Achilles still aching

When I came into to pinch-hit in the ninth inning of Game 5 of the National League Championship Series, my first thing was to see some pitches and get myself a good at-bat, which I did. I got to 2-0.

When I grounded out to first base, I felt pain in my left Achilles tendon as I was running down the line. It’s really uncomfortable. I saw Albert Pujols run to the base and I never had a guy that far away beat me to a bag. But my teammates know that I am trying my best. That’s all that matters.

I have to have surgery on the Achilles in the offseason if I want to play again. I’ve been looking forward to playing healthy for the last six or seven years. Hopefully we will win the World Series and it would be a great offseason to have the surgery. I will have no doubts or anything. Hopefully somebody will give me the opportunity to help.



    Hey Cliff,

    The team has got to come together and lay it all out tonight. I just finished listening to Bryan Burwell (St. Louis sports writer ex NY writer) on WFAN saying that the Cardinals are coming in to do some shopping in the City and kick the Mets’ ***** and go back to St. Louis. The Cardinals are full of confidence and talking a lot of smack. Burwell made it a point to say that to a man, the Cardinals say that Carpenter is closing the series out tonight. Jose has to level the swing and get on base. Jose get over the fear of Molina and steal some bases. Maine has to show NO FEAR. This is THE Gut check for this team. Wright has to settle his head and come out swinging. I’m sorry but I believe Green needs to take a seat tonight. Lets see Woody get a shot. Don’t let the Umps dictate the game – Jump all over Carpenter. And now for all you METS fans… I can’t remember the last time I left a METS game and was able to speak.

    The Joint better be JUMPIN and let this team know that you are behind them. I am talking Blood Vessel Bursting Cheering. If you are going to the game wear your METS Gear and can we FINALLY see the players wear the ORIGINAL ALL BLUE CAPS – I just have this feeling – If you wear it – IT WILL COME. Now lets kick some Poo Holes and bring on Game 7. LETS GO METS, LETS GO METS, LETS GO METS – I CANT HEAR YOU!!!!!!


    Cliff, the most important thing is that you get better, but it must be frustrating to watch everyone else play. Good luck with the surgery in the off season. Hopefully next year you’ll be back and better than ever. As for game six and seven, we’re back at Shea and LETS GO METS!


    No matter what happens tonight, Mets are the best team in the National League. You can not judge on a series, when for 6 MONTHS the Mets was in first place overall. The fans are behind the players! The Mets need to destroy the Cardinals tonight!


    I think I am a little more dissapointed than most over last nights result (I stayed up until 5am to watch) so I am just hoping that tonight’s game is something special, and hoping that the home field advantage does something for us…..Just paid a lot of money to watch these games, but hey, who cares, you guys are all sporting heroes to me 🙂



    “Now the Mets are in a 3-2 hole with Carpenter pitching against a rookie. It will be nothing short of a miracle to win this series now.”

    You’re obviously not a Mets fan. As we Mets fans like to say, “Ya Gotta Believe”.

    “I told you all that Floyd pinch hitting is a waste of a pinch hitter, he’s too hurt to get any sort of power behind the ball. And that’s exactly what he showed last night.”

    I refuse to give you any form of credit over a single at bat. Floyd HAS contributed in the playoffs. He’s scored runs or are you forgetting that?

    “Ask A-Rod that same question, or any other sports figure. Trying doesn’t matter; results matter. This is the playoffs and since you obviously can’t help on the field you need to sit on the bench and let someone who can actually run pinch hit instead.”

    So because he can’t run he shouldn’t pinch hit? Have you ever heard of a pinch runner before? Let me explain it. Someone who is not a good runner or is injured (in our example we’ll use Cliff) will try to get on base, if he does he would then be replaced by a pinch runner such as Anderson Hernandez who can provide more speed once at the plate. While results do matter and trying holds less credibility, I’ll give Cliff credit any day of the week for having the heart to try. Can you say the same about A-Rod and his undeserving salary?

    “And, once again, the Mets lose and Floyd writes a blog about himself and off season surgery. He’s already thinking about the offseason, that’s a great sign when they’re IN THE PLAYOFFS. Why don’t you talk about your team some instead of yourself all the time Cliff? We all know you’re injured; that’s old news.”

