Tough loss to swallow

Billy_wagnerI was hoping things would go the same for us as they’ve gone for the Tigers. Imagine that. Two teams rolling and they meet in the World Series. Well, we still may get there. It’s just one loss. But it’s going to take more time and more effort.

And now we have to go to a tough environment and block it all out, just like the Cardinals blocked it out here. Other than injuries, we haven’t had to deal with adversity. But we’ve been ahead all year. And now we have to fight back. We haven’t been in that position for a long time — except for in some games.

You know what I really don’t like? It’s how they won it. I know Billy Wagner will be fine. He’s got strong shoulders. But now the Cardinals know they can do it. Billy’s no weaker because of what happened. But they could be a little stronger, doing what they did.

When you come from behind, you get a good feeling. I know how we feel when we come back and win and when we beat someone’s closer. It picks you up big time.

This is a bad kind of loss. No doubt. But it’s a good type of win for them. And I don’t like that.

I don’t think anyone was planning on a sweep, even when we were up 6-4. The Cardinals aren’t in this by luck. They’re a good team. You can see that. We’re going to have to show how good we are now.

And I hope I get a chance to help. My Achilles tendon injury is what it is. I’m just going to take treatment and try to play Sunday and all the games after that — until we win.



    Hey Cliff, Guys!
    Tough loss….but all your fans still have faith in you and the team. Its the playoffs, we dont expect a sweep! Anyway just wanted to say forget about today and fight back tomorrow, you guys deserve this title more than any other team this year so go it, and know that thousands of fans are behind you! Thanks for what you guys do…being a Mets fan has never felt so good!!!



    Mr. Floyd,

    Good luck to you and the Mets! I’m on the West Coast out here, and I’m a huge Angels fan, so I really have little connection with the Mets other than they’re the only team in New York I can pull for! Stick it to ’em, and remember, if Weaver is pitching in game 5, there’s a BIG reason why we got rid of him this year. It ***** that we’re paying him to pitch against you, but that salary money is freed up next year to go toward a power hitter and other weak spots in the Angels lineup.

    Congratulations on your blog. I’m very impressed to see the Major League players using such a simple tool to connect with the fans. Back when I was a kid, I would stake out the “Big A” after games and get the signatures of my favorite players, like Dante Bichette, Jim Abbott, and Chuck Finley. Back in the late 80’s the demand for autographs wasn’t quite so bad, the Steiner leeches weren’t shoving aside kids to get their 80 items autographed to put on eBay, and the players were cordial and, while not always wanting to sign, at least polite.

    With baseball much more popular now, security issues on the forefront of everybody’s minds (particularly the players and management), and the thought that some *********** may take that autograph you give him and make money off you, it’s a different game trying to get a precious few seconds and maybe an autograph from your favorite players, and in many ways, rightfully so. A simple look at Cory Lidle autographs on eBay shows you how many people are willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck off you or any player, especially in tragic circumstances like Cory Lidle.

    Thankfully, I’ve grown beyond the obsessions of my youth. For me, baseball now is more about the game itself, and when I head to Angels Stadium, I’m there to root for my team, not just the individual players I worshipped when I was younger. And with my maturity, I can enjoy the game in a completely new way.

    With that in mind, I know I have no right to give you advice on anything, but though a good portion of the stuff you sell at a game may end up lining somebody’s pocket rather than making an indelible memory for the fan whose item you signed and a baseball or picture with your signature on it to put in a place of honor on his or her mantle, there’s still a great many people out there for whom the few seconds you spend with them signing an autograph or shaking a hand are going to stick with them the rest of their lives, particularly the kids. I know you can’t spend four hours before and after every game mingling with the fans, taking them to dinner, letting them hit for you in the 6th inning, etc. Just keep in mind that you are living out the dreams of millions of us, and through your triumphs and tribulations we live vicariously. Your Achilles injury makes us wince and limp a bit, your heroics on the field give us a sense of pride, a small fraction of what we’d feel if our childhood dreams had come true and we were playing with you. I’ve been an Angels fan since I was four years old and my dad took me to see Nolan Ryan pitch for them. I’ve seen some bad years, some good years, and a lot of mediocre years. I’ve had my share of heartbreak and then some with the postseason collapses of my team in the 80’s (well, and ’79), and I broke into tears as I watched the Angels win the 2002 World Series, a feat I never expected to see in Anaheim.

    Thrrough it all, I’ve always known I’ll never get to put on a professional uniform. At 32 now, that dream would be dead even if I had the talent and athleticism to do the job (which I don’t), and even if I didn’t have a bum hip from an Army injury. But by being there in the lean years and the fat, by spending money at the park and the baseball card shop, by sticking by my team when most of the current Halos fans were wearing Yankees or Red Sox or even KC Royals jerseys to the park when those respective teams were in town, I am a part of the Angels team, just as any fan is for his team. And, like any sane fan, all I expect from the players and team is their best stuff, win or lose.

