Ill be all right … I hope

When I got to third base while scoring on Shawn Green’s double in the third inning, my Achilles tendon went. You know people sometimes say they hear something. I didn?t hear anything, but I felt it — like an ice pick in my calf.

I want to play, and I don?t know what to think. I wanted to score that run. It?s the postseason. You don?t hold back. We wanted that run, and now my leg might hold me back.Floyd275_1

My Achilles betrayed me. First, they said I?d stretched it. But then they said I strained it. What I say is I hurt it.*****.

I?m just glad I made it to the plate. I don?t remember what I was thinking as I ran or limped or whatever I did. I have mixed emotions — happy that I scored, and very ticked because I pulled it.

The good news is that I?ve got Monday and Tuesday to get treatment before we play again. And I’ve already started treatment with ice. I?ll be wearing one of those boots again. I don’t know, maybe it?ll get better in two days. If it doesn?t, I?ll deal with it. Someone already suggested to me that I could be the DH if we get into the World Series.

I?ll take that, I guess, but I want to play in the next series — every day hopefully — if we get to the World Series.

You know, Endy Chavez got me good with the champagne after the game. Just his way of saying thank you for getting him in the game. I left the game in good hands. So I?m not too worried.

We?ll be OK. Look what we did after we lost Pedro Martinez and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez.

I?ll just rub some champagne on it and see, or I?ll have a few beers. Maybe a few more, and by the time I get to Wednesday, I?ll be good to go.



    Cliffy, you are a gamer and we fans love you! This team is so special, thanks for giving so much to the team, the fans and the city. It’s been many years for us Met fans, and believe me, we appreciate everything you and your teammates are doing.

    I hope your foot gets better. Will light candles for miraculous recovery!!

    Go Cliff!

    Go Mets!!

    Thanks for a great series!


    Dear cliff,
    I’m really sorry to hear about your achilles. You are just plagued with injuries this year huh? LOL Just messing around. Seriously though, I hope you get well as soon as possible. Please know that all your fans are praying for your quick recovery. You are an important part of this team and we want you there for these series. But you’re right, Endy is a great substitute. Hopefully the champaigne dulled some of the pain tonight LOL.

    I also wanted to thank you for taking the time in writing this blog. Us fans really appeciate it. It’s nice to hear what’s goimg on in the player’s mind. I really applaud your honesty. You definitely keep it real and that’s why we love you Cliff.

    Good luck to you and the rest of the metsies on your journey to the World Series. I know this is our year!

    World Series or Bust Baby!


    Positive thinking Clif, if you will it, you will be there.

    We expect you in the lineup Wednesday and everyday after that.


    Cliff you are my favorite player man. I was the guy in San Diego during the Martinez/Young game who was screaming your name from left field. Thanks for turning and waving as you left, it meant a lot. I also went to the dodger game on my birthday wearing number 30. It was June 6 and as soon as I got to the stadium you got hurt. I was there again sporting number 30 as you rounded 3rd last night. I think I might have to give your jersey a rest next time I see a game. I feel like I have become bad luck for you, so if the Padres make it I will be in San Diego still yelling Floyd!!! but I might just be in a mets t shirt. Anyway congrats, I hope the injury isn’t that serious because you have been locked in so far. Thanks for an amazing night. Mets baby!


    I don’t know if ur full name is cliifford but everytime u come to the plate I get excited!! Yea we love Jose, Carlos,Carlos,and David but U are the one that makes our line up completely magical. I feel every base hit and homerun and i curse out every unfair strike!! But Thank U Ciff Floyd for giving us ur all!!! U carried us last year with all those assists and runs! And this year even though u haven’t been healthly the team wouldn’t be the same without u. I know u want to come back asap but don’t rush!! Because we all know u are gonna give your all when u come back! So if Endy takes game 1 in the NLCS so be it! As long as you are healthy just in case we need a game 7 homerun!! (But no gaurantees like TRL lol) So where the boot for now because that is what u are gonna give to who eva we play. And for the record THANK U FOR BEING CLIFF FLOYD!!! I Feel blessed that i have seen u play!!



    I want to say THANKS to you for your courage and leadership by ?example? for the rest of the club.

    You have done all you can do with the situation you have been dealt. You are and have been a major cog in the drive to the big dance. Keep that chin up and lets hope you can get in that lineup and bring that WS home!

    Best of Luck the rest of the way?.



    Hey Big Red Dog,

    Great to see the win tonight. I’m up here in western Canada and am a diehard Mets fan. The problem with being a Mets fan up here is that I have nobody to watch the games with. I can’t even go to a pub and watch because they put hockey games on the big screens and pu post-season baseball on the little TV’s without sound.

    So I was sitting on my couch at home alone when I saw you round third base a hurt your achilles…I actually screamed out and punched my pillow when i saw you limping home. Here’s to you getting better for the NLCS and taking the Mets to the World Series. I’m coming to NYC soon to watch an NLCS game or a World Series game so listen for me cheering! Although, if I can’t score tickets you may not be able to hear me but at least I’ll be at a bar in NYC watching the game with a bunch of people who appreciate you and the other Mets as much as I do.