    You obviously have a short term memory or have just been trying to forget about the previous posts. Good god man, how much effort do you put into being wrong?

    Cliff, I hope that the surgery corrects what’s bothering you.. none of the Mets fans here want to see you in any pain, we know and appreciate everything you’ve done for the team and we want to see a healthy and happy left fielder by the name of Floyd next season!


    Stout, I have seen others ‘cuss’ at you on here, but I am not going to do that, you know who and what you are, shame on you mate. You clearly aren’t a mets fan (are you even a baseball fan?) your email address is stout1804…..were you born at 1804 last night? Because you are acting like a child


    If you were a fan you would be supporting your team, rather than putting them down, as I said, shame on you


    Well it was nice seeing you out there last night Floyd. but seeing you hobbel your way to first really dissapointed me. i wanted to c u do it! i wanted to c u get on! but unfortunatly, that didnt happen. hope the surgury goes well it the future!

    on the other hand…. could u please tell your players, ALL OF THEM to please do what i was yelling at them to do…

    SWING AT THE BALLLLLL!!!!! come on guys! wen that 8th inning came up and we were at the heart of our line up, i felt hope. i thought we were gonna get it here!! but first beltran didnt swim at the first pitch which was his, inside corner! stuck out! then delgado didnt swing at his first pitch which was his! AND THEN WRIGHT! WHAT IS GOING ON WITH WRIGHT!! we hav to get him out of this slump! its tearing us apart!! wen ever he comes to bat, theres an oppertunity but he never gets it! and then valentin!!! omg! wut was with that at bat! we could hav tied the game there!!!!!!!!!!!!! he had a 1-2 count and he goes down looking at a perfect pitch! wut was that! come on mets!!! this whole year we hav been UNBELIEVABLE! and we sure as **** arent gonna screw it up here! i love you guys, i really do. and i also believe! I BELIEVE!! LETS GO METS!!!


    Cliff: I’m really proud of you. I appreciate and recognize that most players would be more worried about their injury rather than helping their team win and contribute. Real Met fans appreciate your toughness, unselfishness and tenacity.

  10. is a Yankee fan. Who else would come on this board and recite the problems with aRod??? The Yanks have a list of many other problems and personality issues that interfere with their ability to win games. Please go post your issues on your site since you upset that your team could not beat the tigers.


    Hey Cliff,
    Thanks for playin with all that heart. As a lifelong Mets fan, I appreciate that, and it is NOT wasted on the Shea faithful: THANK YOU. I will be there tonight to lose my voice and urge the Blue And Orange Attack on….

    Furthermore, Mr. Pujols; I accept your power and even your antics on the basepaths, however; when you showed up my man Big Cliff by running to the bag instead of tossing to Wainwright you showed your true colors you Baby Bonds B—h. That was Bush League and you can expect a receipt for that. As far as The Team; this is The Time; and I believe. One game, one inning, one at-bat, and one sitauation at a time; I BELIEVE. I believe in this team and if you guys play up to your abilities: mental and physical you’ll hang another W up. See you guys tonight from Upper 32 816C.



    You are an Insensitive, uncaring a–h–l. (you fill in the blanks). YOU GOTTA BELIEVE. that the Mets are the Miracle Mets no matter what year.

    Thanks for trying your hardest Cliff

    God bless


    Cliff, we all know how much you want this, and how much its killing you not to be at your prime right now, but your body is telling you something right now. Your heel is telling you “hey! stop running on me! that hurts!”. Of course you wouldn’t be the first athlete to play hurt or injured, but you’ve been having this problem with your heel for years right? And youeven expressed doubts about being able to play after this season. Don’t you think your hurting your odds of continuing to play by exasperating your injury? How much is playing the rest of the post-season worth? Is it worth sacrificing the rest of your career? We wanna see you come back next year, and the year after that, so I don’t wanna see you retired because you played a few games you shouldn’t have in the post-season. Take care of your self so you kick *** and take names for a while longer.

