Its going to feel like a big hug

NldsI?ve played some center field in my career, but mostly, I?ve played the corner outfield positions and first base. So I?ve usually played with one of the foul lines right there, close by. That?s where I?m most comfortable.

Sometime Wednesday, I?ll be right on the line, the first base line. And I?ll be real comfortable. All of us will be out there, standing on the line — all queued up like soldiers — when we get introduced before the first game of the playoffs. That?s what we?ve been waiting for — the beginning of playoffs. I?ve been waiting a long time.

Pre-game introductions . . . you used to think about things like that when you were a kid. And I?ve thought about it this year, too.

Out there with your teammates, the place packed. What could be better? Not many places can be louder. I know that.

There?ve been lots of times since I signed with Mets before the 2003 season that I?d wondered if I?d get to do that with this team. I mean, I?ve been out there already — for the All-Star Game in 2001 and with the Marlins in 1997 when we won the World Series. But I?m sure this will be different, you know, crazy.

I know it hasn?t been that long since the Mets were in the postseason. But none of the guys who played in the Subway Series in 2000 is still with us. Trachs has been here the longest, and he got here the next year. Glav and I got here in 2003. We?ve had some tough times. But they?re over now, and we?re going to be on the foul line Wednesday with all those fans and all those jitters. The good jitters.

Everything will be going through our minds in the five minutes we?re out there. It?ll pass quick. You know what they say about a New York minute. I just hope I don?t get too amped up and not take it all in. This will be special — New York in October, the Mets in the playoffs.

I think New York is anxious to see us all lined up again. I know they?ll be up. When we?re out there Wednesday, I know it?s going to feel like a big hug.


  1. SomeBallyard

    Pleased to see you sharing this experience with us. I’m a Mets fan from down in Norfolk. Hope you are feeling healthy and look forward to watching you throughout the postseason. When you hit one out, I’ll be toasting you somewhere!

    Michael Norton – Some Ballyard


    I want to echo the “thanks for sharing” sentiment. I’m sure you have a lot to do to prepare for Wednesday so the fact that you took time to let the fans in on how things look from your perspective is very cool. Thanks, Cliff!

    I’m so excited for the playoffs that I’m dreading the next 72 hours of waiting for the game to start!

    Good luck and feel well.

    LET’S GO METS!-Christine

  3. Zoe

    Cliff Floyd! The mlblogger community knows that you made me a Mets fan, because I often blog about how you’re my (sorry for the familiarity) “beloved Cliffy.” I was just a baseball girlfriend back in 2003, until I went to my first game and saw you playing through your last Achilles injury. It touched me to see your heart as you were one of the only Met getting hits, knowing you’d have to run for the team as the next players fouled but couldn’t get you home. I wrote about it in my first blog post:

    I could go on for so long about what I love about you as a player: The way you mentor the younger guys, the humor, candor, and honesty you give to reporters for us fans to see, the way you hit that ball, the way you said that if fans boo Carlos Beltran, they’re booing the whole team.

    I’ve got great hopes for you post-season. And I’ll be there to cheer you on at every game. When I scream for you at batting practice Wednesday, I’ll HOPE you give me an autograph.

    And as to next year? Remember what happened after your last Achilles surgery? You showed us all what you can do. And it was awesome.


    Zoe may be the president of your fan club, but I’m definitely up there too. Your sense of humor, the way you ALWAYS give 100%. I wrote a few months ago “You never watch Cliff Floyd and think, ‘gee, he could have hustled a little more.'” I could go on but then you’ll need some new hats for the post-season.

    Like we chanted the night you clinched: ONE MORE YEAR!

    I am happy you started this blog and maybe you can encourage D.Wright to blog some more, or for other people on the team to start blogs too.

    Mets Grrl


    That’s so cool that you started a blog! I wish you guys the best of luck and believe me, all of your fans have been waiting for this since the season began! Hope everything’s going well and can’t wait to see you guys out there Wednesday!



    Cliff; just want to send all the best to you and the Team.
    Been around the Mets, and a fan since the beggining. Even saw a couple games at Polo Grounds ( “before your time Ha!). I’ve been through the lean years, used to hop on the #7 with my milk carton cutouts and .50, and sit in the noise bleeders for many years. After moving north from Queens in the late 70’s haven’t missed a beat, even in Yankee country HA! Go get them, have fun , and I’ll toast ya’s in late October

    GOOD LUCK , “This is the Year”

  7. Zoe

    (Hiya, unofficial pres. of your fan club here again.)

    Oh no! I just called the Mets PR office to find out what time batting practice was on Wednesday, and I learned there *is* none! At least, none for fans.

    I wish we could be there early on to start cheering–to give you that big hug early in the afternoon and keep it going through the evening. I wish I could hang over the dugout and show my appreciation for this team that loves its fans so. I wish we could be there for the *whole* thing.

