I dont want to be a liability

You just have to face the truth sometimes, ugly as it is. I know there?s a chance I may not play, a chance that I may not even be in the roster because of this Achilles. What am I going to do? I don?t know anything for sure. I don?t know what?s in Willie?s head anymore than I know exactly what?s going on inside my leg. I just know it hurts.

They wanted me to have another MRI on Monday. It was all set up. But I said, ?What for? All it?s gonna say is that I?m hurt, and I know that already.?

So here I am. I?d love to be out there. I?m swinging the bat pretty good right now. And I can help. But I know a ball in the gap could be a problem. I?m pretty sure Willie knows that, too. He saw me in the outfield yesterday during our workout. If this was the World Series already, we wouldn?t be talking about this. I think I?d be the DH, cause it doesn?t affect me at all when I swing.

So I wouldn?t be stealing bases, I?d just have to rely on power and hit a few out so I could trot. You know if that ball Greenie hit Saturday in LA goes out, I could have just walked home
and nothing happens to this Achilles. Three or four inches higher, and I?m downshifting.

They told me Todd Zeile hit a ball like that ?- like Greenie did — in the World Series, against the Yankees in 2000. It almost went out. It goes out, and the Mets get two runs. But it stayed in, and that Timo Perez got thrown out at the plate. Jeter made that great relay.

See, I?m kinda worried about that, too — that I might not score when I should because of this thing. I?m not afraid of the pain. I?ve been hurting in both legs ?- off and on -? for a long time. The right one?s better now. But I?ve got to be able to do my job in the outfield and on the bases. As much as I want to play and help us win, I wouldn?t want to be the reason we lose -? because I can?t run.

I?ve told Willie that.

So yeah, I know I may be out of there. But I?ll be there rooting. These are my boys. D. Wright, I have to be there for him, help him get through all this. I know he wants to say he?s outgrown me, that he doesn?t need Cliffie. I don?t make him carry my bags anymore, but he?s still my little guy. Bad leg or not, I gotta look after my little guy.

So I?ll be there one way or the other.


  1. assassinsentry@hotmail.com

    Cliff –

    Just wanted to let you know that my sons and I think you’re one of the classiest guys in the game. No matter what happens (and believe me, we *want* to see you play…but don’t want you to risk further injury, either)…we’re in your corner.

    I’ve been a Mets fan since ’68, when I was a little girl and you guys will always be Shown the Love!


    Stephen and Daniel

    (NJ Expatriates now living in PA )

  2. tammy_holt@justicemail.com

    Hey Cliff! I don’t ask for much out of life, but as a Die Hard Mets fan born and raised in St. Louis, I ask that the Mets WHOOP the Cards! Please, please, please beat the Cards! lol Just F.Y.I. the e-mail on here for me is wrong. It is tammy_holt@fan.mets.com! Thanks and my Sincerest Good Luck from me and my daughter Shea (yes, after the stadium); we will be watching every game!!!!!!!! Take it all the way!!!!!!!!

  3. zygzyg2@hotmail.com

    You know that we want you in there against the Cards, but we also don’t want you to end your career due to further injury and we NEED to get through them to get to the Series. Rest up, Cliff, but be there for your boys in this series. You know that you’ll be in our thoughts and prayers, and hopefully you’ll be there for the WORLD SERIES (I’d love to see an A’s-Mets Series, that was the first year — 1973 — that I grew to love this team)!

  4. antriggi@aol.com

    Cliff- Hang in there!! I just had achillies surgery myself. It wasnt that bad. Hospital for special surgery in NY is the best !!! Go see Dr Roberts, he will fix u up good as new. You dont remember me but I was your bowling partner at Johnny Francos chairity, along with Mo Vaughn and Roger Cedano. Good luck and we will see u in the world series !!!!

  5. jusmeandmyrsx@aol.com

    Hey Cliff, nothing but love and respect for ya big guy. I’m hoping you can give it a go in the NLCS. If you can’t go though, rest up and join the guys when they make it to the World Series. That’s right Cliff, not “if” they make it, but “when” they make it. Go Mets baby!!!!!!