    My thoughts are with you and that injured Achilles tendon, and I hope it heals with an unheard of quickness. I wish your Mets luck in the NLCS, as with my team eliminated, the only thing that could make me happier than I am with the Yankees choking yet again (See Detroit, it ain’t that tough! We did it TWICE!) would be seeing the distinct green tinge those pinstriped uniforms would take as they watch you Mets take all the thunder in New York and make it to the World Series, and maybe bring home a ring! I’m pulling for you guys, Cliff!

    And know that as I saw you limp around first base last night, I felt your pain in about three feet higher in my hip. I hope your doctors can get you back to play in the World Series.

    Just remember, you don’t have to be a doormat for the eBay collectors and cut into your personal time to satisfy the fans. We don’t expect that. But keep in mind that you have the power to make a five-year-old kid at Shea Stadium a baseball fan for life with a simple wave, maybe a warm-up ball, or even just a smile.

    You’re not a God, you’re just a man in whom countless fans see themselves and their dreams. And all you have to do is take care of yourself, stay healthy, and show the world why you get to walk out onto that field 162 games a year.

    Every time you do, every true baseball fan is standing right beside you.

    Good luck in St. Louis!

    -Sid McHenru


    Cliff, we were sitting in those stands last night, giving you guys our best support. The team jumped out early and kept coming back, despite the pitching problems. And that’s why it was so hard to take – we just had the feeling you guys could outlast them and win it.
    But Met fans never say die, and we will be cheering you guys on tonite. Forget about the bandwagoner boo-birds. Upset? Yes. Disappointed? Yes. But we true Met fans never give up and will be rooting harder than ever.

    I hope you guys have a blow-out offensive night tonite to give the bullpen a break and get the team loose again. Don’t foget, you guys jumped all over their best pitcher from the start last night.

    We are solidly behind our Mets – will be watching and cheering from the other side of the tv tonite!



    Yeah I was complaining to my friend last night who knows nothing about baseball. She was like ok calm down. Well, hopefully this loss won’t affect you guys and we can pick up another win tonight in St. Louis. Well, that would be grate if you could come back Sunday, hopefully it will not get you hurt again. Our guys tried their hardest to keep up the offence to help the pitching, but I guesse they were out of hits by the 9th. Well, lets hope Steve has a good night tonight and we pick up a win.



    #30=the best


    Hey Cliff — dont worry about it. It’s just one loss. Yea you’re going to St. Louis and you wont have us cheering you on but you know we will all be there in spirit. You guys have more heart and determination. But most of all you guys want it more. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you playing soon! Take care and God Bless!



    Mr Floyd,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts of the game with us fans. Yes it was a tough loss to take however the Mets are great, the players are great and we will win eventually. Go to St. Louis inspire your teammates get better so you can play for us. Even if you cant your presence will help lead the younger guys through all the pressure. We are all very proud of you and this team. Be Well and LETS GO METS!


    Hi Mr. Floyd,

    I have loved reading David Wrights’s and now your blog this season, it really lets us see what the thoughts are inside the clubhouse. I know you guys know this but I hope that as you go to St. Louis you will still be able to feel the Mets fans everywhere stepping up to bat with the team and standing in the outfield supporting everyone. I am a Jersey girl in Arizona who is a Mets fanatic, always have been and always will be! We(Mets fans) love you guys! We BELIEVE, don’t ever doubt that. GO METS!!!



    I just want you guys to know that if we have waited paciently, for 20 years one loss is not going to bring us down. I want the whole team to know we New Yorkers love them and we will be standing behind them 100 percent. You guys are a great team, but what makes our team special is the warmth that can be felt in the bullpen. You guys care so much about each other at the end of the day that’s the quality that makes a team stronger!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU AND KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT!!!!!!!! I will be celebrating just like I did in 1986. Man it was the best day of my life and it will be again!!!!! WE BELIEVE, don’t ever doubt that. GO METS!!!!!


    Cliff, yeah it was a tough loss but we diehards still LOVE you guys and know you’re going to make it. I am a NJ girl with a family full of Yankee diehards so these games are sweet. My son has been waiting for this type of series all his life (he?s 18) and is living each game through you and watching the NY area show it?s true Blue and Orange colors! Sure, you’re in SL, but the way you guys stick together as a family and your great will to win will keep you going! And even though there will be fewer Mets fans in the stands, just think of the crowd as OUR fans instead. You don?t have to block out the noise, just channel it and think of it as our home crowd. Similar to what David Wright said about his family not being in the stands, believe the METS? family is behind you guys whether we are there physically or not, every step of the way. I was at Game 6 in 1986 and nothing is impossible! Forget yesterday, don?t look at tomorrow, and take it one day, one bat, one game at a time! The Team, the Time,… The Mets time is NOW. Good Luck guys! We believe in you!


