Reflections on our Game 1 victory

I said the other day, "I wish I could tape everything that goes on." Maybe I could have one of those helmet cameras. You know, I could tape everything from the same perspective that I saw it when it happened, and then go back and watch it in the winter or 10 years from now.

So many things happened in that first game. That play when we threw out two guys at the plate. They said that?s happened before. Whoa! That was great for us. We went from, **********, they?re getting two? to ?Man, we?re getting two.?

I mean, I looked in from left field to Carlos Delgado and David Wright. I?m saying to myself, "What did we just do?" and "How did we do it?? That play was huge.Floyd275

I?d like to see it again, from my vantage point in left.

Then Carlos just went off in the fourth -? Boom! He took one over the wall in center field. I loved seeing Kenny Lofton run out of room and just turn around. That?s a beautiful sight.

Then Carlos started hitting balls right through the defense. They didn?t overshift against him, because when he came up, there were runners on base. But they shaded him to the right side, and he smoked two hits past Rafael Furcal. He?s taking what they?re giving him. I was happy to see him have a real good first game. I guess you can say he likes this postseason thing.

And D. Wright got it done, didn?t he? He?s a different dude. When he was 21, I said he must be 31. Now he?s 23, and he hits like he?s had 10 years in the big leagues. He takes the ball the other way — and real hard.

And old Cliff got himself one, too. That felt good. Seeing that ball get real small … that?s a thrill. I?d like to have videos of that from all over the place on that one. I?d be showing that off to everyone for the next 20 years.

I said the other day that my Achilles was feeling better. But it still is a little sore. But when that ball got small, I didn?t feel it at all. When that went out, I didn?t have no Achilles.



    Huge win, Cliff, especially w/ the rook verses Lowe who has had post-season success. Loved to see you go yard, and I think you had a shot at Penny too if the ump wasn’t giving him that huge strike zone ; ) Good luck with the lefty tomorrow – hope to see you guys wait on his garbage and then wait some more and then take it all the other way with authority. let’s go mets!


    Great Home Run today Floyd, Delgado. Way the pick up el duque. Good team effort and what a amazing play at home plate. I was holding my breath the whole game. Keep it up and let keep on winning Thanks again for signing my baseball at the phillies game again Mr. Floyd! good luck to the mets the rest of the post season! Lets go mets!


    Yes Sir, I?d like to see the game from your perspective as well, a helmet cam sounds like a great idea. I was at game 1, mezzanine left field, behind the foul pole. You gave us a wave when you took the field after your homerun. That play at the plate was crazy. We were all like, ?did you see that?? ?what the??? I couldn?t wait to get home to watch the replay. Why don?t they show more replays at the game, what?s up with that? Anyhow, awesome game, there was so much going on, I could barley keep up with my scorecard. Looking forward to game 2. Three cheers for the Maine Line, great job by him and the WHOLE team. Let Go Mets!!!


    Nothing made me happier than seeing your home run today. I predict you’re going to have an awesome post season and you deserve it for always giving 100 per cent on the field. I’ll be rooting for you and the rest of the Mets on Saturday in LA. There is going to be a band of Mets fans there supporting all of you. We’ll try to drown out the Dodger faithfuls.


    Great job you guys did today! When you hit that homerun to give us the lead in the second, i knew you guys were going to pull through and win.

    That double play at homeplate was crazy! defintely one that will be remembered for a long time, by the fans and i’m sure by you guys on the team.

    Good luck tomorrow and for the rest of the postseason! Bring home a ring this year =]

    Let’s Go Mets!!


    Congrats Cliff on a great game for you and the team. I can’t wait until Game 2 tomorrow. Good luck to you and the team the rest of the postseason.


    We love you Cliff. Awesome homerun today. The team played real well. Yourself, Carlos, David, the Duke, Johnny Maine, the bullpen, everyone. It was a great game. Keep up the good work.



    Cliff – tremendous job today. It’s great to see you come through in the clutch like you did today. Keep takin’ it to ’em, baby, keep takin’ it to ’em. METS ALL THE WAY!!!



