start. In these types of situations, you never know what’s going to happen in the playoffs. I was very happy that he was able to keep us in the ballgame.

The series is going back to New York and I like our chances. That’s what you play this game for. Everybody feels good about themselves. We help each other out. When you win, as I saw in 1997 with the Marlins, all 25 guys have made a contribution in some way. When you have that, it makes you feel good about your chances.

Hopefully I will get healthy and help us. I’m pitch-hitting right now. Hopefully, I can get a little healthy and go back on the field. If the game is rained out Monday, it would help everybody, especially me. It would make everybody feel better. If we don’t get the rainout, let’s play ball.

If there’s a rainout, I would look forward to starting on Tuesday. That would be another day off for me. It would help me out. If Willie Randolph feels comfortable putting me out there, I will go.

The Achilles tendon is weak. I don’t want to hurt the team. When you care about the guys on the team, a lot of things come into play.


  1. bqnguy@aol.com


  2. sw31653@yahoo.com

    Cliff, first off and most important don’t rush and watil until the heel feels right again.. at least enough to play. What a huge win Sunday, this is shaping up to be some series. Postseason baseball with the Mets back in it sure is nice. What I wanted to say was I still remember some seasons where it didn’t always turn out that way. Last season for example, your 34 homers was a huge part of the Mets being in the hunt until September, and your presence in that lineup is what I’ll remember the team by from that year. Point being, although it takes 25 quality players to make “the run” and it sure feels like the Mets have that this year, just knowing what you’re capable of will make me pumped to see #30 back in the lineup when he’s ready. Good luck, get healthy, and Lets Go Mets !!

  3. mcattich@hotmail.com

    Hey Cliff!! That was a great game tonight and such a big win for you guys. I’m so glad that you guys will definately be coming back to Shea. I hope you will be able to get back in the lineup soon, but don’t rush it. It’s the best of 3 now!! How many 3 game series have you won this year?? PLENTY!! You can do it. I believe in you guys. I love watching you all celebrate in the locker room after winning a series. I wish I could be right there with all of you to give you all hugs, drink some beers with you, and spray champagne everywhere. I hope to be seeing you guys celebrate again in a few short days. You all deserve it!! You guys have been the NL champs all year, and you can’t let the cards steal that from you now!! Bye the way, I was reading some comments from some other people on your last blog last night. Please ignore all the jerks talking smack and treating you like ****. You have been a great player and a great person from day 1. All of us true mets fans love ya Cliff, and even if you’re not with the mets anymore after this season ( although I hope you are ), I’ll always remember you and the great years you gave us. Thanks Cliff!! You’re the best!! Take care and God bless you!! Now GO KICK SOME BUTT AND CLAIM THAT NL CROWN THAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS!!

  4. andystaves@gmail.com

    This is the best I have seen the Mets play since I started following baseball a few years ago, you have been giving me a treat all season, and here’s hoping that it continues all the way to the very end.

    Good luck with the tendon, and best wishes from the UK 🙂

  5. kevinbujo@yahoo.com

    Hey Cliff just play 3 innings or so, belt 2 homers, put us up by 5 or 6 and then Chavy can go in and play defense to preserve the lead you gave us!!!! Get Well Soon!!!! Rest up we’ll need you against Detroit on Saturday!!!!

  6. thewrightgrl05@hotmail.com

    quoted from above”no one actually wants you to play right now”

    by “no one” you mean just you, Stout!!

    you’re the only A-hole on here posting this negative ****.

    you’ve made your point, now stop posting nasty comments. k thanks

    lets go mets!!

  7. jimmy21064@aol.com

    Hey Stout,

    there is a human being your nasty negative comments. Your the only idiot posting these comments and you know what, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR A BAD THING ABOUT THIS PLAYER. It is more important that he get healed than play in these games, he has absoultely nothing tp prove! This could be a career ending injury and he should make the best decison for himself whether or not he should play. Do us all a favor and SHUT UP.

