Preparing for the postseason

Your mind is going a mile a minute in the postseason. I remember that from 1997 with the Marlins — and I wasn?t even playing then. You?ve got tickets and family to worry about before you get to the park. And now, for me, there?s treatment on my Achilles. And right on the heels of that, we find out about El Duque and his calf inury.


What is it about this team and our legs? Pedro, me, El Duque, Carlos Beltran. You know, there?s enough anxiety without all this other stuff — more anxiety than you need. You?ve got to put it away. You want to be up. But you don?t want to be over-the-top up.

There is so much to think about. You know when you?re a little kid, really the only teams you want to play when you imagine yourself in the World Series are the Yankees and the Dodgers. Now we?re playing one with a chance to play the other later in the playoffs. That?d be cool. But you don?t go there now. All we think about is Derek Lowe and making him get his pitches up.

He likes to work fast and throw ground balls all day. We?ve got to step out — mess up his rhythm — and be patient so we don?t go swinging at pitches early in the count that are out of the strike zone.

I think about the Dodgers, but I wouldn?t have minded playing the Padres with Mike Piazza and Mike Cameron. Cameron?s my boy. When he was here, with the Mets, we were like Frick and Frack. I was Frack. He and Rondell White. They?re both in the postseason. I?d love to play both of them — Cam next round, Rondell and the Twins in the World Series. But first we have to take care of the Dodgers.

That?s a good team they brought here. And we?re banged up a little. We?ll be all right. I don?t know about El Duque, but I?m getting better. I had that cortisone shot last week, and it?s finally started to work, getting some of that pain out of my leg. I feel pretty good. I was worried about chasing down balls in the outfield, but I feel better, so I?m playing and feeling real good about that. I was worried — not about playing or not playing — but about hurting the team if I wasn?t healthy. All want to be is healthy.

And I feel like I am. You know, I might steal a couple of ? nah, no. I?ll be happy just to get on base and trot home when someone else goes deep. I probably shouldn?t push it.



    Ha, I agree with the leg thing. You guys need to stay healthy! Awwww…I miss you and Cameron together! You guys were awesome and those were the good old days. Anyways…you guys are just amazing and good luck tomorrow! I can so see you stealing a few bases there…try and beat Wright maybe? Again…good Luck tomorrow!


  2. Zoe

    That last paragraph? You’ve got us laughing about injuries, on a day when Mets fans aren’t laughing. I truly love ya, Cliff Floyd. I miss Cameron too–and I was cheering for him at Shea when he returned with Piazza.

    I hope writing for us fans is helping you sort out all that’s going in your head. You know Julius is around to help out with family and tickets–you just worry about you. And the team, of course. But hey–there ain’t one without the other, for any of you guys. That’s why you’re great.


    This is, no doubt, a battered Mets team right now, but YOU GOTTA BELIEVE! In about 10 hours from now, we all shall see who pitches..



    Glad to see that you are blogging along with David Wright. You are a class act and we are lucky to have your experience in the postseason as a plus for those young(and not so young0 players making the trip for the 1st time. Best of luck in the playoffs to you and all the Mets.Shea will be rockin’in October!


    Mets fan since 1968


    Good to see you bloggin and in good spirits. Great entry… Made me laugh 😉
    Nice to see you are in cyperspace conversations along with all of us craze blogging fans.

    We love you !

    P.S. I was going to tell Zoe about the entry but I guess she already beat me to it. Cliff she’s is your #1 fan indeed 😉


    The Wrightoholics


    cliff…you rule! lol who says “you rule” anymore. i’m such a dork. anyway i just commented on your other blog.
    i just wanted to tell you that u seem sooo cool and so fun to hang out w/. i saw you on TRL w/ Wright a couple months ago. you guys are funny. Hope your leg is close to 100% tonight!

    ps- you’re jacked! when u caught the winning out the night you clinched…i could not help but notice how big your arms were when u had them up in the air!! haha 😉



    Good to see ya posting. I gotta tell you man, there are a lot of nervous mets fans out there right now with all the injuries. If you guys could do what you do best and put up a few in the first inning you’d put to ease a lot of frayed nerves.

