Friendly advice

CliffIt has been a rough few days, so it was good to hear from my old buddy Mike Cameron on Friday. It really helped. I think everybody knows how close we are, and he just wanted me to know he was with me, supporting me, hoping everything works out all right with this injury I’m dealing with now.

Cam is great at eliminating the negative part of anything. I think anyone who has known him and played with him would tell you what a great presence he is in a clubhouse. Ask people around the league who they’d want to play with, and Mike Cameron is a name you’d hear from a whole lot of them.

Basically, he said, "Hey, if you can do it, do it." He didn’t say, "I understand if you can’t." He doesn’t think that way. He’s all about putting positive thoughts in your head.

So much of this game is your mental approach. If you allow yourself to be mentally ready, 90 percent of your job is done. The other 10 percent is to go out and play.

I’m trying to do everything possible to get this Achilles tendon working right again. We’re taping it, and when the tape comes off I feel better, but it does give me some stability on it.

I did some hitting Saturday before the game, and it felt better. I could have pinch-hit in the game if they’d needed me. I’m hoping it will feel even better Sunday. How I run before batting practice, how it responds, that will tell us a lot. At least I’ll know where I am.

I won’t go out there feeling like I did in Game 1 after I ran to first in that at-bat. I want to get the thing fixed. I just look forward to enjoying it again. It’s no fun when you can’t help your team. I want to be out there.

If I feel like I can go out there and get the job done, maybe I’ll give it a shot, see if I can get in the lineup. But if I can’t, we’ve got a good player out there. Endy Chavez can do a lot of things to help you win.

Cam keeps telling me, "You’re going to be OK." It’s like when he was coming back last year after that collision and had to go through so much to get back in shape to play. That was really inspirational. It was great to talk with him. I mean, that’s what friends are for, right?



    Good luck man. Hope you can make it back, but make sure you are okay first. Wouldn’t want to risk anything you know. Endy is very capable, so do what you think is right for yourself too.


    hey cliffard!

    i am not sure if everyone remembers this, but i do. mike cameron, and carlos beltran crashed into each other. for cliff to be getting a call from mikie, that means alot. mike and cliff were tight, as everyone knows. but just reading what your wrote cliff about him calling you, its just plain great. this guy [mike] came OFF THE FIELD on a STRETCH BED!! not many players can recover from that, even from the standing obasion that cameron got. if you’re a mets fan, i am sure cliff wants to here what you have to say. but if you are going to bag him, and talk bad about him, find another sight. cliffs not selfish, and he’s a team leader, if we had a captain there would be a good chance it would be you cliffy, or delgado.

    my mets fans are with me, and this is our time. we let two slip away, but we’ll get em back, becuase hungry mets fams will be greeting the cards in a “comforting” way, even if we loose tomorrow, with reyes on the mound for STL.

    we love you cliff, and get well soon.

    and by the way , i am a girl. and i have been following the mets since i was able to talk. =]



    You’ve sacrificed so much for this team over the years that no one can ever fault you.

    Just hang in there. Glad you keep in touch with Cam. We never should have traded him.


    Hey Cliffy,

    Personally, I think your the man. I’ve said it before, but you really are. I also appreciate that you’ve been writing everyday, especially with the injury, it’s gotta be tough. It takes high spirirts to get on here and stay positive in the blog and that’s half the battle. High spirits and positivity are very important for recovery also, so keep believing and let’s make this happen. My prayers are with you man, and with the Mets. I’m 20 years old and was born the year the Mets won, 1986. I know that this is the year, despite every huge bump we’ve hit. Every player and true fan has taken these hits together and become stronger every time. Let’s do this baby. The 2006 World Series Champion Mets, now that sounds great, so let’s do it baby, together!!



    Cliff, you get healthy bro. Your bat is gonna be big in the 2006 fall classic.

    Good grief, I hate all these Mets fans that are “falling off” the bandwagon.

    But seriously all they have to do is look at the records going back to the regular season! Baseball is a game of streaks.

    The Tigers lost 5 games to end the season, then lost game 1 to the Yankees. A six game losing steak before winning 7 in a row because they were due to win.

    The Mets ended the season winning their last 4, add that to the playoffs and they have won 8 straight ball games. They were due to lose. A two or three game losing streak is nothing for this team (let’s just hope it’s not a four game losing streak). They will bounce back and win the whole thing cause the Tigers have reached their limit.