    Hang tough Cliff and the rest of this AMAZING team!! This is your year. One loss means nothing…we are so proud of you for such an awesome season. Good Luck…you’re going to the top!!!


    hey cliff, i am so bummed you have been injured. i was at the game last night right by left field and was hoping to see you out there. since you have come to the mets you have been my favorite met by far. the way you leave it all on the field and the way you carry yourself off it makes you a guy that’s fun to root for. anyone who thinks you should not be on the roster doesn’t know anything about you, your contributions to this team, and the game of baseball period. they also know absolutely nothing about this new york mets team. its been very clear that the success of this team has to do with the players who make up this roster and how they come together and perform together. and if the record you guys posted wasn’t enough proof of that, the fun and passion for the game that you all have comes out every single night, and its hard to believe that has no effect on your standing in the national league. you guys play for each other, not just with each other. something the guys from the bronx forgot. the bottom line is, if you can stand, you can play. it took about 75 injuries to finally sideline pedro. it took taking away el duque’s leg to get him out. if they could be in there they would. but they can’t, you might. and cliff, with this team, the way it plays together, they way you guys respond to each other, they way you lift each other up, i would rather have you at 50% than half of the guys in the entire mlb, never mind others on our own roster. anyone who says your being selfish, anyone who says you should not be playing has no idea what it is to be a met this year. all we need is what we have, cause what we have is enough. so here we go number 30, rest up cause we’re gonna need you soon, even if its just your bat. world series here we come….all of us.


    You guys lost one game. So what! We almost had it but won’t it make you stronger now? You’ve been winners all year. Why would one loss at home be the end? You’ve won how many straight in a row? Block out the media garbage and go with what you know to be true. Media was ripping on Wagner and how he would blow a save and how Carpenter would definitely win. Delgado’s HR’s were awesome and hope it continues.It was a battle all night long. A tough loss to swallow but you need to be stronger than that , focus, and show the Cardinals that they are the underdogs in this series. You’ve gotta believe in each other and in yourselves. It’s not about us anymore-It’s about this amazing Mets lineup and a gutsy team that’s been so unbelievably good all year. We stand behind you 100% and we know you will play the ‘cards’ right. Once this lineup gets going the next three days with scoring it will be unstoppable. Trust in it and I stand behind Willie and the coaches to get you guys to victory. See you at Shea. Wish I was there! But I’ll be watching and rooting for you from home. xo-Joy


    Tough to swallow? Try tough to watch. I am a diehard Mets fan and have been for..ohhh 30 years…since I was 6. This year it’s been do what you can to get the starter the lead then let the bullpen shut em down. What the heck happened? I couldn’t even watch. I mean I knew it wouldn’t be easy to sweep, but to lose like that after battling back 3 times? OUCH! You guys are SO much better than that and I have faith in you. I KNOW you won’t just roll over and die, but rather that you will battle back and take this series umm and the next one too! I am not one to be negative, but why would Willie start Perez? He may be a great guy, but he scares the bejesus out of me on the mound. I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Hey, maybe he’ll surprise all of us. But you know what? Win or lose, you are my boys and I’ll love you no matter what:) Now Get ‘R Done! šŸ™‚

    much love,



    Captain Cliff & Team,

    This (2006) Mets ball-club has been and continues to make milestone of inspiration. We have not seen a team this explosive in some time. This is the greatest team in baseball. We all think this; we know this. It is time to show this; no one said it would be easy. Ask Darryl, ask Doc, Mookie, Nails, the Kid. The road will get tough, but we are with you all the way. We are Mets fans. We believe.


    Hi, Cliffy…Your #1 fan from So. Florida…Hoping you’re doing better each day…nothing to worry about…just one loss…remember the Marlins coming from 3 games down and winning it all???!!! This is the year of the METS, baby!!!
    We miss you down here…good luck…and I want to see that ring when you come down!!!

    Take care, sweetie!!!



    When the going gets tough…the tough get going!!! Hope it’s just as much a battle for the Tigers as it is for us.Go Mets:)


    I re-wrote this poem originally written for my Dad-
    “There’s nothing else around you…

    just a field of dirt and grass.

    You step up to the plate…

    with a half-emptied huddled mass.

    There’s a sense of urgency because it’s your turn now.

    The peace within your soul is what drives you to know how.

    The crowds that follow greatness always lately jump upon…

    Because the sense of something that is above them will be done.

    Dreams of 162+ games, 1000 chances stir…

    Those that wish they could have been

    and those that wish they were.

    The little boy in little league never knew he would…

    and thousands who never made it asks in dreams only if he could.

    The team that built the dream that day had gifts from up above…

    If only for a moment those days were full of love.

    The game of baseball’s never changed with fields of dreams to play…

    And even if it isn’t you, it’ll be someone else today.

    The chances and the triumphs come once around in life…

    So take what God has given, even if full of strife.

    The matter of us all, connects in ways that we can’t see…

    From the little boy in little league to the greater family tree.”


    It’s gonna be o.k…”Starring at the world throught my rearview”, Tupac- In the Air Tonight [Phil ‘Collins remix] and if it isn’t, know I was there to support you until the end!xoxo- You guys rock!!!

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