    Thanks Cliff!


    I am a true New Yorker . I am living in Florida and will continue to be a Mets fan .I have been waiting for this since 2000 .Positive thinking Cliff , you always been a hard worker on the field and can wait to see you on Wednesday for the NLCS and be part of the team . I hope your foot gets better .I want to say THANKS to you for your courage and leadership .


    Metsfan in Michigan here.
    It is a pleasure to root for you.

    I saw you pull up last night.*******…. painfull.

    But you still did hustle all the way. WOW.

    I want you an my favorite team any day.

    Heal well. The Mets need you.

    I hope to be screaming your name in a few weeks from the stands at Comerica Park.


    Congrats big guy. You’ve got a heart bigger than Shea!!! I hope you’ll be able to go in the next round. Prayin’ for ya!


    Cliff, thanks for all your dedication and commitment since becoming a Met. I remember a few years ago in late Sept and the Mets trailing the Braves by double digits, but you were still out in leftfield, bum knee and all, busting your ***, just like you have all year this year. We Met fans don’t forget such things. Hopefully, you’ll be back on the field soon and finish your career in NY!!!


    Cliffy: Allthough you have sustained injuries over your few years here at NY you are a NY Metropolitan through and through. you have been there when we needed you and any role you play be it everyday player bench player or motivator is welcome in Flushing. GET WELL and get your *** back on that field we need you. Good luck to you and your team.

    Thank you

    Steve, Justin, Lisa and Evan


    Cliff, Thanks so much for everything you’ve done as a Met. Your talent is awesome; your heart is even bigger. With all your injuries, you’ve never lost your drive and ability to help the Mets win. Can’t wait to see you on the field again – we need you! Tammie and Jeff in Virginia Beach, VA.


    You have always been a big hitter, a great fielder, an excellent soul. You have been my son’s favorite Met since you got here.

    I winced when I saw you limp home. Please just take care of yourself, and don’t rush back prematurely. We know that when you do play you’ll make a huge contribution; you always have.

    Good luck, my friend.



    Yo Cliff,Man! my sons and i were watching the game last night and when you started to looked like you were in pain rounding third my boys and i collectively yelled “OH NO!”.This is to tell you how important we feel you are to us as fans and the team.On the bench or on the field you contribute,especially showing the youngsters to give more to the game that pays them very well to play.Mister Floyd you are true blue “Old School”.Love ya man! We’ll be praying for a quick recovery.God Bless,Cisco,Cisco jr. and Chris.


    Cliff…it’s been said many times before, and another won’t be too much, YOU ARE GREAT. I hope your foot heals and you are back on the field soon. I’ve been a die-hard MET fan forever (since ’62)and wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter what happens, GOD bless you.


    Cliff, you are a great player with an amazing attitude towards the game and everything else. You work so hard and play so hard too even with an injury. You are the definition of perseverance. I really hope you are OK and take care of taht achilles.


    Thanks Cliff for your contributions to this team.. Us Met fans have really seen the hard work and effort you have have put throughout this year. You were our big horse last year. You put the team on your back and carried us throughout the year. I hope that your able to recover in time for the Nlcs, we need # 30 in that 6th spot. But wether you’re in or out, you’re still a big part of this team Cliffy, Much Respect!!!


    yo cliff you need to be there for the whole thing we need you and we know that you will do the right thing get better and let’s rock .

    P S bye bye yankees they are where they belong @ home watching us win it all


    Cliff my brother, i hope you read this and know that us die hard Mets Fans hope these 2 days off help you get alot better real fast. A yankee fans told me last night that you get hurt alot, but i told him that I would take a guy like you on my team anyday of my life, your a hard nose player, you leave it all on the field and played like a MVP for us last year. I also told hime that the Met fans Love you, your teamates respect and love you too. I can say that i’ve never, never heard anybody say anything bad about you, only great things would be said about you. That yankee fan would only agree me afterwards, he said that you remind him of tough guys who wants to put his best effort on and off the field, like Paul O’neil did for the yanks. When I look at you i think of toughness like Charles Oakley of the KNICKS, and Keith hernandez. Your are a great role model, and a TRUE 1st class TEAM PLAYER. Hope to see you on the feild real soon brother, maybe one day get to meet you in person, your wife, and family should be very, very proud of you.
    Thanks+good luck Luis,


    Hey Cliff,

    We are pulling for ya! I hope since we we have a few days off it will get better and we will all see you out in the field at Shea! Anyways congrats to you and the team! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Hey Cliff,
    Endy isn’t the only one who needs to thank you. All of us fans would like to say thanks. You’ve always been a great team player, but it was even more apparent last night. We would all love to have you in the next round, so go have fun celebrating, and get some rest, and do what you feel is right.


    LETS GO METS-The new kings of NY!

    #30=the best


    Hey Cliff,

    You’ve dealt with it all this year.I’m so sorry for you. Your committment to this team is well known with all of us Mets fans.Achilles or not,when(not if) we win it all,it will be for all of us.Your sister included. Whether you play again or not you are and will always be one of my favorite Mets. That home run the other night was awesome.It should tell all those columnists to have faith in Willie. He knows who to put in the lineup and why.