    First let me point out I was born and raised in St.Louis. I have been to a ton of games even only at the age of 27. I bleed Cardinal red. However, Stout you need to ease up. Cliff for the sake of good sportsmanship I hope you recover and quickly. Many great athletes believe that you are not the best unless you beat the best. If my Rams win this weekened they still won’t prove a WHOLE lot with Shaun alexander out, but it will do. The same goes in this situation. I will point out that both you and your Mets as well as my Cardinals have both shared their fair share of injuries. I also have to say God help either one of our teams when they face off against Detroit because they seem to have that magical fairy dust sprinkle upon their entire team. Good luck and God bless Cliff, but with all do respect Go cards 🙂

    P.S. Stout, just don’t be bitter because you pick garbage up for a living


    One more thing, sorry to bother you Cliff. Do you think you have the power to convince your manager to star Oliver. My God he was amazing. he should be moved from long relief to starter in place of Tracshel. just a thought


    In the words of the late great Marvin Gaye…WHAT’S GOIN’ON????? You guys are the BEST team in the league how is it possible that you are letting the Cardinals walk all over you. Trachsel’s performance last night was PITIFUL! I don’t even understand why he is a starter. He can’t even thow a strike for crying out loud. I mean, come on 5 runs in 2 innings? I hate to be the voice of negativity, but my GOD, I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Did the team leave their bats in New York? I have NEVER seen you guys just lay down and die when you were behind. I still support you guys, but seriously, let’s get it going and show the Cardinals who is boss.

    As for you Stout, lay off Cliff! He’s not whining at all, he’s letting us, the fans know what his status is. Stop ragging on him!


    well cliff i understand u are
    hurt but i think endy could handle it.i think u should just calm down and relax.

    it will get better. trust me.good luck!!!


    Hey Cliff, just get some rest, okay!! I was at the game Thursday when you re-aggravated it. That was one of the most guts I’ve seen out of player in a long time maybe since Willis Reed coming out for game 7 at the Garden. You’ve carried this team for years now you’re due the respect an adjulation from us fans. That night after the foul ball all of us in the upper deck stood up and clapped. I don’t know if you realized that or felt that but we love you and what you mean for this team. You gotta a lot of heart!!!!! Personally I wish Cam was here too!!!!


    Mr. Floyd,

    I know you’re gonna win this year, hurt or not you still contribute to our greatest advantage and thats the Heart of our team. Everyday i watch you guys go out on the field its like you’re just a bunch of friends playing baseball in teh neighborhood. Its our intangibles that will win it for us, your hurt achilles can’t stop that.

    Will Hallenbeck

    p.s. get on your marketing peeps, I can never find a Floyd T-shirt or Jersey unless I’m at Shea, your my favorite player I need more than one jersey, your the man Mr. Floyd, thanks for dealing with the pain just to make me smile.


    I hate to say it, I do not think Stout is really all wrong. His delivery stinks but the underlying logic does not. This will not be a popular post but in light of where we stand now in the series, common sense must take precident. Cliff, you are hurt – hurt very bad. It is disappointing to not play and I can only imagine how you feel. But take the time to heal and offer your services to Willie as only a pinch hitter. Continued running can cause even more damage and possibly affect the success of any surgical repair. That being said, also please consider that in left field the way you are hobbling, you could be the very liability you professed to not want to be. I cannot imagine how awful you would feel if you were running for a fly ball in the gap and did not make the play because you were not running full speed. The ball Chavez caught in game 1 is perfect example. Men on base and he makes a wicked catch that you would not have been able to make. The whole complexion of the game is changed then. I have alot of respect for you but would have infinite amount if you took the whole team into consideration and not just pushing hard to get back out in left field. You and Willie together need to make the right decision for the whole team to use you only where your injury will not negatively effect the game. Think of how El Duque’s and Pedro’s injuries have been handled. You are no less injured and your running in left field is a problem.Please be a champion and offer yourself for pinch hitting and let the healthy Chavez handle the fielding. Get healthy real soon and bless you.


    Cameron’s absolutely right. Do what you can do. We’d love to see you back out there..when you’re ready.

    It’s gotta be tough to have to deal with this since you’re so obviously passionate about playing the game and you’re trying to hard to get back into it in the heart of October. Good luck and get healthy!


    Hi Cliff, I know it’s tough for you because you’re not 100 percent. But please put a firecracker up the boys butt. I know you gotta stay focused, but stay loose. We need you guys happy. When you’rehappy were happy. If Petey and Duque are there with you tell them to stir things up too. You all got us here. Your our team and we love you. We know you got the talent but keep the spirit up too!

    Love and Good Luck!



    cliff…i hope you read this..tell coach that you guys need to start HEILMAN if u make the WS…Glavine, Heilman, Trachsel, Perez…make maine the long man…i dont think it will happen but i think its better that way…good luck 2nite


    Mr Cliff Floyd,

    i really know that you want be out there and do what you feel you want to do, I think you should go for it. see how you feel im sure youll feel great. your a great player and amazing hitter the mets i feel need your bat in the line-up.

    the mets need to shape up and get their heads in the game, because right now i feel they arent all there. they are letting balls goes right by them whch i no reyes, david, and valentin could dive for and get. this is a good chance for you guys and there is no reason for you guys to lose. i want you guys to go into the world series you deserve this you guys have been playing so hard and this is a big game for you you need to win 3 more games. take those games away from them. dont let them take away your spot.

    good luck tonight and win this game!!!!!!!! i know im only 16 year old but still i know alot of baseball and i know that the mets could make it!!\

    i love the mets


  17. Zoe

    You’ll be in it very soon. I just know it. I keep remembering back in 2003 when you made me a Mets fan. I remember you hitting with that other Achilles injury over and over. You’re a powerhouse.