  6. Zoe

    Cliff, I have so much love for you as a player that I wish–and I know it sounds ridiculous–but I wish there were something I could do for you. Because you’ve given me a lot of joyful moments over the past 3 years. And as much as you want to be there for your team right now, I wanna be there for you–my favorite Met from the start–with encouraging words and thoughts of admiration.

    And calling D-Wright your little guy makes me love you that much more. I posted screenshots of Fox’s photos of Wright as a 9 and 11 year old. Pretty priceless. Maybe something to give you a laugh. http://pickmeup.mlblogs.com/pick_me_up_some_mets/2006/10/before_the_five.html

    Feel all the love you get in these comments, Cliff! Hope the fans are able to make you feel a bit better.



  7. lgmdaly@yahoo.com

    we all know the mets are an unselfish team. Cliff proves it without a doubt. You’re all class Cliff. Get ready to swat a couple in the WS. Thanks for all you’ve done to get the mets to this point.

  8. titanwrestler07@yahoo.com

    Hey cliff don’t worry about as long as u dh and u do good ure still helping the team out alot nd ure influencing david at the same time so help the team bring bck a championship

  9. limets41@msn.com

    Cliff – You’re part of the reason why we’re here. Every player has his place. Some are everyday starters, some are utility players, some are there to lead the young players like Wright and Reyes and, then there are players like you that encompass everything. Now, it’s time for you to rest up that achilles and inspire everyone from INSIDE THE DUGOUT (you have to be in there for the team) and save your playing time for the World Series.

  10. trainedpro@optonline.net

    Dear Cliff,

    All I have to say is Kirk Gibson. Do your part and be there for your “boys” in the NLCS; but more importantly do your part and be well for the World Series.

    There is not one single Met fan who does not understand the situation or your potential “hero” status. The NLCS is a battle that team will have to go into without you on the Roster.. but it will make them stronger for the next battle which will win the war.

    Keep your ego out of it….because if you do again in the next 9 days what you did in game 3 there will be no Cliff Floyd Hero; and nobody wants that.

    Get well, your heart, spirit and presence on the bench will be your legs in this series.

    God Bless

    Steve & Dalia Ferrara

  11. emgeannikis@gmail.com


    I’m so sorry that this is a factor now, and that you’re hurting. You are a clutch guy. You created one of the greatest memories of my life as a Mets fan on June 11, 2005 when you smacked a walk-off to come from behind (again) in the 10th against the Angels. In my mind, you would not be a liability as pinch hitter in late innings, though I know that’s not what you want. Remember your last day in ’04 before the surgery, Art Howe sent you out there to left and then called you back? That’s a classy move for a classy guy, you deserved it. That day was evidence that Shea has the utmost respect for you.

    I can’t imagine what you’re going through, and I don’t pretend to, but I hope you can find some solace in the fact that your fans are unbelievably grateful for everything you do for us. We love you and support you, big man.

    Feel good,


  12. bpalmenteri@yahoo.com


    I am praying and know that you and Willie will make the right decision for both you and the team. You are a class act and you are truthful and open with your thoughts and I appreciate that. Whether your on the bench with El Duque and Pedro for the NLCS or out in Left Field we are all behind you. BTW did pouring Cristal on the achillies help? I guess I will find out tomorrow at 10 huh. Either way you will be ready for the WS and will be a major part of the championship. I have faith in you.


  13. x1m3tsf4n1x@newyork-mets.net

    Hey Cliffie,

    I hope you had a good workout today!! I hope your achillies feels a lot better! If the Mets get to the world series…you will have no problem DH-ing. Well, thanks for all your contributions to the team and you have really helped David become a better player on and off the field. Thanks for everything, Cliff.

    ♥ Jacqueline ♥

  14. ebilger02@hotmail.com

    Hey Cliff,

    I hope everything works out…I really want to see you out there! We all know you are doing everything you can! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. allenp@dickinson.edu

    We need you back Cliff. If you do DH, don’t try and do too much and hit it out every time. Just relax and play you’re game. Some balls will make it out, even you hit it in the gap and only get to first, its alright. We need your bat, you carried this team last year and we need you this year too. get well soon man.

