Baseball takes a backseat

Mets It was a weird baseball day. You have that sense of anticipation when you wake up. And for me, it might have been a little more than it was for the next guy, because I heard late Tuesday that I was on the National League Championship Series roster and I was going to get to help my team in a big game. Great.

I wasn’t so sure when I left Shea Stadium. My left Achilles tendon hurt after Willie Randolph worked me out. It felt OK when I got to the park Tuesday. It always gets worse as the day goes on.

That’s why this rain stinks. It costs us an off-day. And I was looking forward to it, because I’d need it after playing two games. What are you going to do? Maybe not playing Wednesday will help, but I don’t think it will help as much as an off-day between Games 2 and 3 would.

Anyway, then I headed to the park. I live in New Jersey, and it was just spittin’ over there. As I get closer to Shea, it starts getting wetter and nastier. And you hear the forecast. And you’re down. Darn. You want to play. Rain isn’t helping anyone, especially a dude with a sore Achilles. But you don’t know for sure. So you start waiting and looking for things to occupy your mind. For me, I had to get treatment, so I was busy.

Then you hear about poor Cory Lidle. You don’t know what to say. Whether I played with him or not, he’s one of us. And he’s a human. He’s one of all of us. Man, it just stays with you. You apply it to yourself, of course. I think all of us do. We’re all on planes, all the time. We’re not flying them, but we’re in them.

And you never give it a thought until something awful like this happens. Then my lady calls me. She’s upset because he’s a baseball player. It feels closer to home. I understand that. You apply it to yourself. Then you hear Cory’s wife is in the air, and she doesn’t even know he’s gone. You hurt for her. Your heart goes out to her and his family.

The rainout didn’t mean that much after all — not when you think about what happened to him.

I hope we have a moment of silence for him tomorrow before we play. We should think about him and what’s really important.



    Just got back from Shea. My first playoff game got rained out.. Oh well. Weird day, I think you’re journal today really captured just how today felt. Not right.


    yeah cliff its a shame to hear about corey… it really puts things in perspective… not that im a trainer or nething but did u try some mineral ice on the achilles… we used to use that in high school ball and it would work wonders… neway just a thought… btw love the lil shout out to jersey thats how we roll lol…
    kick *** tomorrow bro


    I live in Tampa and I think Cory used to play for the D. Rays. Well, your right, it was a strange day. I’m a life long Met fan, living in FL (imagine that?) I do respect your feelings about the game and wish you the best. We miss you in the line up when your not there. It’s been fantastic reading your blog and getting to know your perspective with all that continues to happen in NY Mets baseball. Good luck. You can bet your life I’ll be at the edge of my seat of every Met game as I have since “71”(My first baseball game). I have my Met’s banner hanging out my door in Largo, FL. Amazin’ Mets, You Gotta Believe, Let’s Go Mets, The Magic is Back etc….Just even having you on the bench makes a difference. World Series just 4 games away.


    It was a weird, sad day. Hopefully the Lidle family will be able to cope with its tragic loss in time. Cliff you are a standup guy for taking the time to acknowledge Cory’s situation and his family. As for the NLCS, good luck. I know you will be playing with a purpose. I’ve hoped that you would be back with NYM next year, but if not you might as well go out in a blaze of glory. You’ve earned the respect of many fans here trying to help your team despite your pain. We’ll look back on 2006 and remember Cliff Floyd playing through the pain and delivering in the end when it counted. I know it.


    Sorry to hear about Corey Lidle, although a Yankee player, Met fans should recognize the ‘love of the game’ and acknowledge his passing..I’d like to think the rain were tears for this tragedy and that it brought us back to reality. I am glad in a sense that the game was rained out since I couldn’t picture myself at a game an hour, clapping and cheering , for an event that is miniscule to human life. The term , ‘play ball’is appropriate after the fact, not before, so I’m glad the rainout occurred [Thurmman]. Because, when I heard the news on Corey, I felt bad for his family. And although I was driving around avoiding a parking fee, stopped to have dinner to hear of the game being optioned to play out, I decided to leave anyway [despite the rain]//I just didn’t feel like it would be good Karma to watch and cheer for a game when tragedy had just occurred. So I drove home and listening to ‘Mike and Maddog’ say the game was cancelled. Ironic, I wanted as a fan so badly to beat the Yankees at any cost…but, upon hearing of this tragedy, it didn’t really matter. Corey Lidle (althought a Yankee) deserved my respect and I felt sorry for it. Let this not be a forlorn tragedy you guys linger upon, your fans need you now. This is ‘Our’ year! Prayers go out to both the Yankees and Mets…We have waited too long for this!What an unopportune time!-JOY