    Rest my man…if you can play we need you.If not, kick back and enjoy the show. We know you’ll do whatever you can.


    Ed Santos(lifelong Mets fan)

  24. Zoe

    Cliff, since the mlbloggers and blog readers all know what a big fan of yours I am, they’ve been emailing me and commenting at my place, and NO ONE thinks you’re out for the rest of October.

    You gave everything to score which *right there* is why so many people love you. Your game is HOT, Cliff, and you’re a fighter. You have been since I saw my first Mets game in 2003, and you were the only Met getting hits and having to run on that (other) sore Achilles. That wasn’t even near postseason, and you were still fighting like a champion.

    Your heart’s so big, it’ll have a talk with that Achilles, and you’ll be back. We all know it.

    Rest up, big guy. And I’ll have a glass of champagne today in your honor.


    You and this entire Met team have given your all this season! The Met team picture is in the dictionary next to the word teamwork. I was at the game last Thursday and the radio announcers were sure you were coming out of the game, I knew you weren’t! Last night we saw the pain in your face as u came around 3rd but I know you will take advantage of this time off and when I’m at the game this Thursday I will see you in left field!!



    Cliff you were here for us during the down years between these playoff appearances and you are one of the many hearts of this team. Thank you for your passion for New York and your desire to do anything to win. Look forward to your big bat on Wednesday. Go get em big dog


    It’s a shame that had to happen. You gave your all even when hurt. Your season has been plagued with injuries but you didn’t give up. I thought it extremely appropriate that you were part of the play that clinched the division. I hope all works out for you and the Mets and we’ll see you in the NLCS and/or World Series.


    Hello Cliff…I first saw you with the 1992 West Palm Beach EXPOS…I think that Rondell White was also on that team.I saw your heart and your talent on that day.I still see your heart and your talent.Ice!!!!Elevation and ice…you know. Good Luck Ciifford.


    I hope you are feeling better. The important thing is that you get well. You have been a real asset to this ball club. In the past, I have watched you carry this team on your shoulders as you struggled with injuries. You never complained, not once. You are a great team player and a leader. Thank you for all you have done for The Mets.

    Donna Joseph


    Once again, Cliff, you lead BY EXAMPLE… physically, emotionally, spiritually. Even if heaven forbid you can’t play, you’ll be on that bench as an example for everyone else. Get well. We want to see you next year, too.


    Cliff, you have been a great Met and I know how much it must mean to you to be on a winner because you’ve been through some tough times during your time here. But you have always meant a lot to myself and all Mets fans. You play through injuries and you give it your all. I know you’ll come back and help us win a World Series title.


    Cliff, all of us die-hard METS fans are so sorry to see you hurting. We pray for a speedy recovery! Congratulations on a great series vs the Dodgers!! Many thanks for all you bring to this team! Hope to see you out there very soon!
    LET’S GO METS!!!

    Signed a METS fan since ’64!!


    Hey Cliff
    Port St Lucie here…. Loving it.. Was a great win. I’m sure you’ll be good to go on Wednesday. God Bless



    I just wanted to thank you & let you know how much you mean to this life-long METS fan (since ’69). You represent the heart & determination it takes to win championships and you’re a great role model to the younger players. I hope your achilles injury is not extensive… we need you (even in a DH / PH role). GET WELL, CLIFFY!!! GET BACK INTO THE NLCS & THE WS!!! We love you.


    Orlando, FL



    Thanks for being such a leader both on and off the field. You’re awesome!

    I hope the champagne/beer theraphy works well. Rest-up because all of us die-hards want to see you in the line-up on Wednesday just as much as you want to be there.

    We love you and this team, Cliff! LET’S GO METS!


    Cliff, my friend and I have been predicting you to be the World Series MVP for months. We have tremendous respect for you and know that you’re clutch. We’ve seen it in the NLDS. I hope that you recover quickly and are able to continue to contribute to the cause. Even without some top flight starters this team has magic, and you are a big part of that magic! I know that if the Mets get through the NLCS, you will help lead the way to the promised land…and the parade.


    Hope your achilles gets better before game-time. You will be back for Wednesday man and I know after the season when you get that operation you will be set for next year. Don’t drink too much, we want you go get better not get a hang over. Make sure knowbody is stupid and gets injured before wednedsay lol


    Cliff, WE all love ya! You are one of my all time favorite mets, I’m putting a picture of you next to my 86 championship team plaqe and piazza plaqe on my personal met wall of fame lol. You are a class act!


    Cliff No doubt in my dome you are gonna come back, don’t think we haven’t noticed that you are gettin in a groove. I told my pops (who also wrote you) that in the first game I noticed that you are on point I seen it in the first at bat you had when you grounded to second. I told him Cliff is gonna be hot in this series and sure enough next at bat CRACK ova da wall. Rest up get out there and bring New York a title. NOBODY can stop us! We ain’t 4get about last year when you wuz our MAIN MAN, we know injuries have been naggin ya all year, and see tha heart you displayed KEEP AT IT!