    Mr Floyd is a class act!

  8. mrs5002@psu.edu

    Don’t push it, Cliff, we need your bat in the World Series. Rest up, stretch out that heel, and keep it loose, but don’t get down on yourself if you don’t get to play the field for a little while longer. In fact, something is coming to mind… 1988… Game 1… World Series… I think we may have a Kirk Gibson on our hands. Haha, keep the faith, Cliff, all of New York is.

  9. jtp28@cornell.edu


    You’d think people would have better things to do with their time than heckle players on their blog. Then again, I guess some people have no lives and will always end up dying alone….

    That being said Cliff, you’re the man. You’ll know when your ready. I heard Willie say in his press conference its up to you to decide when you can play. So take your time and rest assured that Endy’s got ya covered till you’re ready!

  10. metsinsix2006@yahoo.com

    You’re a major contributor and spirit on this team both on the field and off the field. The Mets will win the next two games and prove the anti-National League critics wrong in the World Series. I believe in you and this team as a whole. You make me proud to be a Met fan.

  11. nora1111@myway.com

    Dear Cliff, I think it’s great that you blog after every game. We love hearing about what’s going on with you and your team mates. Keep getting better. Don’t rush the healing. Detroit is coming up and we will need you either as a DH, or if your heel is really better, out in left field. As fans, we have a lot of confidence in Endy. What we want most is for you to heal completely so that you can come back to us next year as the great full time player you are. the Mets have overcome a lot of injuries this year – overcome them and prevailed. Your intelligence and spirit are obvious and are an inspiration to all of us.
    Keep blogging. We love talking to you. LET’S GO METS!!!

  12. jodiemim@gmail.com

    cliff, i have to say i have loved watching you play for the mets, and i hope to see you in the world series! i sat in front of your whole family at wrigley in july and got to high-five your dad when you and beltran hit those grand slams! you’ve given us mets fans a lot of joy over the years… take care of yourself and hopefully you’ll be healthy soon!

  13. Zoe

    Cliff! What an exciting win! In some of the past SNY coverage–the day after you had your last MRI (now why can’t that stand for Most Revered Individual?), there’s a shot of you coming down the Shea hallway in a sharp burgundy shirt and dark suit jacket, talking on your cell–and when you see the camera, you lift the phone up to wave, and you give us such a smile that it’s bound to make anyone happy who sees it. Then you mouth “I’m alright” as you turn the corner.

    I’ll have to post a screenshot later, because it’s just a gorgeous Cliff picture–and one that personifies how when you smile, *we* smile.

    I keep saying it. And other commenters who read my blog and know how I talk about you keep saying it. But I love you Cliffy!

    (Oh, and I’ve got a shot too from that SNY coverage of your “little guy” D-Wright coming down that same hallway. I love how he sticks his tongue out even when walking through the halls of Shea!)


  14. wh345912@albany.edu

    I hope you get better Cliff, with you in the line up it would be even more hopeless for the Cards. Your the man, Big Up

    -Fidel Cashflow

    p.s. you’ll definetly pull some crazy clutch hit out in the series.

  15. chord17@aol.com

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the guys. I knew you would pull it off. I was absolutely glued to the tv screen last night. Can’t wait to see the celebration at Shea when we win it. Hope you’re feeling better and stronger. Would like really like to see you back out there soon. Take care.


  16. anthonyr@newyork-mets.net

    Hey Cliff – hoping for the best for you and your injury, but remember, even if you don’t play another inning, you’ve already contributed to getting the team where it is. I know it’s hard to watch from the dugout, but you’re a big part of it no matter how it goes down from here on in. Hang in there man. Let’s Go Mets!!

  17. ecmahler82@hotmail.com

    Perez? solid start? he gave up 5 runs. if the cardinals had any kind of defense last night he would have had a “L’ for the night, and I’m sure you’ld be whistling a different tune. the difference in last nights game was runners on. congrats on win, but i wouldnt be so quick to give perez an hj if you know what i mean.