  16. laurencbutler@yahoo.com

    We’re all pulling for you, Cliff! Fix that leg up and come out swinging in the World Series. The power of your bat will not be denied! 🙂

  17. jintim112000@yahoo.com

    Hey Clifford,If you,re hurt..you’re hurt.Don’t worry about it.All of us true Mets fans know what kind of player you are.Rest up! West Palm Beach Expos, 1992

  18. cohen1333@gmail.com

    There are very few men in baseball who can make a team go like you. You are a constant force on the field and in the clubhouse, and watching you get hurt time after time this year was painful for a lot of us who have grown to love you over the last few years. No matter what happens, know that your career will be remembered as a New York Met, because once you are in the hearts of the New York fans, youre part of that brotherhood forever. You became part of that brotherhood last year with that great at bat and walk off homer against Donnely and the Angels. Cliff, hang in there and if you feel good, play and do the best you can. If not, rest up for the World Series, just make sure you do push D. Wright and the rest of the guys, because this year, New York belongs to the Mets.

    p.s. Please find a way to come back next year, the team wont be the same without you.

    -a lifelong fan,

    Michael Cohen

  19. peggy956@earthlink.net

    You got to be there. Someone has to keep Mr. Hollywood (David) focused in the right direction and not on the girls in the stands.

    Also, you have to be there to do the dance with Reyes. It wasn’t the same when you were out, he had no dancing partner. Ha, ha.

    Take care of your ankle, relax and focus on the hitting.

    Like the other comment, remember Kirt Gibson from the Dodgers. Everyone has to be there to enjoy the experience. You will be back next year.

    This is the town of the M E T S! GO!

  20. davewise@juno.com

    Cliffy —

    I think you know what the right answer is here. We’ve got players who’ve got your back, and adding Ricky or Lastings to the roster gives Willie flexibility that you can’t give him in this series. As much as I love watching you tee off in big spots, I think your big bat is outweighed by a need to minimize the “extra outs” in this series, and be able to turn a single into a double. We’re going to use our pen a lot this series, and so our staff will need every break it can get.

    So rest up, fella, and don’t worry. You’ll get your chance in the World Series.

  21. cnotk23@optonline.net


    Your blog is awesome. Your candor is amazing. It actually feels like you are talking to us….i like that you talk straight up, you give us the real deal, and you dont whitewash anything. You are the man….

    Rest up, bro….Take The LCS off, and come back for the series…

    Can anyone say Kurt Gibson?

  22. myr.mlb@gmail.com

    Wow, man. I second the above comment – this really got to me when I read it earlier. There’s a running joke among some of us who read these blogs that half of them are probably written by interns in the MLBPA officers. But every word here sounds like you mean it. Thanks for that.

    A friend of mine has tickets to the first STL homegame, so I’m flying down to go with her. She’ll have to forgive me if you come up at any point during Game 3 — I’ll be in the stands rooting for you. I hope you get your chances to contribute. Good luck!

  23. llstubbs@gmail.com

    Cliffie, You are one of the classiest guys in baseball. I’m sure this is not an easy situation, but you’ve handled it with such grace and humility, thinking first and foremost about the good of the team. I really hope you are well enough to be on the field, but I know that even if you’re not, you’ll be a tremendous presence in the dugout. Rest up and get well soon – and thanks for doing this blog, which has been great reading! LET’S GO METS!!!!!

  24. bobmedasgirl@hotmail.com


    As a transplanted New Yorker now living in VA, and never getting any NY games on TV, getting to watch you all kick butt in the playoffs is making my October! No matter what happens over this next week, we could not have made it this far without you! You prove time and time again what a class act you are and I truly hope you will be well enough to play in the Big Show! We’re all behind you!Let’s Go Mets!

  25. jtp28@cornell.edu


    You are the MAN. Not a single New Yorker doesn’t recognize all you have contributed it our team. And not a single New Yorker doesn’t appreciate that you are thinking of the good of your team before your desire to play.