    Hi Cliff! Just had to say wow! Last week we were all praying for a subway series. Saturday we as Mets fans we happy Yankees were out of it lol . Today so sad for Corey and his family. The one thing you know is that Corey would want you to give it your all and play the game like any pro baseball player would. I hope to see you on the field but if not I will be looking for you in the dug out! By the way How is Pedro??? I was kind of glad it rained I had to work tonight and would have missed the game. Tomorrow night Nothing but Mets!!!!!!!!

    Mets fan forever,



    Hi Cliff,

    I am SO happy that you are on the NLCS Roster. I knew you would be, you are a gamer and I could not imagine you just sitting in the dugout and being a bystander. I want you guys to go all the way, but the death of Cory Lidle makes baseball seem so insignificant. Even as a lifelong Mets fan, I was heartbroken when I heard of his passing and I really lost it when I heard that he had a little boy who will never REALLY know his daddy. I am just 2 years older than he was and it just makes you realize how fleeting life is and how it doesn’t matter who you are, it can be snuffed out at a moments notice. I am sure his family is hurting and my heart, thoughts, and prayers are with them. God will give them the strength to get through this. I am sure, after seeing Cory play and listening to him speak in interviews, that he wouldn’t want us to cry but rather to celebrate his short life. We have to live every day a though it’s our last. We should all be lucky enough to pass while doing something we love.

    Having said that, get out there and do what YOU love.


    Hey Cliff,

    I was super excited to see that you were on the roster yesterday morning! To bad you guys did not play last night. The whole Cory Lidle is really sad and I really feel for his family. It just proves that we should all live our lives with no regrets b/c we never know what is going to happen. Well good luck to you and the team tonight! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!


  9. Zoe

    Cliff, thanks for sharing your thoughts so honestly. I was so excited to see you on the roster! Then the plane crash itself and then to find out it’s Cory Lidle, it was all heartbreaking. And also to have the rain screw things up didn’t help any.

    But no team in baseball deals with adversity better than the Mets. And no one fights harder than you, Cliff. I love watching you play, and I love reading your blog so much because in both cases you wear your big heart on your sleeve.

    That said, the Rain Fairy and the Injury Fairy need to take a long vacation somewhere like Bora Bora.



    I know this may sound crazy but hear me out. Go get yourself some peanut oil and rub generously into your achilles tendon. I injured my achilles 20 some odd years ago. After surgery and going thru rehab I got a tip to use peanut oil and I haven’t had any problems since.



    You are right about Cory, its very sad and very tragic and everyone should take a moment to pause and reflect on whats really importnat.

    That being said, I’m very glad to see that your ankle is feeling well enough to go out there and win us some ballgames. You’re such a baller dude, I’ll be there tonight cheering you on!



    Dear Cliff,

    I think you summed it up beautifully. What we’re all feeling, you were able to put into words for us. It was a terrible incident, what happened to Cory Lidle. I will definitely be thinking of him the rest of the way even as the baseball games in NY and elsewhere resume. You’re a human being first, and a baseball player (or some other professional role) second. It’s our humanity and mortality that unites us, so it’s especially important at times like these for us to reach out to one another as best we can and know how to. You’re a great human being, Cliff. Thanks for continuously writing blog entries that I can look forward to reading every morning and that resonate on one level or another with all of us, even though no one wants to be greeted by a topic of this particular nature. Best of luck in the CS, and congrats on your spot on the roster.