    I’ll hope beyond hope that the fans get to gather at field level early at least once postseason. The Mets Man needs to realize how READY we are to support this team. You got it right–we are gonna be LOUD. (And I’m from Brooklyn. We’re *good* at loud.)

    But if I don’t get the opportunity, know that there’s a gal in 3rd row loge, first base side, near the point where the farthest infield meets the outfield grass–and she’s usually got on her #30 t-shirt. As a female fan I get asked a lot if I wear #5, but (tho I apprciate D-Wright too) the only number I’ve ever worn is #30.

    And here’s my latest Cliff Floyd tribute:

    Truly, you’ve made the game fun for me my entire fan career. Oh please one more year!


    nice to see you bloggin!!Shawn green made me a mets fans.GO mets!whoop those dodgers butts


    You know it Cliff, New York is going to be electric Wednesday afternoon and I am just as excited that I will driving 2 hours from South Jersey to be there. People can talk all they want on the radio and in the papers, but the fact is Cliff’s gonna do it up big in the postseason. Guaranteed. Get em baby.


    Hey Cliff. It’s great to see you’ll be trying to share with us what this postseason will feel like for those who may not be able to make it to the games for various reasons. Have a great series with the Dodgers.


    We love you Cliff! All the young guys are young and haven’t won, but who cares they are young? (well i do but besides) and the old guys are old, (you included) some have won and some not, but you are one of our longest standing mets now and there is no one I would like to see do better this post season than you, despite the fact that I’m not sure you are my “favorite player” You deserve it. I hope you feel great and are in the lineup as much as you can be, just having your name in there helps the team enough. be well man


    Cliff-Stay healthy and play your *** off like I know you can! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Cliff! Thanks for creating this blog to share the postseason excitment with the fans! we are all so excited for this and are very proud of the team. this is our year =]

    good luck tomorrow to you and the rest of the guys! have fun!

    Let’s Go Mets!!!


    Hey Cliff,

    I have been looking forward to this day ever since I saw you guys in spring training! Do not worry everything is going to work out…..look at the Steelers….who ever would have thought they were going to win the Super Bowl…..but anyways GOOD LUCK and remember always have fun!

    LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!


    Cliff!! this is awesome that you have a blog too!! not too many people have commented but it must be b/c they dont know u started one yet!! (i just noticed b/c i am bored here at work, so i’ve been reading everything on the mets website haha)
    well Good Luck tonight!!!

    i’m sooo excited for it!!

    i’m upset i cant be there in person to watch, but tickets are going for at least $200. and i dont want to spend it on a playoff game…i am waiting for the WORLD SERIES to come watch you guys and spend some money on a ticket that will be well worth it!! LOVE YOU!

    LETS GO METS!!!!!


    Cliff!!! You are without a doubt the coolest person on this team. It’s been heartbreaking to watch you deal with all these injuries, but we’ve been rooting for you the whole way! I hope that you will still be with the Mets next year – you are so awesome! Good Luck!


    hey cliff!
    congrats on makin g it this far!!!!!!!

    just wanted to let you know that u are one of my top 5 mets!!!!!

    do you know whats so cool….we have the same b-day!!!!

    DECEMBER 5th buddies forever


    loveashley wiederspan


    This is why you guys will be on top of the world this year: No whining, no obsessing about curses and bad luck – you just put your heads down and get the job done.

    My grandfather’s Mets hat is hanging over my desk at work. LET’S GO METS!

    Bill Deutsch


    Hi Cliff, I just wanted to let you know that I watched you play all summer in the field seats on your right and I always cheered for you. Great Home Run in game 1. You are TOPS! LET’S GO METS! FLOYD! FLOYD! FLOYD!


    “DAWN ITS OUTTA HEA!!!”..Hey Cliff that is what i heard last night when i happened to leave the room. My father yelling from the family room that you had hit a homerun. We were absolutely stunned to see J.D. Drew catch that ball. Apparently we weren’t the only ones. No matter what you do you’ll always be great in our eyes. My ENTIRE family loves you right down to my youngest nephew Brady(5)who for the first few years of his life couldnt pronounce his F’s. So when ever he would refer to you, he’d call you Cliss Sloyd!! To cute, you are his hero. You go way beyond just to be in a game, and though you are great, you’ll stand aside and let someone else have the spotlight. Its been a rough year for you no doubt and the way you always seem to bounce back is unbelievable. You are a true team player and thats why we love you so much..Keep that wonderful smile on your face. Good luck and have fun!! Proud met fan..Dawn