    Don’t forget Cliff, you’re part of the reason we’re here. Your work last year started to turn this team around and although you were often injured this year you batted **** near, if not over 500 in the NLDS. We know that too.

    Also Stout is a closet dodgers fan, so don’t listen to him, he’s just bitter.

    Playin or restin for the WS, we’re all pullin for you baby!

  26. ckardas@optonline.net

    Cliff, you are my all time favorite Met. I know it’s killing you to potentially have to sit out for the most important games of the year, but you helped bring the team to where they are now. You can proudly wear that World Series ring when you get it– you 100% deserve it. Great luck to you and to the Mets. (I’ve got a shirt with your name on it. I’ll be wearing it for good luck!)

  27. noblsavg@hotmail.com

    To Mr. Floyd.

    What’s wrong?

    C.Floyd.-C. Beltran.-


    Tight hitting lineup.

    For Mets and baseball fans

    not pans, your absence in playoff game would be CALAMITY LIKE MISSILES.


    Who would be?

    Lastings Milledge or

    Endy Chavez?

    For L. Milledge, his playing

    in postseason games will ripen for him to be a huge player in majorleague but,

    Right now, Mets need you.

    Even Lastings Milledge or

    Endy Chavez will play instead or you but….

    They also have huge value as a pinch hitter.

    They need you.

    I don’t want to see any of

    calamity of majorleague baseball postseason like


    Thanks, Kian.

  28. mrskrsnieto@aol.com

    We love you and hope to see you at the games.

    Feel Better and lets go METS!!!

    K and little shamrock

  29. themetsrule@newyork-mets.net

    Cliff – you are my hero! I hope you feel good enough to play because we need you out there. From Eric, age 9

    Cliff – keep the faith buddy – even “behind the scenes” we know you are there helping the team – would love to see you play more in the post season – you are an anchor for this team – Let’s Go Mets! – From Eric’s Mom

  30. froshy16@aol.com

    Cliff- You are one of the classiest players to ever wear a Mets uni. Just know that all us fans are behind you and support you. DH’ing the WS sounds good to me. Just remember if you dont play in this series, you are still a big reason we got there. Best wishes and feel better. Cara-Stamford, CT

  31. elmodj2@aol.com

    Hi Cliff!

    I want to echo everyone else’s sentiment by telling you what an important part you play for the Mets. I hope you heal as quickly as possible, or at least, the pain’ll subside as quickly as possible so that you can be the DH for the WS. Good luck with the ankle. And it completely bums me out to hear that David Wright no longer carries any of your bags for you!! Oh my goodness, I hope his head didn’t begin to swell the moment you gave him the OK to give your bags back to you! That does make me very sad. Who is going to keep David grounded and small-headed now?

    Anyway, I wish you all the best in the rest of the postseason! You are a wonderful and extremely funny person. 🙂 Perhaps you should consider the art of book-writing when you hang up the spikes?

  32. jusmeandmyrsx@aol.com

    Hey Cliff, just saw on ESPN.com that you’re on the roster for the NLCS. Congrats! I know how badly you want to be out there. Best of luck, stay healthy and most importantly, take em’ deep big buy! Go Mets!!!!!!

  33. thewrightgrl05@hotmail.com

    wow…soo happy you are on the roster!! we all know you are going to be playing your hardest!!1 (even if u are in pain) cant wait for tonight…hope it doesnt get rained out or delayed, i’m sooo excited.

    ps- that guy stout1804@yahoo that posted that nasty comment before (about 11 coments above me)…dont worry about him, hes obviously a loser if he came on to your blog to post something negative. who does that? its ok though b/c i’m sure he’ll be getting a lot of hate emails from us fans!!!

    new york loves you…


  34. pulaskimichael@yahoo.com

    i’m so proud of you guys. i’ve been a met fan for 30 years and never prouder. but dam it Floyd those wheels of yours are hurting. i know when you are healthly you are a dangerous sob. we need so get your behind healthly.