    Yo Cliff.. your the man. Glad to see that your going to be playin the NLCS. I hope all goes well man. I called that bomb you crushed in Game 1 of of the NLDS. Its always great to have your presence in the line up and on the field. I’ll be at the game today if it doesnt get rained out again. Oh yea.. I remember going to the games and hearing your at-bat music clip.. Go to this site and check out the song.. you’ll like it… Good Luck again.. Take it all yo!


    As if you need more “medical advice” re your Achilles tendon: anytime I’ve had a problem with inflammation of a tendon, I’ve loaded up on Vitamin-B complex tablets (at the advice of a nurse friend). It got rid of a severe wrist inflammation a few years ago that niether a cast nor cortisone did anything for over a period of months. It got rid of it in a week and it has never come back. Just a thought. It’s only vitamins, nothing to lose.


    Cliff, you sure do keep things in a proper perspective. Your attitude has always been an admirable trait and even more so this season during your injuries. I have a hat you tossed to me down at a Marlins game. I used to live down there and would always be at the METS games. The next day I was lucky enough to have you sign the cap. Thank you very much. I have been wearing it all the time and even more now that the playoffs are here. I hope for it to somehow bring you strength and health. I know you will come through for us even though you aren’t 100%. I keep getting a Kirk Gibson feeling about you in these playoffs. Bring it home Clifford! LET’S GO METS!!!


    Cliff, Ive always been a strong supporter of yours. I feel you are one of the most professional and dangerous hitters in the game. I swear pitchers are scared when you step in the box. Winning the World Series just wouldnt be the same if you weren’t a part of it. Although this season may seem like a disappointment to you, the fans who really matter remember how you carried us last year and it would be amazin to go to the world series on your back. By the way, the Bay Ball you hit in SF, i think barry was jealous of that shot, get healthy in the offseason, wed love to have you back next year.


    Cliff I also have always been a big fan of yours (even though I am a Cincinnati fan, sorry to say 😦 ) Hope your Achilles heals and you’re able to enjoy the playoffs. Go Mets!


    Cliffie, Tonite Im going to game 1 of your series and I know for your sure they will give a tribute to Cory Lidle….What some people dont understand is that your just like everyone else…human….I know some fans say that your always hurt and you should play even though, but they need to know that you definetely wanna play but cant. Cliff, this should give more energy to the mets to beat the **** out of ST.Louis……We lost a New Yorker but the world will gain a team of greatness.


    Hey Cliff, It was kinda appropriate that the game got rained out , didn’t much feel like cheering after what happened to Corey. Glad your back on the roster. good Luck to you and the guys. Theresa


    Cliff –

    This is the rest of my note.

    I am now 7 years old and I play for a team called the Cardinals. I wanted them to be called the Mets. My Mom Mom is taking me to the game tonight and I am so excited I didn’t want to go to school but they made me go. I will be watching you from Box C Row 640 seat 1 and I hope you will be able to play. I will wave to you.

    GO METS!!!

    Your friend



    This comment is addressed to both Cliff and

    Thank you Cliff, for expressing how I think many fans felt yesterday. Of course there was disappointment that the game was rained out, and it must have cost many people money, but what happened to Cory really puts things in perspective, and makes you realize what is truly important.

    To it’s unfortunate that the medium you choose to vent your anger at is one that is mourning the loss of a good person–one who has a wife and son, and will be missed dearly.

    It’s too bad that you care more about the 20 bucks you lost to pay for parking. You above everyone should take Cliff’s point that there are more important things in life than a baseball game.


    cliff its because of guys like you we look up to sports figures and felt exactly what all us fans didnt matter if there was a game cause of what happened to Cory. and the the idea of his wife not knowing yet was heartbreaking. but on a positive note..i hope your achilles feels better and u can bring your pop and smile back to the team as we get ready for the have been one of my favorite mets cliff and its not the same without in the lineup


    Good luck to you and all the team. You have been (are) one of the best, but it must blow to try and play hurt. Get ready for those 100mph pitches from Detriot because you guys will be playing them.