    And as for stout. I think its fairly obvious to everyone that stout is just a hateful person who’s team didn’t make it, so he needs someone to vent his nastiness on. Every time you have a blog from a famous person, or a chatroom dedicated to them, you’re always gonna have a couple of people who are just there to get attention by riling everyone up by saying nasty stuff. And im sorry stout, your comments are undefensible. If you would word your comments as if to make them into constructive criticism that would be fine, everyones entitled to their opinion. However, you are not trying to help cliff, you’re just trying to be a pissy baby. And so, as all stout is trying to do is get attention, i will no longer mention his name or respond to any of his comments. I hope others will join me in ignoring him. I know someone else allready posted saying that this is a wise course of action, so im not alone on this.


    Aww man, i really wish i could be there tonight. Well, i’ll be cheering yall on from the comfort of my bedroom. I’ll also be wearing my pink mets cap all day for good luck. For all of you who get to go to the game, have fun, and where lots of mets gear. I like that thing the cardinals fans in the crowd did with waving the white handkerchiefs. Thats a good idea, yall should bring orange or blue cloths with you.

  15. Zoe

    The surgery will make you unstoppable, Cliff. You’re not just an asset on the field, you’re an asset in the clubhouse, in the dugout. Who supports the boys more than you do?

    Stout should have his MLB membership revoked. Which I think is actually going to happen.



    You are getting to much blog time on this site. If your a Reds fan, then go on your website and complain about them. I am sure that Cliff and the rest of us Mets fans would appreciate your exit as Gary Cohen would say, “Outta Here!!!!” I see that you are a disgruntled Red’s fan that needs to worry about your injury prone Ken Griffey, Jr. Just because your boys choked doesn’t mean that we want to hear your whining about the Cardinals. If your boys were any good, they would have been playing us, but instead they are at home watching and we have to hear your moaning. Go somewhere else, would ya?

    Enough on that and lets get down to business. Cliff, I am grateful that you still have the enthusiasm for the Mets to win. I know how you must be feeling. It stinks that we don’t have Pedro and El Duque pitching otherwise we may be talking about the WS right now. Do me a huge favor and let everyone know in the clubhouse that we need to take all the junk these Cardinal fans are saying and feed off of that. We can do it. We have to believe like we always do. Make this one a Classic for us to remember.



    unreal this team has showed it cant come up big when it matters most as for cliff hes always hurt either hes unlucky or soft look at his carreer always hurt you dont think theres guys playin hurt on the field albert hamstring eickstein everything write another post about youre injury cliff no one who really knows you expects you to **** it up as for the pitching it has really given the mets a chance to win other than the gutless trach its the hitters who have come up small i and tell us how much you hurt


    I have a confession to make before I start this post; I was born in St. Louis, and as such I am a Cardinals fan. That being said, I promise not to say anything on this comment that will, in any way, be demeaning to the Mets or to Cliff. There’s nothing more that a baseball fan likes than seeing a good game of baseball played. Granted, we want our team to win, but if it was a good game that’s all that truly matters. Enthusiastic players are what make the game, and what makes it worthwhile for the other players to show up in the dugout. I’m truly sorry that you’re hurt, and wish you all the best with your surgery and recovery. I only have one request for the Mets, and the Cards, for that matter, go out, play a good game, and give the fans something worthwhile to watch, may the best team win.


    Cliff, win or lose, homerun or groundout, millions or pennies, true Met fans know what you’ve done and what you mean to the club. You’re the heart and soul of the club and I for one am grateful to you for what you’ve done and what you continue to do. It’s not always about the line in the boxscore. Your mere presence helps and I know your boys are gonna have your back again tonight and tomorrow. To everyone else, let’s keep it positive and support our Mets. They’re home for these last two games so Shea need to be noisy and raucous. All year this team has dealt with adversity and injuries and managed to win 97 games in spite of all that. A win tonight and the noose around St. Louis’s necks will tighten.

    P.S. Gear up cuz it’s gonna be the showdown in motown. No doubt we’ll get it done.

    Go Mets!!!!


    The true Met fan has to always believe in the Orange and Blue because, as history has shown, the playoffs are the time when the most unlikeliest events occur. Heck, any baseball fan knows that. Just remember Buckner’s error, Steve Bartman and Moises Alou in Chicago, and as any Red Sox fan will tell you, Aaron bleeping Boone.