    And thanks for an update on Cameron!

    You’re gonna do this, big guy. And I love you Cliffy!




    Hi Mr. Floyd,
    It is great to hear the Mike is still there with you, he is great guy. My daughter was sad when the Mets traded him because her name is Cameron and she felt a kinship, but she/all of us has also been keeping you in her thoughts to feel better. While you were here in Az this year you signed her hat and took a moment to talk to her, which will never be forgotten. Cliff you are an amazing player and we miss you on the field but as many have said Endy is doing great and your leadership is just as important in the dugout as it is on the field. Do what you must to be well. As I said in my response yesterday, we BELIEVE and are behind everyone in the organization. GO METS!!!!!!



    Cliff Dawg!

    First, I want to thank you for giving us fans a glimpse behind the scenes of Major League Baseball. Reading about insecurities and your friends in the game and the day to day life of being in the Majors is what connects us to our favorite players and allows us insight into the human aspects of the game.

    I was upset last night after the game and was very nervous for my favorite team. I’ve had a difficult summer with medical emergencies plaguing my family since June and the one thing I have been able to count on and look forward to is my Mets. Though I’m sure it’s just PR, reading the articles on how you and the team will remain positive and not panic for Game 4 really eased my nerves! I look forward to the game tonight and whether you are in the role of cheerleader or PH or outfielder, I wish you the best of luck.

    Support from Ohio,


  21. annette

    man, cliff… i already miss cameron… 😦 wish he could have been here to share the playoffs w/you all. i hope that you make it thru the season, rehab this winter, and be able to fully be back w/us next season, pain free.

    hugs, and prayers,




    You sound so genuine in this blog, it’s easy to see your heart is in the right place. Thank you. It’s not everyone who cares so deeply about helping their team. I can only hope now you and the rest of the guys realize YOU ARE THE BETTER TEAM. I know it’s tough with El Duque and Pedro out, but I know we can make it to the world series anyway. I watched last night as Darren Oliver came out of the bullpen and held the Cardinals in check. I watched the crowd in St. Louis cheering, but not even close to as excited as we are in New York. I still believe. The fans are behind you guys.

    Let’s go METS!


    Missed you in the last two games, but hopefully if you do play tonight you will be feeling a lot better. Yeah that collision Mike went through last year was scary for the fans I can’t even imagine what it was like for his friends and teammates. I remeber in the beginning of the year when you guys were playing on two different teams the faces you were making across the dug outs to each other. It is always good to have a great friend and especially one that can cheer you up. So keep up the good spirit and the good work.



    #30=the best


    Ok Cliff,

    So, I take back what I said about Perez. And thank you, for finding your bats:) We finally have Carlos squared and Wright hitting and that is SOOOO essential. In fact, it seemed like everyone was hitting tonight. By the way, I think we should officially rename the plate at Busch the launching pad. I have never seen so many homeruns in one game. See? I knew you wouldn’t take this laying down. Great job tonight! GO METS!!!

    Much love,



    Hey big guy, watching the game 2nite. Six innings down, one to go. See how your boys have your back? I had no doubt they’d come out swinging today. Stay positive, get better and get in when you’re ready. Can you give a shout to Cam 4 me? He’s missed by some of us fans too. Also, thank Oliver Perez for 6 gutsy innings. The kid stood tall when we needed him. GO METS!!!!


    You seem like a great guy Cliff. This blog is really making you stand out as a pretty decent/cool human being. Props to you for putting your personal imprint on this blog because many players write them and most feel so bland and carefully worded that it’s hard to see the personality behind it. Not with you though. I find myself laughing at some of the humor you give off. I’m amazed you are posting so often even while going through this great/painful experience in the playoffs. I apologize for being such a “yes-man”, I was singing your praises to my cousin just now for the 2nd straight day and he was like, “get off his d*ck carl, lol”. Just trying to convey the fact that you get alot of respect from this one mets fan. Just a little hyped up right now because we just won Game 4 and it was fun to see.

    I’m 22 and a college student at CCSU (central connecticut) and I wanted to say, my entire family loves the Mets. We probably became even closer this year with all the success the Mets had this year, 97 wins and the NL East Division title. We were huge fans the last few years, before they became a powerhouse MLB team (my younger sister is a Big fan of your buddy, Cameron, she just loves that guy for his character/talent). It’s been amazing to watch this journey and to follow along with all of you.