    GO METS !!! (first kick st louis butt). God Bless Corey


    Hey Cliff, I just read your postseason blogs, and you do a great job helping us fans feel and see it the way you do. As a guy that ended his so called baseball career in high school 25 years ago, I watch pro sports and wonder what a players percpective is(not a tv interview or a newspaper quote) but what’s really going through your mind. You definitely will have a career in broadcasting in the future. I hope you have a great postseason and I hope the Mets resign you. A Met fan since ’63. Don


    You’re a standup guy, Cliff. And kudos on your blog. I love it.

    You have had an outstanding career and I’d hate to see you risk any long-term damage on your injured tendon. So why not take it easy during the NLCS? You know, strike out a lot, take your time chasing down balls the Cardinals smash into left field, etc. What’s the rush? The important thing is that you’re fully-recovered by next year. If that means the Cardinals win, so be it. The important thing is your health.

    And please pass these sentiments on to Beltran, too. He wore himself out in 2004. That’s no good. Delgado, Wright, and Reyes could probably use a helpful reminder, as well. Winning isn’t everything. You guys have had a wonderful season. Isn’t that enough?


    MLB does not ****. I suppose the players are responsible for the weather now. Cliff thank you for a great season and all the hard work. You make us Met fans proud.

    Feel better and play hard for us.


    You are the best Cliff, you are injured and you still give it your all for the good of the team.I really really really respect you for everything you have done for the mets. I really hope your ankle gets better soon, we’re gonna need you sooner or later. LETS GO METS!!!!



    I’m sorry about having to leave the game early tonight, but you’re a gamer and I give you my respect for doing everything you can to contribute. Hopefully whether or not you can start or if you have to be a pinch hitter the rest of the series, you will be able to positively contribute to the Mets winning the series.

    As a minister, I have to deal with people who are suffering through the loss of a loved one, co-worker or just a friend. As a former athlete and now just an avid sports fan, I understand the rivalry, but the comradery as well. I’m glad to know that you guys have a warm spot in your heart for Cory and his family. I was fortunate enough to get to watch Cory develop as a AAA pitcher in Norfolk. He seemed to be a great person as well as a good pitcher. He will be missed greatly. My prayers are to his family but also to the baseball family. God bless you all.

    Good luck to the Mets in the rest of the post season and good luck to you in the future whether or not you return to the Mets next season.


    Cliff, Don’t feel bad about leaving the game. Everything happens for a reason. You did your best. Great defense tonight superstar #30. Think of it this way, without you starting maybe things would have been different out there [A dropped ball, for example?] We won didn’t we? 2-0–no less@@@!:)Joy


    Hey Cliff,

    I just wanted you to know how inspirational you are to us mets fans. We’ve all been waiting for a while for the mets to get back on top, and now that you are, we are so excited, and we of course know how excited you guys are too. During game 4 with the dodgers, when you got hurt, i could see it when the doctors were checking on you, how much it killed you that this had to happen to you now. Me and my girl were rooting for you. And then for you to get back up there today, obviously in pain, and to play through the pain, even though Endy had to take over for you; I have so much respect for you. I hope that you heal up quickly and that you’re ok enough to play more in the post-season, but even if you can’t, you have made your mark on the post-season. You guys haven’t had the best luck with the post-season roster, first Martinez, then El Duke, and now your achilles heel, but despite all that, you’ve still won all five post-season games. I wish i could be at home in NY when all this is going on, but out in the middle of nowhere, WA, i still wear my Mets cap with pride. You guys did good this year, no matter what happens. Do it up Baby!


    And dont you listen to that stout guy, i think hes got some kinda anger issues hes gotta work through. Its called therapy baby, check it out.
    Your fan,



    We’re all pulling for you. I have faith that tonight was not your last at bat. Gotta take it one day at a time. Lets Go Mets!

    This is for Stout1804:

    Do all the true fans a favor and get off the blog already. Cutting down a player from a team you are supposedly a fan of just makes you look like a tool. And if you aren’t a fan, you sure are spending an awful lot of time on the Met’s site. So do us all a favor, just shut up and watch the game.

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