This 2-0 lead sure feels good

It?s a long flight out here, even when you?re up two games to none. It?d be a lot longer, of course, if we were down or tied. But we?ve done pretty good so far. Now the idea is to get it over with and get a couple of days off. We feel good about how we?ve played, and it would be great to play another good one and get some rest.

1006floyd275_1 You know what I’ve liked the most about how we?ve played? You?re gonna laugh at this, but it?s how we got the bunts down, how we executed.

I?m a big small guy … big on small things. I love how you make a pitcher twitch and fuss and take his hat off and rub his head — all that stuff — because he gets uncomfortable when you bunt. He?s trying to figure out who and when and where and why. You just let him stand out there and throw the high cheese, he?s thinking he?s in charge. You lay a few down like we did Thursday night and he?s sweating, overanalyzing. Then you can pound him.

I know, you?re thinking, "Cliff? Bunt?" And I?m not even sure I have a sacrifice bunt in my career. But when I was batting leadoff for the Marlins, I laid some down. I liked it then. I like it now, too — as long as someone else is doing it.

It?s like in basketball: I love to watch a good playmaker. I appreciate what he does. But no way I wanna do it. Just give me the ball and let me shoot. It?s like the Pistons’ Rip Hamilton — I love to watch him run all over the place, tire out the man covering him. If he was on my team, I?d love to watch, as long as he threw the ball to me on the corner and let me bomb.

Baseball is the same. I really do like to see small ball. There’s nothing wrong with hitting a bomb every so often, but the small ball — the way we played on Thursday — that was cool. I might have to get me one of those sacrifice hits…




    Cliffy….you don’t mind if I call you Cliffy?…..this blog is tremendous… gives us mere mortals an insight into what’s really going on. And what fun!… write just the way you talk…..with a twinkle in your eye. I wish you the best of luck…..let’s hope you guys make it all the way to the Championship, but…..I know, it’s best to take it one game at a time. And, as much as I appreciate “small ball” and the little things, I’d just as soon see you catch hold of one and give it a ride.


    Of course, small ball is effective and VERY exciting. The stolen bases and bunt hits are my favorite offensive plays. Plus, we get to realize that a team that can hurt you with small ball, if you are hitting against a tough pitcher. It’s too bad their’s so much jetlag from the US to France, but eventhough I can’t watch the games I keep on thinking about them. LETS GO METS

  3. Felix

    Ive decided something. You see, Im a Yankee fan. My grandfather is a die-hard Mets fan. If by chance we dont make it to the Series, Im gonna root for you guys like I did in ’86. It would only be right, as there will be a NY team represented, and if we don’t go, I would want to see my grandfather happy to see his team finally win one! LET S GO NY!!!


    Love and support from all of your adoring fans! Relish the moments – and make the opposing pitcher’s sweat. 🙂


    …Thank you Cliff and although you maynot see yourself as the man laying down that beautiful sacrafice bunt,in some ways just by playing it out today,you are going just that. Big Guy, just be yourself, and do those things you do so well. When the dust has settled on the 2006 season Met fans, baseball fans will know why we treasure the “Big Guy” out there in left. God Bless and have a great day…..Ed G.


    Hey Cliff,

    So, how is Cali treatin ya? I just want to say GOOD LUCK today! And hey if the small ball scores runs….that works for me and I am sure the rest of the team/fans too! LETS GO METS!!!!



    Small ball bomb ball JUST WIN BABY!!!!!Hows the achilles holding up????Hope you come back next year.



    Cliffy, you’re absolutely right. The small things are the most important things in life and when you lose sight of the small things, the big one will never come. Lets go METS, I believe!


    Cliff, I’m a Met fan of 40+ years and I admire how you have battled this year.You fight adversity, never give up and can still get it done. You are a tremendous asset to this team on and off the field. There is no doubt in my mind you will come up BIGTIME as the playoffs progress no matter what you are asked to do! Enjoy the ride!!!!


    Just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work, sweep the dodgers, and don’t let the wind take down your homers anymore


    cliff, if you cant bunt, then try stealing home. you got robbed on that homer, it must have like hit something. did anyone else notice how glavine grew a moustache in 1 inning?


    I could see you maybe laying down one of those bunts, your pretty fast for a big guy. Well, I love the small ball too. When someone gets a homerun yeah it is exciting, but only for a few seconds. Then if there is some small ball scoring going on then the excitement lasts. Well I hope you guys are having fun out in Cali, and LA is a good celebration city for if you guys win tonight. Gosh, what am I saying? When you guys win tonight.Keep up the good work as always and have fun.