    I know it’s just a game and we are all human beings and there are more important things in life- but for some reason, we love watching you and your teammates. Not only because you play so well but because you guys exhibit class, sportsmanship, and above all, a good heart. I like rooting for a team that seems to gel so well in the clubhouse and enjoys life/baseball so much. It’s too bad it’s such a one sided love since we get to know you players so well while you are oblivious for the most part to all the Mets fans out there. There are some real jerks out there who call themselves Mets fans but they turn so quick on players who just don’t perform, even when they do their best in a very professional manner.

    Sorry about typing so much, my overall message is- Cliff, you freaking carried us on your back last season. I know 2006 has been disappointing in some ways but you showed us your talent in the NLDS. You are on this roster against the Cardinals. And we all can’t wait to see you make a difference, whether it be by a crucial pinch hit appearance, a monster game, or just plain team spirit in the clubhouse. Keep your head up.



    Hey Cliff, don`t worry about it were all pulling for you. You carried the team on your back all last year and we all believe you have the ability to come back, and contribute to a great part of mets history this post season. I`ll tell you I thought you were going to play a huge roll in the NLDS when I saw you limp around third my stomach dropped. It was great too see you come back the next day and give it your all. Keep the cortozone up and look forward to the rest of the post season. PS I`ll see you at the world series I won a raffel! WOOOOO LETS GO METS!


    Hey Cliff, I been a mets fans for quite some time now and as I watch over the years how mike and you have such a great friendship on the field. Especially at times like these when the mets are in the post season, and your buddy who wishes and thrives to be in the position your on right now and calling to wish you the best of luck and hopes and knows you’ll get better. To be that MADD LOVE! But besides all that hope your achilles get better cause I can’t stress enough how much the mets & the fans need you out their. So there one more thing to say LETS GO METS!!! Lata


    hey cliff this is chris ur …… yea well u no i already told you that im praying for you and i hope the best and everything is going to be ok.! your…….chris


    We Love Ya CLIFF,

    I have been a Mets fan since ’73 and have lived and died with this team. There is one quality that Mets fans will always respect and admire and that is heart. You my friend have one of the BIGGEST HEARTS in the game. You hustle your *** off and play through pain. Not just this year but so many times before. I am your biggest fan at Shea and have drawn that “Oh my God what a NUT!” look from you more than once at a game over the past few years. I’ve caused you and Beltran to look at each other and laugh a couple of times this year. I have a huge voice and cheer you on all the time, but enough about me. I was calling WFAN for a while saying we should trade for you in 2001 and 2 years later, there you were. Me and my 3 boys met you in 2004 after a game at Shea (Yeah enough about me…) and you signed my Floyd Jersey right on my back. You took time to sign a lot of stuff for the fans (Another aspect that makes you my fave). Well the signature wore off due to wearing it to every game and sweating the **** out of it. My kids were kidding me that you were taller than me (I used to say he ain’t 6’4” he’s like 6’3” the same as me. I told them after we met that you were wearing heels).

    OK, back to baseball – Cliff, You gotta get healthy for the World Series. I have two words for you… DESIGNATED HITTER. We are all pulling for you Cliff.

    p.s. How come the team has yet to wear the original all BLUE caps yet?

    And can we get the real fans some seats at Shea? Where the **** was Tim Robbins the past few years. OK, they say its medication time, I gotta go. OH Yeah! one more thing,,,



    I am a 60 year old grandmother of 3 and have been a Met fan since’62. You are a man of class and if you do not get another bat this year, you have proved yourself over and over again as a NY Met. My dad was a great fan and if he were alive, he would be going bonkers. This is our year, I can feel it LET’S GO METS


    I was excited to see that the Cubs made a good choice in signing you. I am from Chicago and played in the prep leagues several years before you on a very high level.I think that we both played in the same prep organizations Jackie Robinson Little Leagues.A few years ago Mr Burns spoke highly of you. Anyway it has bothered me that the game has taken a back seat in our community and although I am in Florida now I think that it’s a great opportunity to reestablish seeds in the communities.I have talked with MLB who directed me to the Devil Rays but I’ve made little progress. I’d return to Chicago if the opportunity presented itself again. I tried communicating this with Dusty but not being from Chicago I don’t think that he got it. IT would be tremendous if you could lead the charge for the Cubs into this years series. Igrew upon the south side splitting time between Comiskey and Wrigley. My dad had to have been the Cubs greatest fan while I just have a love for the game.

    If you’re healthy have Pinella reduce the crowded outfield by giving you the starting job ! Have a great year Cliff and if I can get in the park I’ll b there to cheer you on !(Dusty could never get enough home tickets but often while they were on the road he could)

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