Another day to get healthy

Monday’s rainout gives me another day to get healthy. It will give me a chance to get healthier and get out there to help us win a ballgame. That’s the main thing here. I don’t want to put my team in a position where I go out there and come out in the first inning. I can’t do that. I have to make sure that I come here Tuesday early, get myself ready to go.

Once I get to the ballpark, I will get treatment and do my normal activities, tape it up and get sweaty. I have to make Willie Randolph believe that I’m ready to start Game 5. He feels good about his lineup right now and I have to find a way to get back in.

During practice, I will have bench coach Jerry Manuel hit me some balls in the gap and over my head. I want to see if I can get good jumps on them. We have Tom Glavine pitching Tuesday and his defense will play a big role on how he does. When you have a pitcher like Glavine, you have to be ready. He is looking for a spectacular play. He wants the routine plays made.

Everybody knows that I’m not feeling well, but that doesn’t matter when it’s the playoffs.


  1. Zoe

    Everyone and their uncle knows you’re going to give your all. If you’re in the lineup Wednesday, I hope you’ll look behind you when warming up before the game–right at that foul line where the infield meets the outfield grass. I’ll be in 3rd row loge in my Cliffy t-shirt screaming my heart out for you.

    But if you’re pinch-hitting? Well, then, that’s great too. Your bat’s hot and ready to make some contact.

    Just like we’re ready to make some noise.


    The rainout provided a little bit of a let down because the team has mo on its side right now. There is no doubt that if you can start and get some good rips in your first at bat, it would be a BIG lift for the team.

    It’s not your achilles that the team and its fans identify with, its your heart. You’ve shown us the heart of a champion and we’re all pulling for you.


    Don’t rush your health Cliff! Endy’s done a nice job filling in. You don’t want to risk anything too soon. Go with your guts and trust in what you believe to be right. All the same, we love what you’ve done.Everything happens for a reason. We may need your bat in WS..Joy


    Floyd! We love ya! We might need you a bit now. But we also need you for the World Series! We would all love to see you out there, but we want to see you in the World Series. Don’t go out there if your feeling a bit “iffy” about your leg and abilities. Cause if you do, you might hurt yourself even more, and then you’ll be completly done! PLEASEEEE be careful. Do what you know is right! LETS GO METS!!!


    wow man(, you need to chill out and shut up. Chavez is a great defensive player but he doesnt have as much potential as Floyd at the plate. Cliff’s also had a lot to deal with this season (i.e. ******** like you). And all he is saying in your lead-off quote is that he wants to do anything to help the Mets win. take your critical attitude and sit down. its the post season and we dont need it.


    You are getting the extra day to get healthy and you will get better because you really want this as bad as everyone else out there. Remember the mental approach, with that said I want to wish you very GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

    #1 Floyd fan in Hollywood, FL.(c)


    Just be sure Cliffie. You know you’re one of our guys now – just as much as anyone. We don’t want to see you leave early again. If you’re ready, we want to see you in some role – if you’re not we’ll see you in that game six clincher tomorrow night. Good luck Cliff. See you at Shea tomorrow!!!



    I’m hoping to see you in the lineup tonight. Sunday’s game was fantastic TV and it was great to see the Cards get lit up for 12 runs.

    We’d all love you to be in the lineup and contribute but we also don’t want to see you get hurt and worsen the injury. If it means sitting out and being able to contribute in the World Series, we’d love to see that. Still, it sounds like you’re determined to get in this game. No one better stand in your way!

    I’m sure all of us are curious as to what will happen after this season. Are you planning on testing the free agent waters or would you like to re-up with the Mets? The media seems to think that you’re gone but there are a great many of us who would like you back.


    Cliff, I hope all is well for you man..I hope to see you out on that field again and do what you do best!


    stout1804 –

    please, ****. this is not the place for your negative attitude. cliff has shown the heart of a champion and he deserves to be right where he is.

    cliff, trust your instinct, if it tells you to play, go for it. every true blue met fan will be thrilled to see you in the lineup. give em **** kid.



    Take a chill pill!!!! If he is ready, then let it be. Regardless of what the media says, Cliff, they have been known to eat crow. This is the same media that said we were going to see the Yankees crush Detroit. Or that the Mets would not beat the Dodgers because our pitchers were down. Two weeks later look at where we are. The media doesn’t have a clue of what is going to happen and will continue to eat crow. Just remember that like Fox says, “Postseason is unscripted.”

    Cliff, just ignore this bozo and if God willing you are going to play, then let it be. Regardless of what has happened, you guys have done great and I as a real Met’s fan only expect the best and to play your hearts out. Let’s Go Mets!!!!!!!!