  35. joel.garcia@msnyuhealth.org

    cliffie, Where the **** is Mr Miyagi from the karate kid with that healing trick he did for danielson when we need him now…..jesus christ…..anyways, I understand your major disapointment but thank god you have guys that will pick it up for you……stay positive kid. By the way that person (obviously yankee fan–stout1804) should go home and watch replays of the 2000 championship because that will be the last time in a while till the yankees win anything……lolol….punka@#

  36. Zoe

    From the Dictionary:
    “Stout”: NOUN: 1a. A thickset or corpulent person. b. A garment size for a large or heavy figure. See synonyms at “fat.”

    Stout: until you can hit a Major League ball with an injury, you need to shut your mouth.

  37. rgradilone@optonline.net


    Liability? Non-sense! You are on the roster and you can swing a bat right? Good, if we need you for that big hit you’re on deck!

    Keep the boys in the dugout loose! Most of all HAVE FUN!


  38. petillom@optonline.net

    Hey Big Man:
    As someone who’s been playing this game for 40 years, (I’m in an over 50 league now), I know how much it hurts not to be out there. You can’t fight your own body though. Stay away from those cortisone shots. As tempting as they are for short term relief, the damage they do is not worth it.I KNOW! Just being there to keep the kids focused and playing within themselves might be the most valuable thing you can bring to these games. Keep the faith and stay within yourself too. Don’t try to do with your heart what your head tells you you can’t. Be well and LETS GO METS!!!


  39. curlyfan@yahoo.com

    I’ve been a fan of yours since we first met back in 1999. I feel the pain everytime you get hurt. I was glad to see you go to the Mets, I have been a fan of them since 1968, being a transplanted NY’er. Now that I am in Fla and watching the Marlins , who’s owner is only in it for the money, I can only wish for a couple of good seasons in a row. Please take care of yourself and rest those legs for the series. Next time you are in town I will try and get your attention in left field to say hi.

    Dave Schupp

  40. metsfanukno@yahoo.com

    I just wanted to say you are so awesome! You are great for the team and I hope you stay there forever! REst that ankle and don’t push too hard. We want to see you in the World Series!!

  41. thewrightgrl05@hotmail.com

    they are BS comments b/c if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything.

    you’re just rude.

    i’m sure Floyd knows his own stats…hes not claiming to be the best player out there.

    and yes he hasnt had as good of a season as wright, reyes, beltran, etc. but he tries hard and hustles…and maybe his stats arent as good b/c hes been not feeling 100% the entire season.

    and despite his season average, his average in the series against the dodgers was .444. He is hot, and should play

    so if u are a real met fan, just support him. if you’re not, then who really cares what u think…

  42. originalbrat63@aol.com

    Cliff, You take care of your self, us fans love you and want the best for you. Yeah, we want you to be a part of this Amazing time but your health is more important. Love ya, Theresa

  43. cardnut@cardnut-sports.com

    Cliff, I read today that you are on the roster for the NLCS. I know you are concerned that you are not up to par. But you are needed in there. I know you will do your best. I know that you will give all that you can. And I also know you will hit a few out so you can trot. The Mets in 6!! Have a great series Cliff. Rest as much as you can.

  44. prhector@msn.com

    cliff you are the man we need you but you need to be right. on the bench or in the field you are the best. rest because we need you in world series this is the team this is the year let’s go mets

  45. capf2002@aol.com

    To Mister Floyd,

    I’ve always thought that you were a first class individual. A guy who plays hard no matter what, never ever dogged it, and was able to play to win, while always remembering it’s a game and that you have to enjoy playing.

    After reading your latest blog, I see now that besides being all that I said you were, you are also a man of integrity. And you’ve honored us with your graciousness and elevated the Mets with your presence. I thank you on behalf of all Mets fans, you are one of the best. Bob

  46. welshponygrl1211@hotmail.com

    Hey Cliff,
    Yeah, do what you can and no matter what part you play on the team you will be affective. I really don’t need to tell you that, I think you know that. Well, LETS GO METS! Yeah, your still David’s big brother and one day he will probably be making some rooky carry all his bags. Yeah, you can really hit some monster shots so weather you are a DH or not Im sure you’ll be awsome. Can’t wait to see you play when ever you do.