  18. lee254766@yahoo.com

    I can’t wait until the game tonight!! I hope you feel better, but you have already contributed enough..LET’S GO METS!!

  19. newyorkmets93@aim.com

    Hey Stout,

    You know what, you just need to shut your f***ing mouth. You call yourself a Met fan (if you are one, which Im starting to doubt) and youre trying to discourage the Met that carried our offense in 05? Ya, hes had a bad year, ya, hes been injured, but the reason hes on the roster is that hes trying to help the team. If you honestly think that he shouldnt be on the roster, fine, but why the heck would you tell Cliff that in such a negative way? For the sake of Cliff, me, and every other person whos writing, you should just get your *** outta here, ok?

  20. tecyr5@yahoo.com

    Cliff, tough to see you go down again. I enjoy watching you play. Lets win this game tonight bring it back to New York and wrap this series up.

  21. wliebs@comcast.net

    Cliff, I am sure your contribution both on and off the field is greatly appreciated. So what do you think? If the game is rained out tonight will it help or hurt the Mets?

  22. ebschol@comcast.net

    Hey Cliff, I am a LONG time Met Fan now living in South Florida. We need you as a DH in the WS, so don’t push it right now. We seem to be OK with the bats we have now. I have been “waiting till next year” since 1962 and finally that year has come. GO METS !

  23. johnnydukes@aol.com

    Cliff, what’s the deal with your achilles? I’m no doctor but you’ve had how many MRIs this season that came back negative? What’s up? Pick up your skirt, grab your fellas and play some ball!

  24. smellingsons@yahoo.com

    Cliff, I love what you can do for this team, and what you have done even with the achilles injury. I can’t wait until you get back in the line-up, your bat is a very large part of this team.

  25. mets4me@hotmail.com

    Hey cliffy!!!,
    don’t worry about the Mets.We got Delgado and Beltran leading the way. Right now, we need you on the field. I am hoping your Achillies will get better. I am very happy that you’re actually writing all this. It must be really hard. I was born a Met and will die a Met…

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Mets Fan Danny

  26. rimmasteru2@yahoo.com


    First and foremost, I hope you are back with the Mets again next year. I would hate to see you go. I know you’ve had a lot of injuries and I appreciate your willingness and effort to give it a go anyway. That’s a true teammate. Do what you can to sign with the team again! When you’re healthy they’re aren’t many left-handed hitters funner to watch, if any. Good Luck with the achilles and the playoffs.

  27. phurrballe@aol.com

    First, if you ignore Stout. he/she may go away. Why even respond to Stout’s posts. I am sure that is what is intended so leave him alone and if he continues to post, who cares?? A reaction is what he is looking for and you can chose to not read his entries so stop slinging profanities back at him even if you use asterisks and symbols – it still is so not classy!

    Second, Cliff should not play other than pinch hitting or DH in the WS, if we get there, unless he is 1,000 percent healed. You all want him to play but do you want him to hurt himself again running for a ball in the gap? And if it were a tie game with men on base and he was unable to catch up with a driving fly ball that a healthy Cliff or an Endy would definitley have caught, would he not feel even worse than he does now?? And moreover how would that be helping his team? Let him contribute in the level that is safe for him – pinch hitting or DH-ing unless he positively is 200% healthy. That is the smartest decision he can make for himself and I would think he were a champion and a selfless professional if he made made the honest decision for both his own health and the team. Cliff, we all love you and want you back healthy. Take care of yourself – your injury is more important and we have faith that the rest and caution you take now will make you more likley to be in the WS. We need you so don’t push yourself.

  28. dinohotshot@yahoo.com

    Cliffy! We got the rain out! Time for you to get some rest and for Glavy to rest up that left arm…lets come up with a big win tomorrow! Let’s Go Mets!