    I told my friends in the upper deck stands after you hit that homerun that there isn’t one player on that team that I wanted to hit the go-ahead home run more than you. I’m glad your feeling better Cliffy. We love you in New York…


    Amazing game today. No, that’s not true, it was beyond amazing. My parents were at the game today, and gods, did I want to be there. I’ve been a Mets fan my entire life, I was born just before the ’86 victory, and here I am, about to turn 20, and it looks like you guys are gonna go all the way! I just want to say you rock, and that homer was one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a very long time.


    cliff your awesome , theres a reason that the mets have kept you there , you bring so much to the game , clubhouse , the spirt , youre one of he good ones , go mets


    in case you miss it , YOUR ONE OF THE GREAT ONES , TEAR IT UP CLIFF , BURN THT M%&#$@^&* DOWN, GO METS


    Hey Cliff, I got a name for your home run…Cliff Hanger.
    I’m in China and stayed up for this game which started at 4:00 am local time and I must say that I really enjoyed this game which was not short of being a memorabilia. This game had all the energy that could power the city if there was another blackout! Those home runs were sweet to watch. John Maine on short notice has done a marvelous job. Willie looks like a genius mixing the pitchers and even though Mota gave up a few runs he pitched a heck of a game. It may seem routine that Billy Wagner likes keeping the scores close but the important part is that he get it done when it really matters. I may miss my sleep but I surely get a treat…..Let’s go Mets!!!


    I am 27 yrs. old, and I have been a Mets fan all of my life. So, I have seen a lot of good ones come and go, but you are easily one of my top 5 favorite players of all time. I can’t tell you how happy I was when I saw that management wasn’t going to give up on you, because I know that us fans never gave up on you. We have always known that you still have some magic left in you. Congrats on your blast! It couldn’t have happened to a better person! You have earned it! Thanks for the memories!


    Dear CLiff, your (the Mets) luck will run out sooner or later…though i hope it’s not before you possibly make it to the series of series…


    Yes, what a game. I saw it live from here, that is France. It was from ten to one in the morning here, and it was very difficult not to make any noise to wake up everyone. I hope the bullpen isn’t too tired, cause I have the impression they’ll be used a lot.
    Great hit Cliff, and good luck for the other games!


    By the way, cliff, I know I’m probably wrong, but I have the impression that you stand far from the plate in the batter’s box. Please tell me if I’m right!


    Cliff, all I have to say after watching your homerun is BOOYAH !!! Yeah baby ! Thanks bro. Now I know you’re back and you are going to be a force in the postseason.

    I thank the entire lineup and bullpen for picking up for the ailing starters. Keep producing and you guys will be in the series in no time !


    It is an inspiration to see that homerun come of the bat of cliff floyd in this very tense game one of the post season. As a lifelong fan, who watched all year, I was terrifeid by all the injuries- but this mets team is fighting through it. What an incredible team to watch. And seeing you(cliff floyd) contribute now, after all your own injuries- it’s a true joy to watch.


    what up cliff,
    Glad to see u feeling better out their in the field, what a monster go ahead homerun u hit in the 4th, u always hit no doubt about it homeruns, your bat means so much to the lineup. Let’s go METS, Mets all day every day, holla at ur boi

    Jose, brooklyn


    Great game Cliff. That was a monster shot you hit. It was a very exciting game and I was very happy to see the mets start off on the right track. Keep up the good work.


    Hey Cliff, I’m glad you got off to a great start in the post season. The mets need you and your bat. Keep it up without you it will be a struggle. I was raised to say “let’s go mets” through the good and the bad. After 1973 it was bad, but stayed true. The mets of ’06 have the same kind of swagger that as some news papers called them “the bad boys of new york” the ’86 mets. As in ’86 the ’06 team has different ways to beat any team. Mets forever. “let’s Go Mets
    Living in Florida but born in the best place in the world N.Y.C

    Frank, Go Bronx


    Hey Cliff, Great METS win and a super HR for you!!! I was in the upper deck and Shea was rocking and I am looking forward to you guys doing it again tonight!!!
    PS Thanks for ther BAT Thank God the one you kept had HITS in it!!


  24. Zoe

    Oh, man that was great, Cliff. Great, great, great. I’ve got a pic of you running on that homer that I’m going to post. You looked like you had your legs even from warm up.

    When you were in Chicago with your family, you homered and pointed to them. Same thing yesterday, giving them the love after you gave US FANS the love with that great hit. Hmm…that family of yours might be good luck, Cliff. Keep ’em handy!