    #30-THE BEST

  47. lmahecha@comcast.net

    Dear Cliff,
    My symptathies for your Achilles. Glad to see you are on the roster and hope your bat can help us win it all! Whether or not you are on the field the whole team (and all the fans) need you to be there rooting them on and pscyching them up! We love seeing you there, Cliffie and we are hoping you will get some playing time in the NLCS and World Series! Let’s Go Mets!

    Laura Mahecha

  48. amy4422@aol.com

    I will always be your number one fan. There is nothing that would make me happier than seeing you get to (and winning) the world series!! Rest up. I hope to watch you hit a home run for me sometime soon!!


  49. graphicsgonewild@gmail.com

    Cliff –
    I love watching you play, and look forward to seeing #30 out there kickin tail all over the MLB, but I think that you are doing the right thing by sitting…….. there will be other games, other years. YOU HELPED THE TEAM GET WHERE THEY ARE. You are as much of an all star as Dave, Jose, Beltran, and Delgado. Off field support is just as important as on-field


  50. lennym6@yahoo.com

    Cliff…just keep the chemistry pumpin for the whole team, and get Willie to be observant when it comes to taking a pitcher out, or bringing in a fresh arm.

    Let’s GO Mets!!!!

    You Gotta Believe!!!!

  51. maurine7@aol.com

    Hi Cliff,

    you’re so cute the way you talk about your buddy D. Wright. 🙂

    I am really impressed with the fact that you are thinking about the team and not just about yourself. Hopefully you can play. If not, you can cheer them on. Good luck!


  52. gottabelieve82@yahoo.com

    Hey Cliff, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blogs-theyre pretty funny 🙂 Hope you’re recovering slowly but surely-and remember, whatever happens happens and its all for the best! That guy stout is a real idiot-posting nasty thing all day long; obviously he has nothing better to do with his time! LETS GO METS!!!! 🙂

  53. nygprincess@hotmail.com

    Hey Cliff,

    I’m sorry that you got hurt!! Just know that us Mets fans love you, and are wishing you a speedy recovery! You’re an integral part of the team, and we appreciate everything you’ve done for our beloved Mets. Get well soon and help kick some Cardinals butt!


  54. schaefer_gerard@yahoo.com

    Hey Cliff,
    Hey man you look like you’re right on at the plate so I hope you stay positive man. We love you out here in NY, you carried this team with some injuries the last 2 years and now its everyone else’s turn to keep you up. Then you’ll come in as a DH or pinch hit and hit the biggest hit of the whole post season its only fitting it would be you so stay positive we are and we’re all pulling for you, by the way my 1 week old son will guide yall to a ring.

  55. vsesilu@aol.com

    How you doing Cliff ?
    I love the way you and the team react towards each other. I tell you, as a fan, it really pumps you up while watching the games. Love the intensity you guys carry. Two legs or one leg, we need you man! Get better!


    Yonkers, NY

  56. ricanprincess528@comcast.net

    Heyy hun! hang in there! know that we ALL want to see you out there we know you got it in you! Let the leg rest & im sure you’ll be fine! Well i’ll be rootin for ya! Hope to see ya out there hun! Get well!!! LETS GO METSSS!!!!!!


  57. jillkauf@aol.com

    Wow this comment is not for Cliff, but rather for the one negative person on this blog.. which if you can’t figure out is stout1804@yahoo.com.

    Having been around professional athletes my whole life, I have learned that there is more to an athlete than stats and line scores. And stout1804 seems to be an expert in what makes a top baseball player, so I know that I don’t need to share this information with you.. but for kicks, I’m going to do it anyway.

    Athletes become professionals because they are good, sometimes great, plain and simple. But it is their heart and compassion that endears them to fans. It’s amazing to me after just a few days of this blog, the only negative comment has come from one person. Especially in New York, the support that Mr. Floyd has received from his fans is unreal. You don’t need to tell his fans or him that he has been injured. (Did you actually read the blog?) Yet in spite of that, they would love for him to be on the field because of his character. Yes, the Mets have done well without him, but for them to take a chance by putting him on the roster knowing that he could be a liability, speaks volumes.