    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I love watching you play, whether it be defense or offense. You truly are an amzing player. I think I grimaced as much as you did as you rounded third and the pain you were in was evident on your face and through your limping. We (the mets fans) are more grateful to you than youy could ever imagine. Sending big hugs and get well kisses.



    I know your not Buddhist, but I wish you well and I am, so here is the mantra of medecine Buddha.

    Tad-ya-ta: Om Be-kan-dze Be-kan-dze Ma-ha Be-kan-dze

    Ra-dza Sa-mung-ga-te So-ha!

    Hope you can play Cliff, we’d love to see you in there, and know you will do what is best for the team. Be well.


    Hey Cliff,

    Dude, you’re a Met through and through. Without you, we’d be nowhere and I will never forget certain things. The grand slam last year that gave us the lead in a tight game, the huge upper tankers you’ve hit in crucial spots. ****, you carried the team on your shoulders for the earlier half of last year and drove us to this point. So rest up, feel better, and be ready, because I want the next two opponents to feel the burn of throwing an inside fastball to you Cliff. I want to see the anguish of the losers and the thousands of smiles from your fans as you round those bases. Your the best Cliff, and we’ll never forget it. Rock on big man,


    Go Cliff and Lets Go Mets!!!! 2006 baby!!



    There are many talented players in baseball and thankfully now on the Mets, and you are surely one of the most talented. But what stands out to many of us is the way you’ve played your heart out for the past several years– often while hurt, sometimes on less than stellar teams, but always the same effort and no excuses. It is this ceaseless effort along with your candor, honesty, humility and the respect that you display for both your teammates and the fans that has won you a special place in the hearts of Met fans.

    There is no Met on whom I will be gladder to see a World Series Ring.

    We are all pulling for you, and all pulling for the team. All the best to you and your family, and all our wishes for a fast Achilles recovery.

    Yours in Rest, Ice, and Elevation.



    You are a great player and a very strong person!!

    I know you will do get in the champinship series. Good luck and i hope you feel better soon!!!!

    Go Mets 2006 World series champs1!


    Best wishes from ust to you, Cliff. You are a gamer in baseball and life. There’s a ring with your name on it. I hope that you can play until that last out of the WS, but if not, your presence alone will be so valuable. God bless you and your family.
    Met fan since ’75 – Richie


    I love you Cliff. You chose to play here and you played hard through good times and bad. You played while you were hurt and never once did I hear you complain. You are a true gamer and a true Met. i have the upmost respect and admiration for you. Good luck with the injury and the rest of the playoffs.


    When the ball left the Shawny’s bat, I said out loud “PLEASE GO OUT!”, knowing you were on 1st. As you rounded second I said “Cliff its 3-0, stop at 3rd”. You didn’t, and I don’t blame you, or Manny. I guess

    I am just greedy and want you to be part of the next series vs. STL/SD. I am pulling for you so badly I didn’t want you to score knowing your legs/ankle were bothering you all year. As you popped up with that look on your face of pain, I said to myself “He gave it his all, for the team.” We all wish you, Duaner, Pedro, El Duque well. Please get well and hurry back. If you can’t be the rock that we need you to be. Your my boy Cliff.






    Hey Cliff,

    You’re such a class act and the heart you showed scoring that run last night is why you’re such an important part of this Met team. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and regardless of whether you play in another game this Fall, know that you’ve helped make 2006 a season to remember for us Met fans!!



    Let’s go Mets!!


    ….Cliff, get well. We all are praying for you. It’s not just what you do on the field, it’s about baseball, it’s about New York and all your contributions on and off the playing field. Get healthy big Guy and the Man upstairs will take care of the rest…
    Ed G.

    Eaton Ohio


    Get well Cliff. Not only to sustain yourself through the Post-Season but because Mets fans wanna see you out on the field in spring training next year too. You’re an awesome fielder and the team’s not the same without you as an option to patrol back there. Take good care of yourself because we all wanna see you Wendsday night and not in that dugout.

    P.S. Tell Wagner to shave for goodness sakes! ;P


    What’s up Cliff! I appreciate your perspective as the Mets move through the playoffs. You are one of my favorite all time Mets because of the way you go out and bust your tail when you are between the lines. I hope the achilles gets better. I know it’s not his fault you got hurt but I cursed Shawn Green the other night for not having enough power to put the ball in the stands. If he hits that ball 2 inches higher, it’s gone and you are trotting home and don’t get hurt…Oh well…anyway, Cliff-man, I look forward to your return and the subsequent *** whoopin you’ll administer to the Cards, the Pads, whoever. You the man!


    Hey Cornelius Clifford, I just wnated to wish you good luck. I hope you come back for the NLCS. You have been my favorite player for a couple of years now. I hope to see you on the field Wednesday. When you hit the homerun on thursday, I was going crazy. I felt so bad for you this season. Whenever you would play, you would get hit by a pitch. I hope to see you next year.



    Thank you for playing the game all out – the only way you know how to play. Your baserunning was heroic and Mets fans everywhere appreciate your efforts. I know you’ll comeback and contribute like you’ve done all season. Our thoughts are with you.