    Good for John Maine–yay, kid! Great for Carlos Delgado (he almost kept it at 1.000 there!) and D-Wright. My blog is somewhat known for the “David Wright Goatee Watch 2006.” I predicted he’d be clean-shaven yesterday, but he kept a shadow of that bad boy goatee–good thing, too. It had hits in it!

    I wish I could have videotaped the stands too. Every out was an event. How am I going to scream again tonight when I’ve got no voice left?

    You know what? I’m going to find a way. Because it’s the playoffs, BABY.

    And I’ll keep giving you the love throughout, know it.


    I missed that you’d started a blog – awesome! What a fun game yesterday. I was in class for the first two innings, so I’m ‘watching’ online, trying to figure out how in the world “Martin hit into double play, Kent out at home, Drew out at home, Martin to second advancing on throw” must have played out. **laughs**

    How about that John Maine! I remember seeing his first start at Camden Yards and it was great to see him rise to the challenge yesterday. It was good to see you guys swinging well, too. Just a fun game, all around. The score going back and forth, the close plays…man, I love the postseason.

    I’m so glad you’re here. Everything you’ve been through this season, I was really pulling for you. Good luck in Game 2!


    Cliff, as looonnng-suffering Met fans (since 1969!), we were thrilled for you and the Mets yesterday. What a great win, you guys hung in there and played just like you did all season – tough, clutch and inspiring.

    I am now stuck wearing my 10 year old son’s “lucky” Pedro Mets t-shirt for the rest of the series! A little snug, but the thing worked, so who am I to argue.

    GO METS!!


    p.s. I love this team, great chemistry, and it’s obvious you all “get” playing in NY, and how much we love our Met teams.


    Cliff congrats on your homerun, i dont think that me and my fellow met fans ever lost faith in you. We knew that you would come back and perform like last year. Great win for the Mets, and hopefully we will beat Kuo and the Dodgers tommorow!


    that was soo great that u hit the home run last night…i was rooting for you! i read your blog yesterday morning so i was thinking about u last night and was sooo happy!!
    such an exciting game, i have no voice today!! my neighbors must think we are crazy b/c we had a bunch of people over my house and we were screaming out of control through out the whole game!! AMAZING!!

    good luck tonight!!!!!


    Great game Cliffy!
    It was the most electric, by far the loudest and most exciting game I’ve ever attended. Great win! Go get another one today!

    Let’s go Mets!


    Cliff, I was so proud of you when that ball went out! Great, I thought – he can take his time running the bases, and just enjoy himself. You’ve always been one of my favorite Mets, so last night made me especially happy. Keep up the great job!! Just feel good and rip the cover off that ball.


    Cliff, everyone in my house screamed when you hit that homerun. My family loves you so much and we love to see you do well. You deserve it. You obviously love this game! Do it again today Cliff, we’ll be cheering for you!!



    i love watching you hit home runs. when you turn on the ball and launch it like you did last night, it is a beautiful sight. great job! i loving having you and your great personality on this team.

    and great blogs too! as a fellow writer, i have to say that i really like your voice and style. if you ever think about writing your story (or any story), you have my endorsement.

    you guys looked great last night. keep up the good work.



    GLAD 2 have u back BIG FELLA !!

    Grrr8 TEAM EFFORT, IT was GRAND 2 C U HIT THTA BIGGY. I’m the that spoke to in AT D CLEVEDER watchin D METS…ur Bermuda Brethren ANYWAY U METS CAN as we say in BERMUDA ‘ DO IT MON!!! ‘

    tell my bhoy REYES OLE OLE OLE


    I wore all my Floyd regalia – shirt, pins, etc. – and you did it! I have it all set out for the next game too. Way to go! All our regular Saturday plan loge members were there cheering you on. Your attitude, talent and smile are a terrific asset to this team. Great game. Great team. Thanks.


    Hey, Cliff!
    What a great way to start off the series!!! I’ve been a die-hard Mets fan since the early 70’s, my son was born during a Mets game in 1986 and HE’S a die-hard Mets fan. And you have been one of our favorite players since BEFORE you were a Met!!! Keep focused, keep doing what you do well–THE LONG BALL!! And keep the kids in line too!!! By the way, great post-game interview with Eddie Coleman on FAN. You and the Mets are the best, keep making us proud and LET’S GO METS!!!!