    I have never heard a negative comment about Mr. Floyd’s character. In fact, broadcasters always say that he is a true gentleman of the game and he has a “true heart” of an athlete, something that can’t be measured by stats..no matter how good you are!

    And 20 years from now, with all the awards, accolades and whatever else a career in professional sports brings.. I guarantee you what matters in the end is that you are a person that left behind a career filled with pride, integrity and respect.

    So, stout1804… instead of waiting years from now, why don’t you become that person now! Leave the comments on this blog for fans who wish to express with pride, integrity and respect for Mr. Floyd…you might just actually learn something.

  58. sbrisson@optonline.net

    Hey Cliff, Umm? does **** achilles still getting to you uh. But you know that’s how the game is. I have faith that you get better. All I can say is hang in there cause I’m always rooting for you and so are your mets fans. So God bless and get well soon!!! P.S I think this playoff blog you created is a great way to connected with the fans. So even though there a slight chance you guys don’t win keep the fans posted. Thanks!!!

  59. onekimba@gmail.com

    Mr. Cliff FLoyed,

    i know that it must be a total bummer not to be playing as of right now. but just think about it if it wasnt for your help the METs wouldnt have made it this far. you did what you had to do, but i understand you want to finish it off. i beleive and i hate to say this is that the only thing that will really make you achilles better is surgery, which really stinks if when you think about it.

    but dont worry your an awesome player and get the job done out in the field along with all the METs

    i love you all


  60. cliffie@aol.com

    cliffie.. im 17 a senior in high school and i wanted to let u know that ur my favorite player man.. i love ur hustle and that BEAUTIFUL SWING OF URS..we understand that u go through alot wit ur injuries.. but everything u have given us u still owe us 2 things.. GET US A RING.. AND RESIGN WIT us next here.. pleasee ur my favorite and u mean so much to the mets.. last year i was at a game at shea and we were chanting MVP for u.. ur the best- jared rockville centre Ny

  61. erapoport1@aol.com

    Hi Cliff,
    My two sons and myself have been Mets fans since the 80’s, but you have caused us to be Cliff Floyd fans. In fact, my younger son has been looking for the perfect Floyd jersey for me with authentic lettering for months. You are clearly all of our favorite player not only for your athletic prowess but more importantly because of your toughness and your unwillingness to give up, despite health obstacles. We need you on the Mets next year and beyond, and we so hope that Omar sees what a great asset you are to the team on the field and in the clubhouse. When my younger son is frustrated with so much work in college, and when I become frustrated with my dissertation work at 55 years old, we say “keep going” to each other. “Keep going” Cliff, and please be with us next year!


  62. fhfrankie@optonline.com

    Congratulations on a wonderful season and a great post season. As a long time Mets fan (dating from 1973), I’ve seen a little thick and a lot of thin: this was good thick this year! You Mets have the potential of building a real dynasty, not too dissimilar from what Atlanta did for many years, only you have the chance of being better. A surfeit of young arms mixed in with veterans, plus the same combination in the field makes the years ahead look really bright. What a shot in the arm you will be for New York, especially for one of the “undiscovered” boroughs! In closing, let me highlight a major difference between the Mets and the other team in NY. Immediately after the final loss to the Tigers, fingers were pointed, firings were reported and blame and aspersions cascaded throughout the press, radio and television. When you lost the seventh game, a mood of sadness and hope prevailed, and with scant exception, blame was not to be found. People hugged and were optimistic about next year. Therein, I think, lies the difference: the Mets are a Team, the Yankees are a collection of some of the best players in baseball but not a team in the best sense of the word. How does the old saying go: there’s no “I” in team. Congratulations again, and thanks for the memories and the coming vision. Keep the faith.

  63. klearhead@msn.com

    …Cliff, you have overcome more then this in your career.Just as a thought, remain unsgned join the Mets this spring I don’t believe you wouldn’t be the everyday Left Fielder. Cliff this is home you belong here, your work isn’t finished here yet…Good luck in whatever you choose …

  64. jennifer.park82@googlemail.com

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