    Just a quick note to say: “Get Well.” I’m rooting for your speedy return to the line-up Wednesday and ALWAYS rooting on the rest of the team, too. You’re a true gamer with lots of heart, man! If you guys play the S.D. Padres, be sure there’s a huge Met fan supporting the team, and the time! LET’S GO METS…!


    Hi guys. I am a true blue Dodger fan. Have been since 1952 when they were in your territory. Congrats on your victory. Nice team, executed well, deserved victory. I am now a temporary Met fan for the duration of the playoffs, World Series. Revert to Dodger Blue following your final game whenever that might be.Hope it is with a WS ring. Go Dodgers!!! Go Mets!!!


    Cliff You have impressed all the New York fans this year and me being a true New Yorker let me wish you all the best in the healing process and if it means you having to sit out the first couple games to heal then mayeb it is time for you to do so.. If the METS make it to the World Series then we are gonan nedd you there right beside us helping to brign the penant back to the METS where it belongs.. Thanx for a great season and good luck getting better.. EJ in Tn


    Hi Cliff!
    You have a high level of loyalty to this team, and with that you have earned the trust and respect of many fans.

    Thanks for taking care of the “Amazing Mets” and please take care of yourself. If nothing else, we WILL have a few titles to defend.

    Let’s Go Mets!!


    Cliffy! We need you out there man. I know we got plenty of good guys on the bench, that can fill in. None of them are as good or have the ability that you do. I have been watching you since your days with the Fish as they call them down here in Florida. I’m pulling for you man I was there last year to hear the “MVP” chants, we need that player, if your out man with the injury get back for the series. We need Cliff!


    Cliff thank you for the desplay of heart & passion that makes me proud to be a FAN of yours , the mets and the game … Thank for the gritty , painfull play that has defined you as a true warior of this game … KEEP FIGHTING and thanks again ( my 2 boys 10 & 9 and I aren’t done cheering yet )


    Dear Mr. Floyd or Cliffie as we call you around our house,
    My entire family and I, as well as countless other fans, are wishing you a speedy recovery. You are very much the heart of this team and though I believe the Mets can win without you in the lineup, it does make their job a WHOLE lot tougher.

    We love you and wish you GodSpeed in your healing.

    Good Luck and LET’S GO METS!

    Cathy – Ft. Laud., FL


    Dear Mr Floyd
    Your determination and hustle, when you were in obvious pain, represent the best of what sports can be. Many people lose sight that games are often won and lost on grit and determinaton. All of us who call ourselves Mets fans are proud of you, and the Mets are lucky to have you on their roster.


    Hey Cliff!!! I was scared as **** when that happened to you during the game. I saw you slide into the plate kind of weird and just knew that something was up. I didn’t notice that you hurt yourself rounding third until the replay. I just knew that you wanted to score that run regardless of what happened to you as an individual. That’s what makes our team so **** special. The dedication!!! Great job buddy, I’m proud as ****!!! I hope those beers and champagne help sooth it. We all really want you back in the lineup throughout the remainder of the postseason. Your bat is hot right now. Endy came in for and did great. You have an excellent backup and he loves the game. Take care of yourself the next couple days. I hope to see you in the lineup on wednesday!!!


    I was at both Mets/LA games when you came up lame running around 3rd. Next time you’re playing the Dodgers, please, walk over third. No more leg injuries. We need you! But appreciate the hustle.




    I wish you the best!! I hope you’ll be feeling better wednesday…cause the team really needs you and that’s no lie! You were great yesterday…2 for 2?*****..if you didnt come out of the game…i wonder what other damage you could’ve done to the dodgers…by the way, I think you and David’s friendship is really cool…the way you guys joke around and stuff. Well…get better soon so you can bust some chops on wed. against the cards!!! Love yaa…

    ♥ Jacqueline ♥



    You’re simply the best. We’ve been so fortunate to have you in Queens these past 4 years. Get healthy and keep rockin’!



    Cliff, I love you man. I’m glad to see all the richly deserved love you’re getting here from fellow Mets fans…you’re my favorite Met… I hope you got the letter I sent you a few weeks back… Rest up, feel better, and keep doin’ what you do. Good Luck!



    Hey Cliff. I am the guy behind the dugout, that told you the other day and alot in the past during batting practice, way to go you are the guy!! And that is what you are! You are money. You were meant to play in this town for the Mets, and I know that you always want it, and I appreciate you going out there, and busting it!! I wish you nothing but the best and get well, and of course, LET’S GO METS!!Let’s do it and get it done over the Stinkin Cardinals, and I will see you at game 1 on wednesday. You are the Best Cliff, Sincerely, Michael..


    Hey Cliff, you been my favorite Met and I been rooting for you all year.
    I really appreciate your efforts. Hope you get better and have a chance to play. Win or loose, it wouldnt be the same with out you. Good Luck


    This is why you are my favorite player and inspiration. You get hurt, yet you do what’s best for the team and score the run. You are a great player, and an unselfish team player. There aren’t that many of them. Look across town. I hope we bring you back next year, not only to see you hit those bombs, but to be the great leader and mentor to all those kids in the clubhouse. I hope you get well soon, and then hit a few moonshots off the Cards!