    The only thing better than trying to watch you ‘up-and-coming ‘heroes’ at batting practice almost 30 times this season was watching you guys in the postseason with an elated spirit I can’t remember as a fan. New York can be brutal but not when you think better of yourself and when you know who you are!Can it be this team in the ‘planned anniversary of the re-making of the ’86’-team is actually better?’ Better in many ways. I see the differences and I can honestly say this ’06 team is the best to come around in MLB in a long time & well thought out by Omar. Nice to see a ‘future Met season’ for a change…rather than a ‘ Yankee got-to-win’The Mets’ strength lies in numbers[togetherness] and not in individuals with greedy agendas. I absolutely love the personality that this team has and what Reyes, Wright, and Delgado have done for this team on the field and I predicted they’d be powerful in the postseason so far and I thought your HR was unreal after Delgado’s. I don’t know if you remember but I would shout out’Floyd’ from left field behind you the last few years. We, my brother and I would make you tip your hat and make you half-smile in annoyance from our screaming, but we thought it was funny annoying you anyway. Occassionally, you’d turn and look up. The bad memories of Shea, as I’m sure you’re aware of is that I was there early to witness stupidity of “Yankee-invaders” at Shea boo Beltran, Glavine,Heilman and others. It disgusted me as a fan . To this date, I don’t understand why yankee fans even go to Shea unless they ask for trouble. They proudly display their gear by walking around the stadium to annoy ‘us Mets’ and chant ‘Let’s go Yankees’–Give me a break..I respect players ability including yankees but, it is the obnoxious fan that has made me into a Yankee hater, along with the rest of the Yankee-‘fan’ hater club–there is only so many times they can rub it in your face. Please take back N.Y.C. for ‘us’ Mets fans and keep the tradition of a winning, gutsy, ‘come-back’, follow-your-dreams, ‘yes, we can!’ kinda attitude for everyone who has struggled to believe!Everyone probably knows where we’re coming from on that team from a human perspective and [no matter how long it took-few years and struggles to get the team to the top—thanks to Omar] we can all appreciate it. Fans like myself knew it, took notice, and began to see it early. That’s why you saw me there along with the few of us from Workout day in the spring of this year, almost every game this year, and for the past few years attending batting practice to see how well you guys would kill the opposition. We believed in you then & ‘We’ believe in you now! There’s no reason to think you guys can’t carry the load of legacy onto your shoulders because you have already proven yourself to ‘us’ and to the World to be the best. Your team has it all. Keep up the good work and remember that this year, especially, your team will have a special place in our hearts.Probably Beltran’s HR on 4/6 when he was trying to establish his place at Shea was my most memorable moment], not because he hit the HR but because Franco was able to ‘do the right thing in NY and bring him out for his true fans’ and get the ball rolling for him. [aside from Wright beating Rivera or Jose’s cycle, or 3 HR day at Philly, or Delgado’s 400th, or Wagner’s 300th, or Pedro’s 200th, or everyone elses outstanding performance and effort], Beltran deserves the best from NY fans (they didn’t give him props in the start because of, well, I don’t know why, but I did!… and I think he’s gonna break out big for us; and the walk-offs almost everyone of you guys accommplished;You guys deserve to win it all because you want it more and you did more than any other team this year! You know you can do it! Happy to share the memories with you guys.. Championship Series Bound—Go Mets! ~Joy


    you guys are winning it all.You Guys are going to the world series.David Wright,jOSE rEYES.cARLOS bELTRAN.cARLOS DELGADO.YOU.PAULY ALL THE METS.aRE DOING WHAT THEY HAVE TO ALL.The Only thing i am getting mad at is that david wright,jose reyes,you c.beltran,c.delgado you guys have to sign autographs.

    I am glad the Yanks lost because Yankee fans are sayig nt he mets are going to lose i thought that maybe the yanks would makeit to the worldseries.I was showing some love and yankee fans just shove it in my face.I cant help it but do something back so i say i have derek jeters autographs i know his phone number but i cant give it to you.I am lying but it is the only way for them to shutup.Tell d.wright and j.reyes i said hi and i am a crazy little girl who screams avytime to try to get their autograph.

    You Guys have a great year if you can email me back.

    you rock my soxs.Have a nice day.Hope you feel better with you leg.You helped the mets all this season we love you so.We dont want to see you go.I have a picture of you in my computer.i put that picture up on staurdays so it is up today and i am writing to you because i am a die hard mets fan who cares a bout the mets and loves the blogs if david wright told you to get a blog telllhim thank you because i asked him to tell someone to get a blog


    you guys are going down o and if u dont belive me look at alberts world series ring by the end of the season lol just kidding but go cards they better u guys only swept us because izzy was hurt but yet he was pitching and gave up that 2-run home run to who was it reyas but there was two outs one more and we would have won because albert had 7 rbis with a grand slam and a three run homer all 7 of r runs were by him but to bad he cant do that every game go cards they rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ps. go cards

  24. Cassinda

    HEY Cliff,

    You’re a wonderfu player and your dedication to the game is so unbelievable.. you have a good heart.. Take it easy Cliff get some rest and get well okay… LETS GO METS

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