    On the field, Johnny Maine has to have a serious gut check, hike up his boot straps and go to work to get us to a game 7. Jose Reyes has to get on base and the boys behind him have to get good looks, good at bats, and good swings on good pitches to hit. Gotta push the envelope tonight and get things started early. Willie has to empty the chamber tonight and get this series back to being even.

    I’m a die hard Met fan, Orange and Blue thorough and through, but I’m also a fan of baseball and last night my eyes were opened. I lost all respect and admiration for Albert Pujols in the top of the 9th, showing up Cliff Floyd by running to first. Expect to see Phat Albert lying Flat on his rear end in the first inning because I think now the Mets have to send him a message, and to all of baseball, that he is nothing but an arrogant SOB who I will never respect again.

    LETS GO METS!!!!!


    Cliff, we love you and hope you feel better soon. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Hopefully you’ll be in left field for the Mets next year, and if not, we still love you anyway!

    Go Mets!


    Hey…Do all mets fans a favor and have Maine fire one at Pujols’ head tonight. he deserves it after making u run that out instead of tossing it to the pitcher. Talk about insult to injury huh??


    Look into contacting Dr. Doug Graham, and look into the raw food diet. The guy will have you at 100% next year, and you will never go on the DL again. It’s all about diet. I hate to see talent being wasted by improper food intake. Consult with him. Tell him Squire sent you.


    that was in minnesota…now its in New York…two very different states here…Just pretend yesterday was a really…weird seesion of batting practice…


    As a Mets fan, I have always pulled hard for Cliff because he gives it his all, does anything he can for the team, and plays baseball the way that’s it is supposed to played. Anyone who suggested he is selfish may have missed his comment “Hopefully we will win the World Series.” While Cliff carries himself in a classy, respectful manner, Pujols’ comments about Glavine and then making Cliff run with his injury show him to be a classless individual. It would be a shame if the Mets, a bunch of genuinely nice guys (Cliff, Reyes, Wright, Delgado, etc…) lost to that idiot Pujols. I want to see the Mets fans screaming much louder than the Cards fans were last night and if and when they win tonight, I will be at game 7 yelling at the top of my lungs: LET’S GO METS!!!


    Either way you look at it… The fans just gotta have heart… Miles and miles of it… And believe in the team with all you got, we all got one goal in mind… Winning… And we can only take it one game at a time, now its time to crunch. Cliff, you did all you could, now its the heart of the lineups turn to produce – seeing as they haven’t done much of anything lately, not even swinging… Good luck with your surgery! And hopefully, we’ll see you next season Uncle Cliff!!


    Hey Cliff,
    Keep you head held high.

    We all know you want to be there for your teammates and you want to help anyway you can to get to the World Series and win that. I have to say that I admire the effort that you have to help the team, and I also think you are a great friend to David Wirght and we can all see how you helped him along in his development into being a real star. One way or the other I just want you to know that I have enjoyed watching you play in New york the past couple of years and it is your desire and your apporach to the game that i admire the most. So the best of luck in the off season, that is when you get the surgery you need for your Achilles and I hope that the Mets Bring you back, but if not I will be rooting for you always because you made me enjoy baseball all over again. Thanks to you and to all the Mets for a wonderful season. But it isn’t over yet. Win the next six games and I will see you on Broadway!!! LETS GO METS!!!!


    Hey Cliff,

    I’m excited just seeing players like you posting blogs like this when you could be doing other things with your life. I, for one, really hope you’ll be playing with the Mets again next year.

    That Stout guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about at all. I hope the Mets will the NLCS and get to the World Series that way you and El Duque will get the chance to possibly play (hopefully play).

    I’ve been a Met fan for as long as I can remember (though it isn’t saying much when you’re only 14 like myself). I’ve stayed up all night every night (except for when the games were rained out) watching each game.

    It was probably the coolest thing. On May 26th I went to a baseball game in Miami and saw you and the rest of the Mets face the Marlins. I even got a quick picture of you…I still wish I was able to get over there to maybe get an autograph but I’m content on what I got. I didnt miss one little minute of the game.