    I wish you all the best, and all the fans are rooting for you.



    cliff,hope you everything will alright,i am a big mets fan from taiwan,wish mets can win the world series champions


    I really hope you get better quick. You’ve been the heart and soul of this team all year with your dedication and guts. It would be just great if you could be the guy on the field catching the last out in the next two series. You’ve had a rough year inury wise and you’ve shown nothing but class in how you handled it. Hang tough and I hope we see you on Wednesday!!!


    Yo Cliff, I will make it short and sweet, You are the heart on this team, I think everyone follows your lead…get better my bro, and bust the Cards and whoever else gets in the way…and by the way…your butt better come back next season…lol…


    dont get me wrong, i love wright. but your blogs are so much better because it sounds as if you are actually writing it. its so real. you’re not just saying things bc they are the right things to say, you are saying how u feel, and thats great!!

    really hope u are better in time for wednesday’s game!!

    although endy is great, so if u cant play, atleast you know someone good is filling in for you!!



    you play your heart out and we love you for it. i’m very sorry for your injury, and hope that you can come back in the next series and do everything you want to do. watching you hustle on that hurt achilles said a lot to me about how much heart you have for this game. i have no doubt that whatever way in which you can contribute to the rest of the postseason will be invaluable.

    get well soon!




    NLDS IN 5 GAMES!!!




    There is nothing worse than wanting to do something, and having the control to do that very thing get taken from you. While i as a fan would like to see you play, i would also like to see you in the parade and not on an operating table. Good Luck to you.


    Cliff, I could tell when you rounded third that it had popped. While I have no idea what that pain feels like, I do know what leg pain feels like. I also know there was no way you would not score. I saw it on your face. Even though I am 50, I still play baseball. I know how much you love and enjoy the game. Get well soon. You are needed.


    You are a huge part of this ballclub and part of the reason that the Mets are continuing into October 2006. Hopefully you’ll mend enough to get some playing time in, but if not, continue to guide these young players and the players that want the Championship so much. We die-hard Mets fans are so proud of ALL of you! Get well soon, and God bless! LET’S GO METS!!!


    I hope your not playing against the Cardinals! GO CARD….THE METS ARE POND ****!!!!!!

    Pujols for El Presidente…


    whassup Cliff…..After watching you these past years I have come to realize that you are a trooper and a real Met….too bad your not 100% but your heart will always be @ 200%…..Les crush these cards and send them back to st. louis…..WOOHAA~!!!!


    I thought your efforts were heroic in the best sense of the word… Thank you so much from a long suffering Met fan. I hope for a speedy recovery!



    Mr. flody i hope that you get better in time for the series because it wuold not be the same with you not there. You are my favorit player. I no you did not have the season that you want to have but i think that if you play in this series you will make a huge bang and win it for the mets. I am hope to see you out there. And could you please email me back.
    From, Jake


    I hope you don’t mind that but that’s what we call you at home. Anyway, Cliffy, you need to do yoga. Everyone and anyone would benefit from yoga but you really would. I intended on writing or e-mailing last season and never followed through, but now I say it again and the blog makes it easier to communicate. Yoga would not only physically help a great deal but you will also look at your fear about it and release that as well as the tightness that causes it to strain or sprain. I know you are interested in self-help, etc. so this would serve you all the way around. Personally, I have history with the mets, we were born the same year (as well as the Beatles) and have lived my whole life (literally) rooting for the blue and orange. So go METS!! let me introduce you to yoga or simply find a teacher. FIND me, I’m a teacher!! 🙂 I love the mets. so win it all. Quite frankly, I have no doubt! Thanks for the fun this postseason!! You are making many very, very happy.

    Stacy Chiulli



    Thanks for everything so far man. I don’t want to beat the dead horse too much, but do what you need to do with that ankle. You’re right in that Endy is a good guy to leave left field with.

    Enjoy the champagne, and keep your eyes on the prize.

    – Jay


    Hey Cliff,
    I went from extreme excitement when Green hit that ball, watching you round the bases to score, and then my stomach dropped to my knees as i saw you limp down the 3rd base line and slide into home with a painful grimace on your face. Ive been watching you as a Met since you first came here, in the tough years, watched you hit 35 and drive in 100 last year, and to see you struggle with injuries in a winning season is really rough. I hope you get better soon, even as a DH Id be glad to see you contribute to the teams success, even though you have been for the past 4 years. Get well soon Cliff, me and all my fellow Met fans are pulling for you.



    I want to wish you nothng but the best for the remainder of the season. I hope you feel better before Wednesday. The fans know how much you wanted this!!!! Remember never to give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about!

    GO METS!!!!

    True Floyd Fan in Hollywood, Florida (C)


    Cliff, I hope you get well soon. Thanks for everything you have done as a Met. Keep the chin up and hopefully you can come back as a DH in the World Series.



    Yo Cliff, My Man,
    Take care of the problem first. I would love to see you back in the lineup next year. If it takes the whole Cardinal series, so be it. Hand it over to Endy for a couple of games. He’s pretty good and you and I know it. Relax your foot – for now. While I’m cautiously confident that our team will survive the series with the Cardinals (I know our team has the Cardinals’ number) this may not be the time to risk your foot. Just prepare for the dogfight with either Oakland or Detroit. Regards to the rest of the guys and I wish “THE TEAM, OUR TEAM” the best of luck. I am proud to be a Mets Fan. LET’S GO METS!!!!!!! Oh, and by the way, tell David not to fire up those stogies in the nearest future, please. But it’s OK for show.