    I am in Rhode Island and usually only listen to games on WFAN, but I believe your impact on the team is NOT limited to your bat and glove and legs…your spirit is infectious and like your fans above (except that one naysayer)I HAVE FAITH IN YOU and THANK YOU for your many gifts.

    Do you dictate this blog to some one? I want to thank any one involved in setting this thing up and keeping it so timely.

    Peace be with you, Nomi



    Thank you for posting your thoughts, hopefully you are reading our thoughts of encouragement.

    True MET fans know that you are a very important part of the success of this team. Do your best to play and contribute and rest assured that all the TRUE MET FANS love ya! Be careful, take care of yourself and play hard for us, and understand although we all want to win, and winning is the most important part, more importantly, we are very proud of this team and all its accomplishments and support you guys no matter what the outcome. LETS GO METS


    Cliff, we need your bat and you’ve been swinging it well lately. Even thoug we want to see you now, I agree with not making a premature comeback. Rest enough to, at the very least, DH in the first two games of the W.S….this way you can take your time while trotting around the bases. Hollachaboy!


    It ****** to see the redbirds get lit up for 12 runs, but when your opposing lineup packs a punch like the Mets
    it has to be expected sometimes. This series is going to 7.


    Stout, I’ve been reading and posting for cliff on everyone of his blogs. Everytime I’ve had to read your garbage posts.

    Cliff was hitting oer 400 against the dodgers when he went down. He still does pack a punch and having him in the lineup does give us an offensive boost. Anyone with half a brain could tell you that.

    His last line doesn’t mean what you said it does. It means *if he’s able to* he will **** it up and play through the pain

    What the **** is the matter with you that you have nothing better to do with your time than **** around at this blog. Get a god damned life already.

    That being said, Cliff, we love you man! I’ll see ya at game six!


    Dear Cliff Floyd:

    I think for you to express your thoughts and concerns about yourself, your team, etc. speaks volumes about the type of individual you are. I obviously don’t know you personally, but I respect you for what you have done. I cannot understand how someone could misinterpret your statement as anything but having concern for the Mets. I do not like bashing, **** words, etc., however, I agree with the basic message by “” – Stout needs to get a life. I hope for your speedy recovery and please keep your Spirit up. I think people like “S” thrives on people feeding him back — I would just ignore him/her!

    Cliff, to possible help you, you might want to consider this: for some assistance; if not, that’s fine, but just wanted to give something positive in return.

    The best to you in all that you do!


    Hey Cliff,

    It’s good te see you have a positive and productive outlook on your personal situation. Now, here’s how you get back in the lineup. Pinch hit, hit one hard that the pitchers great-grandmother feels it, then tell Willie you’re ready;) If he’s smart, which we all know he is, he’ll put you in.Please please please don’t hurt yourself worse though. Don’t try if you aren’t better. We all know,as does your team, that you want to contribute. Seriously though, where will it get you if you hurt yourself worse? Then you are no good for the Fall Classic. Just get better and wish El Duque the best. We need him…well, we don’t NEED him, but life would be a lot easier for you guys if he was available to start. It’s in the bag baby…it’s in the bag. I’d say good luck, but luck is for losers…you guys have pure talent so JUST DO IT! No pressure;)

    Much love,



    stout: what kind of a fan are you?

    Why can’t he come in and in one at-bat hit a homerun?

    If anyone could do it, it’s Cliff Floyd…

    So, Cliffy…pay no attention to negative comments…just concentrate on getting better and I sincerely hope to see you tonight and at every game through the World Series…

    Go METS!!



    Hey Cliff we’re with you no matter what. Don’t know if you’ve seen Katt Williams latest standup comedy routine on HBO or not but in it, he states that a Haters job is just that, to Hate. If you have someone hating on you just ignore em’ cuz it means you’re doing something right. It’s clear there’s a HATER among us. Stay positive big guy and more importantly, GO METS!!!!


    Stout: You sound like a Yankee fan? You sound like some of these Yankee fans on the WFAN that swear they are Met fans, but are undercover Yankee fans. Get over it and stop blogging all this negativity. Why do you keep insisting that Cliff is no good.

    If history serves right, wasn’t Kirk Gibson hurt in the 1988 Playoffs against our Mets. He hit a pinch hit home run off of us and he was injured. We didn’t like the outcome, but great players always come through.

    Cliff, again ignore this bozo. You can do anything you put your mind to. You are a great player that has been overshadowed with injuries this year. Your situation is no different than Beltran’s last year. I am sure that I am not alone when I say we believe in you and the Mets management staff in the decisions that need to be made in the next 24 to 48 hours. Keep the faith and continue with the optimism. That is what this is all about.

    Nuff said.



    History repeats itself!


    Hey Cliff,

    I hope your achilles is doing better. We need you, especially in the World Series as a DH if we wanna beat the Tigers’ pitching. Just take it easy, if you’re gonna be out, don’t try to run it out, play 6 or 7 innings, and let Endy take over. And in between, knock a few outta the park.