    Cliff great game and that goes for the whole team. Got home from work just in time to see Delgados home run and then yours THATS THE WAY BABY those Dodgers dont stand a chance GO METS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great game Cliff. I didn’t get to see it as i live across the Atlantic in England :(. As soon as I woke up i watched the highlights on the website. Amazing game! Lets do it guys, it’s OUR year.


    Hey Cliff,

    Great game yesterday!!! It is sooo much fun watching you guys! Good luck tonight! LETS GO METS!!!!!

    ~ Betsy


    Cliff, you have been my favorite player through the tough times and the great times. It was so great to see you hit a big home run like that in a playoff game, I hope you guys keep the bats hot and win 10 more games before its over.


    Hey Cliff,

    As soon as I saw that you had a blog, I had to write a comment. From the time you signed with the Mets, I said, “I’ll go to battle with Cliff Floyd. No doubt about it!” Unfortunately, there were injuries, and you were the one that stepped up when Piazza went down with his groin injury. In fact, you were the offense. I don’t think there is any Met fan out there that doesn’t realize and respects what you’ve done for this organization. You’re a warrior, a leader, and a MET! To see you CRUSH that ball was great! I’ve always been a fan of yours! I want you guys to get your rings! Good luck and keep fighting! Pitching does win games, but so does teamwork!



    Alright Cliffie!!! I’ve been a lifelong Mets fan, (since 1983, when I was 5 years old!) born and raised in Sacramento, CA. Been waiting a long time for return to playoffs! My first (of many, I’m sure)posting, and just wanted to sent u guys love and support from Cali. 1 down, 10 to go. LET’S GO METS!!!


    Cliff, glad you’re feeling better! Great game! Keep it up!
    This year’s Mets team has been a pleasure to watch on and off the field. You are all a great bunch of guys! Have fun and get a WS ring! LETS GO METS!


    Man I’m so happy to see you heating up I know its been a tough year for you but we’ve been with you the whole way. 1 down 10 to go

    10 wins by any means nessecary and ther kids from will prove what I’ve been saying for months. The Mets of 2006 just have “it” and that is what they need to win it all. Stay positive we’re with you


    Congratulations on your HR, Cliff! Love the helmet-cam idea. It should have a tiny mic on it, too, so we could hear you! Your blog is excellent, also. Love the conversational tone of your writing. It makes us feel like we know you! Keep up the great work. LET’S GO METS!!!


    Cliff, You have worked hard every year as a NY Met, playing through pain and putting up some real big numbers with timely hitting even before the Carlos’. It is great to see you get your chance in the post season again. We are pulling for you and the Mets every game. Keep on Swinging!


    Hey Cliff, I wish I could have been able to give you some incouragement in the hard times for you this season, I think you are a very good player. So here comes the encouragement; you did not have the season you had last year, but you will be a big part of this CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON. 🙂 GO METS. You know what to do.

    God bless.


    Your the man Cliff! I remember when you went on a 20 game hitting streak early last year i thought what a player!
    I thought the same at the game when I was there and wanted you to get a big hit.

    I knew you would come through your the man Cliff thanks for the memories, and hope you feel 100% tonite, LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!


    This was definitely a a whole, team effort. Everyone on the team did what the team needed them to do. Great job crushing that ball to rightfield!

    1 win down, 10 to go.


    way to go!!
    i hurt my own achilles heel yesterday at work. Ouch!. When you went to bat, you did it for me too, love ya man -R.A.


    you are the funniest writer everr i was laughing out loud.
    ….by the way

    GREAT home run yesterday!!!!!!

    and way to post your blogs regularly, tell david he can learn a thing or two from you =]

    good luck with the rest of the post-season!!


    Hey Cliff,

    Yeah that was a crazy game. That play will be running for years to come on every sports channel. What you mean good old Cliff!?! You still got the stuff. You just have to make those stupid injuries go away during the off season. OH by the way totally got jipped of a home run on game two. Stupid Wind! You update the blog too often I can’t keep up with you..haha, but that is good. Well, keep up that awsome work.



    #30=the best


    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo for the team for ‘E’ffort, power, speed, and determination and finally, realizing your ‘true’ fans love u guys for everything! 2-0 Mets!


    The New York Mets

    have it all



    Bass Hits

    Great Guys who are friendly

    and you cliif floyd we are going to cry when you leave us because it said that a player of a great time has to go because we have to get someone else and you know one day it is going to happen i am not trying ot make you mad or sad i am saying so you know

    and you will not cry.Yoiu are a HERO

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