    Though that has absolutely nothing to do with any part of this topic.

    I just really hope you’re playing for the Mets when next season starts. You and David carried us last year while everyone else sadly got injured at one point.



    It’s as if every good thing in the regular season is being made up for now with all the injuries. But, the 2006 Mets have the best clubhouse there is! Cliff, you’re part of that, get everyone pumped beyond belief and you’ve done your part considering the achilles.


    I think we can all agree you need to get better so that you can come back next year kick some butt! Even if you guys don’t win this year, next year you will come back with determination! I believe the Mets are the only team around where all the players mesh so well and they are all goofy and not so serious all the time. Everyone works together and you all show so much passion for the game of baseball and you all have so much respect for each other. Everyone is now afraid of the Mets. You are the Amazin Mets! No matter the outcome you guys broke records that were ruled by other teams. The team leaders last year are nothing anymore. We are going to win this once and for all and show all those teams that we are the amazin mets and nothing will stop us! You know that next year after you get your surgery you won’t have to worry about anything. You will be back to normal and you will play so much better without pain. You are such a power hitter! Those homer runs you made were amazing! I’m so glad that you pinch hit last night. The game isn’t the same with you but we all want you healthy. I know you want to be in those games so bad but you can’t push too hard or you will have more pain! You are an awesome Left fielder and we need you next year! GO METS!!!


    I was at last Thursday’s Game 1 of this series and I watched my beloved team beat these Cards 2-0…I KNOW they can beat them tonight and tomorrow and win this to go to Detroit. You all just GOTTA BELIEVE!!!! Don’t dwell on what you could have done, or should have done in the games that you have lost…it’s in the past and it’s not gonna change anything. Cliff….sorry that you couldn’t have had a more productive role in the season this year. I was happy to see you starting game 1, but I could see how your achilles was hurtin. Get the surgery and come back to kick *** next season. This team has ALOT of talent and it can carry you all a long way if ya’ll let it. Best of luck and I will be rooting for ya from Troy!!! GO METS!!!! As my four year old says when she wants to do something well….”Go Me, Go Me, Go Me”…try it guys…maybe it will work for ya..**** Love ya’s!!!

    Oh and btw….I did leave Shea last Thursday without a voice…lol


    Cliff, I have been a Mets fan since 1962…you are one of the classiest players this organization has ever had and we value your never ending contributions.
    We felt for you as you ran to first last night.

    Congratulations to all for getting to Game 7 – now lets deck those Cards! and tame the tigers!

    Ron B


    Let’s hear it for the boys! Last night, I have to be honest I cried with the loss. Tonight, tears of Joy ran down my face with ‘Arms wide open!’. I can’t believe you are only down to one game until the World Series!!! It’s not magic or amazing…It’s a miracle! And that’s what this team is…the Miraculous Mets of ’06! There is no outcome yet. Glad to see Jose get on base and Michael did an awesome job with the at-bat. Steal our hearts with a win tomorrow at Shea and you guys will be the reigning Kings of NY once again! Shea Kingdom rocked tonight and it will again for game 7 and I’ll do a little ‘Shea Pray’ you win! Go for it! Bedtime for me…have to teach the kids manana.xoxo Joy [Stay focused and loose!]


    Thank you for a great season! It has been a great feeling to have been a part of the magic that this team has brought to our great city.

    After years of abuse from these Yankee fans our time has finally come. From getting yelled at, taunted and the ultimate act of abuse; taking an elbow to the mets logo on my hat (Yes a man hit me in the head, right on the mets logo while riding on the 5 train this morning. This “man” was a “Cards Fan” which you and I know is a Yankee fan in disguise.

    In taking on for the team, Please win tonight!! My house is doing a “Shea Pray” as well and now go get your game on!! Stop by for a latte and thank you again for the great year.. Love Jacqueline


    I hate to see the Mets give up on Cliff. I still think he would make a great pinch hitter and just being around adds to the team spirit.

    Alou signing seems to mean no Cliff. I remember on clinching night something he said about feeling sorry for anybody like even him next year who isn’t a part of this.

    email MARTY with the METS MAILBAG and let him know if you want Cliff

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