    #30= the best


    Thank you Cliff for recogninzing the situation this year and following suit. You had so many things go on this year and could have packed it in. But instead you reached down deeper inside and played for your teamates and fans. You my man are what players should be about. You speak your mind and deliver on the field. Keep up the hard work and determination and bring a ring to NY. I feel that WHEN we make it to the WS you will come out as the MVP becasue I think with you at the DH, your numbers are gonna be bananas. Tell Millege we are still pulling for him.

  14. Zoe

    Ha! Great post. Just posted a video of the opposite of a bunt. Stupid wind for stealing your homer.

    I’ve got a video of your hit too that I’ll post later. I can’t wait to watch you guys on TV tonight. I love this team so much, and you’ve been my favorite player from the beginning. (As I talk about over at my place. A lot.)

    (Of course I hope you’ll buy my novel too at your local bookstore and give it to a lady you love. It’s gotten great reviews and reader response!)

    Thanks for all you do Cliff, on and off the field. Thank you thank you thank you.


  15. Zoe

    Stout, you need to keep your thoughts to yourself. Cliff is someone who loves the fans enough to give this special blog to us. That’s a huge thing for us to have. And he’s a crucial Met on and off the field. This team wouldn’t exist without its veterans and their leadership.

    I’m guessing you couldn’t cross the street with an injury.

    I’m done responding to this now. I hope you’re not at Shea for the postseason because you’re not worthy.


    Cliff, wanna wish you good luck and congratulate you and the whole team on an awesome season. Whether you play or not, are healthy or not, we know what you mean to this team and are with you. Go Mets!!!


    Cliff please tell the boys to play hard I live in St.paul but grew up in Queens my dad was a counductor on the #7 and i played little leauge in Flushing meadows, Also I want revenge of the A’s for 72 if they make it to the WS, Again good luck hope you get that sac u want


    We just wanted to thank you for the terrific year you and the guys have had! We were at opening day at Shea, and I was just in awe of you all. I said it then and I,ll say it again, you guys are great! I said on opening day I wouldnt say anything about the other NY team ( Yankees)until Oct, but since they lost tonite, I feel good to be a Mets fan!

    Kelly and David Orange Cty NY


    Loved game 2, I was lucky enough to be there, it was amazing, and now I’m watching game 3, and I just saw your first inning RBI bloop and you’ve already made my day. You guys are absolutely on fire! Rock on!


    Watching the game right now and seeing you hurt is very upsetting to me. I hope you are o.k. and that it isn’t serious. God bless!…Joy


    Big guy, watching the game, just saw you go down. Prayin’ all is well. Stay positive. Go Mets.


    Cliff, we hope you are OK! We need you to continue to guide this team! Appreciate everything you do for the Mets and keeping our fingers crossed as you have just left the game…
    This blog is a delight – your writing is wonderful, your insight a real treasure, and you sense of humor tops it all. We’ll be at Shea Thursday night – hope you’re playing.


    Hey Cliff,

    So sorry to see that you are hurt again. Look at the bright side though. It looks as though you guys have round one in the bag and not only that but you have been a BIG part of that success. I hope you heal fast and that you will be ready for the WORLD SERIES…and YES, you will get there. You guys have the fire inside that NO other team has. NOBODY wants it more than you guys do and I am confident that you will, in the words of Mariah Carey, MAKE IT HAPPEN! But remember, win or lose, we love our Mets!

    Much love,



    Cliff….no matter how the rest of the postseason goes,
    you’re still our guy. Every time that you leave it all on the field like that, you make us proud of the orange and blue. Heal fast…..we love you, Big Guy.



    I hope you’ll be alright, Cliff. It’d be a lot harder to win it all without you. I like small ball too, especially when Reyes steals a base, he’s really exciting. Maybe you should think of stealing a base. After all, Franco’s gotten as many SB as you, while running on 100 year old legs 😛
    Good Luck,



    Hey Cliff,
    Endy isn’t the only one who needs to thank you. All of us fans would like to say thanks. You’ve always been a great team player, but it was even more apparent last night. We would all love to have you in the next round, so go have fun celebrating, and get some rest, and do what you feel is right.


    LETS GO METS-The new kings of NY!

    #30=the best

  27. Cassinda

    hEY Cliff hope you’re feeling better…. What you did last game vs the dodgers will forever be remembered and we’re greatful and i just wanted to say thank you.. You have a big heart and we love you.. Thank You Cliff Thank you..



    LETS GO METS!!!!!!

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