    LETS GO METS!!!!!


    Stout, I do agree that Cliff should not play hurt, but to say he’s hurting the team is absurd. Do you know how much his presence alone means to a guy like Wright. Do you know what his presence means to the entire clubhouse!!!

    LETS GO METS!!!!



    “I don’t know why he is always so negative and hateful. I believe it is because of Stout’s LITTLE spout which has never impressed the ladies if you know what I mean”.

    Honestly Stout, you are not a reporter nor are you by any stretch of the imagination an expert on the subject of baseball. The closest you have been to a player or fan is when you lock yourself in your bathroom (located in the basement of your parents house) grab that little toothpick sized bat located in between the Barbie sized balls and give yourself a home run.

    LOL i am defending a Met and I am from St.Louis. Still want to see two more W’s in the Cardinal column but good luck Cliff. The important thing is to heal unless it is do or die, and it is not there now after game 4. As I said in another host God help the Cards or Mets when they face Detroit. Let’s hope all this time off has made them complacent. I think we ALL can agree on one point:

    The NL team will have the disadvantage with all the delays and back to back games and more than likely going to a game 7. We have our work cut out for us.

    P.S. Cliff they need to move Oliver to started in place of Traschel. That’s if you want to end it by game 6.


    hey, cliffy. just wanted to wish you a quick good luck for tonight and do what you can, don’t push the limits. Your the best and always will be…go mets!

    Jon, 12


    Good Luck tonight! Watch out for head games the Cardinals will play. Stay true to your goals and play for the team not for individual goals. Then you can win tonight and finish them off at Shea. I’ll be there and I’ll be psyched:) Joy


    I feel sorry for stout. His team never made it to the playoffs. He’s obviously having trouble adjusting. As an example, here’s a conversation that recently took place between stout and his mother.

    mother: stout, are you going to come out to eat snookums? I made your favorite meatloaf tonight.

    stout: not now Mom! I have to go and show my hatred for a baseball player. Did you know Cliff Floyd batted .244 this season? And he wants to play?

    mom: now stout honey, you know that he’s been playing hurt.

    stout: but mommmmmmmmm, he shouldn’t be playing, I should be playing!

    mom: now stout, you could get so far if you only spent your time doing better things. I love you, but you’re 37 now and you know you’re going to eventually move out on your own.

    stout: HE HIT .244 AND YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO (slams door)

    and thus ends our tale of stout. Moral of the story? You might have been picked last on the kickball team, just don’t be bitter about it for 20 years.

    Cliff, good luck tonight!


    yo cliffy! watup man,
    I just read a comment some bozoe wrote about you being selfish. dont believe that for a second. before this is all over and done with, the Mets team is goning to need you. To say otherwise, now THAT would selfish.

    Best of luck man


    Tupac ‘Broken Wings’ is one of my favorite songs. I met Tupac and got his autograph at the MTV music awards before he died.


    Now look cliff has been playin injured all season but still has been scoring with the injuries and for you to say that he wont be able to score are you crazy??? ….Man listen willie just put floyd in and lets play ball!!!!!! and win the WORLD SERIRS!!!




    Hey Floyd,
    It was nice seeing you get out there tonight. It just wasn’t in the cards for us I guess. Focus on getting healthy and pumping up the team! We can win this series..without a question. I don’t like seeing those faces I saw tonight…I saw defeat, and we’re no where near that..we can do this! I’ll be at the game tomorrow cheering you guys on as always. I hope you get well soon, for your own well being. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team!



    You want the truth? I’m scared! For you and for me. I have been a Met fan since birth ( brainfarted during the Yankee “Reggie;Reggie”) years and I can remember sitting behind the ‘lady with the straw hat’ at Shea only to realize she was “Joan”. The wife of the GM. My bro and I used to sneak down from upper to floor seating and without any problem since I was 9 y.r. old.I saw this ’06 team as the answer to all my prayers as a fan. Better than ’86! I can’t guess why we lost and need to come home to win 2 at Shea…but as I fan I know you can do it! The energy will need to come from you now since the majority of fans entering Shea are either long-lost Mets fans from the past or other team supporters just looking for a good game. Please tell me the offensive power or mental focus for the game towards the goal isn’t gone. It makes it very hard to go from a 2-2 to a 3-2 at Shea! Help! Do it…I want to say I don’t care at this point and cry but I know this Mets ’06 team will give their best shot and show! I’ve waited a lifetime to watch greatness and defend it. Regardless, I’ll always love u guys and remember this year as a time stopper for history in baseball. Everyone will remember you more if you win it all/No pressure-noone cares what media says anyway…You gotta believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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