  29. welshponygrl1211@hotmail.com

    What a great game and what a suprise from Oliver. Great Job on his part. I think the team really broke out last night and hopefully that will carry off to the rest of the series. With the rain out hoe the achillies feels better and maybe well enough to get some at bats. Can’t wait for Tuesday’s game. Then after that you guys are back in NY in front of the home crowd. The greatest fans in the world.



    #30-The best

  30. mistralsmist@yahoo.com

    Hey Cliffie,
    I totally agree with phurrballe as far the interjections of “Stout” in these blogs. We should just ignore him, and not even throw back derrogatory or bad language at him, for he so loves the attention. Cliff, I know that you are far too intelligent to listen to what he has to say. He seeks attention and I guess he figures he can get it this way. Soooooo, if we all just ignore him and not comment on any of his worthless statements, we can score one for our side. Last night, what a game!!!!!!!!!! I loved every minute of it. Nervous a little about Perez, but he came through for us just as Delgado, Wright, and Beltran have. Not to mention Endy, Jose and Jose, and Shawnie and LoDuca or as he is known in our office “Sweet Cheeks”. We usually only see the back of him, sooo you can figure it out. I’m sure he’s gonna love that one. At any rate, and as usual, I wish you well. And, God bless.

    LET’S GO METS – from a METS fan since 1962. Love ya’ll.


  31. thewrightgrl05@hotmail.com

    phurr– we can defend Floyd if we want and i’ll continue to use asterisks.
    and if u think by writing that paragraph about ignoring stout helped…i doubt it b/c u did just the opposite. that whole paragraph about ignoring him was actually giving him attention.

    so if u want to ignore him, ignore him, but dont talk about it, bc thats not ignoring him.

    get better cliff!LETS GO METS

  32. kailey1722@optonline.net

    The ‘final countdown’ for your dreams to become a reality. I wish I met you guys before season ended because it would have been cool to just get to know you ‘heroes’. An ‘SNY’ guy took my number to call me and get me down onto the field with my brother. Obviously that never happened and now he won’t stop calling me. AHHH..It Freaks me out.I just don’t answer. Anyway, great game! I knew you would do it! Bring it back to Shea and celebrate with your fans at home:) Keep the offense going just like you’ve done all year.This is a battle- be strong, fire-it-up, and focused…xolovexo Joy—Let Go and Let God!

  33. andynsheri@yahoo.com

    Hi Cliff,

    The team definately needs your bat. The opposing team will be less likely to pitch around Wright.

    I know the foots hurting. I use to twist my ankles all the time when play basketball. The key is to focus your energy on the ball, and the game at hand.

    You will be able to tell your children about this moment, and it is alittle like battle a pinnacle not many players achieve.

    Also for the healing stay away from the foods that take calcium away from the body to digest like pork and heavy meat. Natural calcium will repair the damaged cartlidge.

    Keep the foot soaked in hot and cold water epsom salt.

    When showering do a hot and then 100 second of nothing but cold all over the body. This will reduce all the inflamation in all the joints in your body and boost your immune system. Drink lots of distilled water and pommegranate juice to help your kidnesy function at 100%.

    Stay healthy and stay focused pray for God’s will be done.


  34. wrightgirll552@aol.com


    i just wanted to say that watching you guys out on the feild is amazing, i guess thats why the mets got the nickname the amazins.

    Luv ya guys


  35. pbagarella@knology.net

    Hey Cliff –

    I want to start by saying I as a Mets fan appreciate your contribution to this winning season. I no longer live in NY. I live in GA, so you can imagine how tough it is being a Mets fan in GA. The Braves have had a lock on the division and I am glad that you helped de-throne the Braves. When you guys come to town, I do not miss a game. You can still contribute to the team by building the morale when the going gets tough. See you next season in Atlanta!

  36. randr32@comcast.net

    You guys have such a great balance between having fun and being professional that success will be your reward.

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