    Cliff, I hope you will be alright soon and keep on carrying the METS.
    I am a 28 year old German, living in Heidelberg(Germany) and follow the METS games with Internet-TV or the play-by-play on !

    Due to the time difference I have to cheer for you guys in the middle of the night !

    Since I lived in NY in 2002, I LOVE THE METS !

    Now a word of encouragement in German:




    Thanks, for everthing Cliff. What a great year for Met fans!!
    (I like to tell everyone I’ve been a Met’s fan since 1961!! When I was in sixth grade and heard NY was getting a National league team–I said that’s my team!!) I’ll say a prayer for your full recovery. I really hope you’re back with us next year!


    Cliffy, we’re all praying that Achilles of yours will get better and hold up through the rest of the postseason. Stay positive! You’re fantastic; get well soon!!


    God bless you Cliff and if He’s willing,you’ll be back in left field,P.H.or this championship set and the Series. Best is,you play left field in both.You’ve been a great addition to the METS,we love ya man. As always LETS GO METS!!

    We pray for you brother,looking for the best for you.


    What it do Cliff??! I was really impressed and proud Saturday night at the game. I saw you running toward home plate as you strained your Achilles hill, and even tho it hurt, you still hustled and scored an important run. It made the victory so much sweeter. Thanks for the memory and a great game. Lets Go Mets! yee!


    Your blog is great. I love reading what you write here. You don’t sugar coat it, you tell it how it is. I respect that. I’ve been a long time Mets fan, for about 22 years now, and I am very excited to see the blogs from great players such as yourself.

    I really hope you get to play in the World Series when you guys make it there. I am hoping you will get to pinch hit during the Championship games if you are able to. You are an intergal part of the Mets team, the BEST Mets team I think there ever has been.

    GET WELL CLIFF!!! Keep us updated as much as you can with what’s going on from the inside. It’s like being part of the team when we read your blogs. I just wish I could bat once in a while 🙂



    if you cant play for awhile i will seriously cry!

    you are a huge part of the team and yu have comealong way?

    just wanted to wish you good luck and i hope you feel better

    december 5th buddies for life!!!!


    love ashley w



    You were the one who fought through injuries a few years back to give us fans something to cheer for. You were the one who carried the team last year. You have a huge amount of heart and I have all the confidence in the world that you will be an integral part of this championship run. You deserve all of this for all you have given to us fans. Your swagger and your wearing your emotions on your sleeve are what in part makes you great. Thanks for keeping it real in your blog. I plan on seeing you in leftfield and screaming your name when I arrive at Game 2 with the Mets up 1-0. Good luck get some rest and rub a little cristal on that achillies I hear the better champagne works quicker.

    Feel Better,



    Cliff, thanks for everything. I sat on the 3rd base line this season, and enjoyed your hustle. I used to have a recurring ankle problem. Acupuncture did wonders for me. Would you give it a try?


    Do what you can brother-man. I respect you for going all out, and even though you got hurt, you get nothing but love from me. The team is going to need you, so treat that **** leg and try to be ready. If you have to bust yourself up scoring another big run, that’s cool. A lot of guys (some unnamed Yankees come to mind) wouldn’t put it all on the line like you do every day. Rest, up, play hard.



    Horrible to see you hurt on the day of the NLDS clinch as I was watching from home. Great win though…jumped and screamed so loud after hearing you guys were the ‘Kings of NY’ again with the Yankees loss. I don’t imagine it will stop you in being a key part of the winnings-you’ve done so much already=Thanks:) Endy was great to jump in and has always been a help to the ballclub. He’s well loved by fans,but, he’s clutch and your power. You definitely should be part of the World Series and be remembered as one of the heroes in this unbelievable ballclub. Both you and Delgado have been the blasters of the ballclub for the postseason. Get Well Soon! -Joy (Hope the homerun ball comes back along with the bloops in outfield to get the Cardinals and sweep the ‘cards’ under the table)


    I was at dodger stadium for game 3. You really are a great team player. Even though you got hurt you still gave it your all and ran home because you knew the mets would need your run. Me and my pals knew we just lost a key part to the mets sucess. Not to take anything away from that but you shouldnt worry becuase your backup,endy chavez, has been great.and on another note, i couldnt belive your apperent second home-run was blown back in by the wind. When you first hit it, it reminded me of Mo Vaughn’s Blast off the scoreboard in ’03 or ’04. Anyways,congratulations on a great season and a great NLDS. hope your injury gets better quickly.


    The Only Happy Guy in Los Angeles

    Cliff Floyd for Mets Captain!