    But regardless we all have faith and will all be cheerin. We know you guys don’t know how to quit.



    Hey Floyd, just wanted to say goodluck, your my little brothers favorite player man. I went to one of your first games as a Met and I was outside in the parking lot after that game waiting for my parents to pick me up and you drove by in your White Hummer and let us get an autograph. Thanks man for everything. Goodluck tonite


    Ya know Floyd, i had some speculation you didnt really like the Mets club too much cuz you kept getting injured all the time, I believe that thought has left my mind now that I realize you’re working real hard to become the great player you can be, you’ll do just fine in the playoffs..Good luck


    I no you are all great friends in the clubhouse and stuff so do you have any nicknames for any of them…i think u call David Wright DWright?



    Because of you, my heart lies in left field. Most other players have blogs that feel so formal, but I felt like i was having a conversation with you! And there’s nothing better than that.

    I cannot wait to watch you guys take control over the Dodgers tonight.

    By the way, my brother a few years back made a crudely animated movie called “Cliff Floyd Saves North Lake.” You should definitely see it, I can get you a copy.

    Good luck today!!

    – Stephanie (Mets fan by birth, remained a Mets fan by choice)


    Since you’re not stealing bases, ya gotta just trot home when someone goes deep, huh? Congrats on your first ever Post-season homer! Johnny Maine’s done himself well too. Looks like you guys have decided to find a way around the pitching disaster and it makes my heart soar.

    Keep it up guys!



    Hey Cliffy,

    Congrats on ur first ever postseason hr. You smacked that ball, keep up the good work. Good luck in the postseason and I hope ur off season surgery is a success and I hope u come back better than ever.

    Good Luck



    Hey Cliff,
    Im a huge and Jose R are my favorites on the team. Shh, don’t tell the other guys..haha just kidding I love all you guys. I think the fact that we have had so many injuries on the team and the team is still in the post season is a good thing too. I mean it just shows how great everyone is and how much every player contributes. Well, great home run last night..see no stolen bases needed. Leave that up to the guys who aren’t hurt. Well, I am glad that those shots are starting to kick in. Well, game 1 is under the belt as of now so a step closer to the World Series. Also, that would be pretty cool if we played Mike C and Piazza in the next series. Hopefully, the two of them will not kill us with their offence. Well, keep it going guys..METS are the Best!


    *Lets Go Mets*


    Hi Cliff,
    my dad & I had such a great time at the game tonight…

    your HR was awesome!!! our seats are right between left field line & 3rd, so we really have a great view of you & David all year…didn’t that double play at the plate blow your mind? that took my breath away! …anyway thanks for a great season, and looking forward to more, been a Mets fan forever and this team really has the magic! we love ya! Kim C.


    Awesome game, Cliff!! Guess that cortisone shot really kicked in! Hopefully the homerun trot will be the most strenuous base running you’ll do during the next few weeks. Congrats on the homer and the team’s first post-season W. Let’s go Mets!!!


    Hey Cliff,
    I miss Mike Cameron too. Part of me wanted the Mets play the Padres–but it would have been too much if Mike Piazza crushed a home run against us again!


    I would like to play the Padres to it is only that i have a thing and when you play aganst players really good friends you take it easy and then you let them score runs it was just like pedro martinez when he picthed aganst the red sox he had fans good freinds he picthed soft and thwn you know it he gave up 8 rund in 3 innings a shocker


    hey cliffster

    i understand that u got through alot of injuries and it was really nice of cameron. when the padres came to shea i was rooting for cameron and piazza. no stress!!!u’ll be alright. hopefully just joking but seriously ull be ok.

    u dont have to worry about ur position because i mean endy chaves is great. did u see his speed and average?but the main prob is your leg. hope u feel better!!!

    Carlos Beltran’s, David Wright’s, Cliff FLoyd’s, Shawn Green’s, Jose Reyes’s, Carlos Delgado’s fan….

    LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!


    Cliff: You are a warrior! Watching you limp back to the box after the foul down the left field line and then JUST MISS goin’ yard was Gibson-esque. We’d love to have you on… Check it out.

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