    I remember your first year as a Met you battled to stay healthy. You showed alot of heart and the fans let you know about it the last game you played that season. From the very beginning you’ve always played your heart out and that’s something that an injury-shortened season can never diminish. Last year you had a big year with all of those clutch hits as you carried the team throughout most of the season. That was something to see. Although you’ve hit some bumps in the road this year, you’ve been such a warrior and toughed it out. I have such admiration and respect for you. Seeing you fight your way to home plate on that play is something that has been etched in my mind. What determination. Stay positive and here’s to a quick recovery. Lets Go Mets!!!!


    My brother, first let me wish you well, praying that you feel better real soon, that this hurdle will too pass….. well don’t worry if you stumble I’ll be there to pick you up, see you in the pen.


    It was tough to see you go down again this weekend. You play so hard, and you’re such an example on that team. I’m not much of a Mets fan, but I have so much respect for what you bring to the table. May your champagne home remedy help some (that cracked me up, by the way) and I hope you’re able to get into a couple games this series. Good luck!


    You are magic in the lineup. Game 6, 1986. Thats your kind of game and thats what we will see from you.

    Get healthy and get in the game. The team and the fans need you. Until then Endy & Co and the fans will keep a placeholder. Thanks for your work and thanks for scoring!

    Patrick V in San Diego


    im also sorry for your injury…but i think if youre going to have a blog you should at least keep us up to date on the status of your injury…i was very disappointed to see your blog entry of 10/8 still not updated…


    Cliffy, thanks for being a true team player. We are pulling for you to have a fast recovery, and get back to the field. For now, just lay low, enjoy those beers, and support the rest of the guys. We are all lucky to have a guy like Endy availible to step in for you, so don’t push it too hard. When your back, we know what to expect from #30 (a great Met). Lets go Mets!


    What’s going on Cliff,
    It’s all good man. The human body can only do so much, but the effort and moral that you display on my television screen is really breathtaking. Thanks bro, for your hard work for contributing to the success of the greatest team in baseball history, our New York Mets. As a Queens resident, I pass by Shea almost twice a week, if not more. It’s a good feeling I get looking at that Stadium, and I’m glad that I will be a fan of a ball club that truly appreciates their fans. Feel better man, and stay up. You guys know, as well as the fans, that 2006 is our year. Let’s go Mets!


    Hey Cliff, I have to agree with, I would like to thank you for your effort and hard work for this season, I will say a prayer for you for healing.

    God bless,



    I really hope you get better, because I think there is nobody more desperate then me to see you play. By the way, the day when Willie was giving a speech to students on finance, I was there. I wanted to cry when I saw you come out of nowhere. You see, you give me so many reasons to love you. Also, last year, when Anderson hit a inside the park homerun, you ended it with the 3-run homerun-that was my first came at Shea. Good luck with the leg.


    Hi Cliff,

    I hope you’re feeling better. But as the Mets have shown, even the guys off the bench can get the job done.

    Hope to see you in the game tomorrow. Take it easy! 🙂


    dear cliff,

    you have been an asset to this ball club. thank you for all your hard work during the season. im a true mets fan and seeing all this happen is truly wonderful. i sat home every night you guys played and watched you guys. you guys really are an amazing team and i will forever be a new york fan.

    good luck with your recovery, DH in the world series wouldnt be that bad.

    thank you for being an amazing player. mets fans love you.



    Get well soon. We’re praying and pulling for you to get back into left field in time to face Oakland or Detroit for the ultimate crown. Thanks for being such a gamer and such a clutch performer.


    YO Cliff, please get well soon, we need your big bat in the line-up. I know a liitle bit myself about pain. I shoot kidney stones like a BB.
    Whatever it takes , you’re a trooper. We love you alot !



    Hey Cliff,I hope you get better soon cause the mets need you out there. Dispike the injuries you had this season you help the mets get to where there are right now. So best wishes to you and the rest of the mets and WIN! WIN! WIN!P.S I think u be a great DH. PEACE OUT HOMIE!


    Cliff, I felt your pain when you came around third as I had the same thing happen to me 4 times. Wish you the best on your recovery and we would of never made it this far without you. Take care and God Bless!!!


    heyy cliff,
    i hope you get better so i can see you play wed. im sure you’ll gte better. i just wanted to let you kno that im praying for you and the mets! its ur time this year us met fans have waited long enough and now that the yankees are gone u guys can go all the way. please get better the linup isnt the same with out you. you have a lot of power and if u get the right pitch its out of the park. just take it easy on ur days off so we can kick some cardinal butt!!!! take care and LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!

    ❤ deana

    the biggest met fan on this planet 🙂


    Hey Cliffie,
    Sorry to hear that you have not secured (because of the achillies thing)a place in this next series against the Cards. However, it’s all good. They keep you resting for the bigger series….THE World Series. I know you’d like to be in it all, and we’d all like you there, but we will really need you in the BIG games. I hope you will continue to keep up this BLOG as the next series goes by……I pray you will be well soon. God bless…




    Best of luck to you and your team mates. You are one of the classiest players on the Mets. You are a true example of a team player. Lets go Mets!!


    To Cliff and The Mets,

    My heart goes out to all of you. The whole team has played with alot of Heart and Determination. Each and every one of you are a prime example of what never quiting is all about. You and your team mates have made us proud and I know I will never forget this season. Best of luck in your future endeavers.

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