Winning is the important thing

Floyd_1 I know I’m a big guy. I’m sure I look a little taller now. I’ve got this long face. I can’t hide all my disappointment. I’m delighted we won. I’m so glad for Tom Glavine and Carlos Beltran and for Endy Chavez. What a diving catch he made in the fifth inning. I’m so happy we won.

But I hurt, too, and it’s not just my leg. You get that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you know you pulled something or you heard something pop. And I heard — or felt — two pops when I was running out the foul ball in the second inning. I don’t know what they mean or what happened. I just know none of it’s good. Not for me and not for us.

I didn’t want to put us at a disadvantage. Now I’m afraid I have. We could be down one man for the rest of the series. I know that. I’ll know more on Friday morning when I get an MRI — another one — and the doctors tell me what I did this time. Right now, they say I’ve irritated the sheath that covers the Achilles tendon. They said maybe a shot would make it better. I thought I was done with shots. Maybe not. Because if that’s what it takes to make me better, then I’ll get another one and see.

The only thing I know for sure is that I’m not playing in Game 2; whether it’s because I get a shot or just because I can’t, I’m out of there. And we’ll have one of the best defensive players in the game in my place. So that makes me feel a little better.

But I want to contribute. If I’m a pinch-hitter the rest of the series, I’ll be all right, as long as I can help. If I can play and help, that’s even better. If I can’t, I can’t. Who knows? This might be bad. I may be done for rest of the postseason. Hey, when I flied out, that might have been the last at-bat of my career. I hope not. But it could be. And, if it was, well, I’m proud it came trying to help my boys win.

And we won. It’s really what matters most.



    Cliff, we’re all hoping for the best for you here at our house. We know you’re in the lineup because you are a gamer who wants to contribute and compete. Don’t feel bad, we know how bad you want it.
    Hoping for the best for you and your Achilles. I know how disappointing it can be when your body doesn’t respond the way you want it too, but stay positive and we’ll keep hoping.

    GO METS!


    Cliff, you were the heart and soul of this team during the lean years. You deserve to be on the post season roster, and you will have your chance to contribute. Keep the faith. You have more fans then you will ever know.


    Cliffy, thanks. Thanks for posting this blog. Thanks for being the great Met that you are. And thanks for going out there every day and doing everything you can do to help your boys win. Just wanted to let you know (as I’m sure you do already) that all of us here in Mets-land appreciate it.

    Now get well soon, will ya?


    Awwwww Cliff. =o(. Have hope. Im sure that wasn’t your last at bat. And Endy is great. He will field great, and do a good job at bat. Im thrilled for the team on the win, and you know all the fans are pulling for you, at least the fans that dont have mental issues, like a certain poster. We all know how dedicated you are and how bad you want this. Good luck with the MRI!


    Hey Cliff, hang in there man. We fans appreciate everyting you have done for us. Don’t go thinking that you have anything left to prove to us. We know you would gut it out. Just get healthy. Good luck with the MRI.


    Cliff: i hope you read this because last year when you stayed heathy basically the whole, entire year you became about our most feared hitter on the team. You put up amazing numbers and i think even the gold glove winner last year. I reall hope you can get another AB this post season. I think im speaking for a lot of fans when i say that i hope you guys can work out a short term deal next year. I know ill always remember you as a great player and always hustling on every single play


    Cliff, you will contribute one way or the other whether it’s your bat, glove, or your leadership qualities that you show everyday will as you say “help your boys win”. This team picks each other up when they are down and that is one of the reasons you guys can win. Worse comes to worse you can be the DH in the World Series! Good luck with the MRI. We will all have our fingers crossed.


    ..Cliff, OMG..when i saw you in the game last night i said to my husband, “what is he doing, he’s gonna kill himself!”..I cant begin to explain how much my entire family admires who you are and what you have been doing. You are a true leader and a fighter. We love you Cliff!!


    We as fans of the Mets were concerned, but knew that if you could, you would gut it out and give your all as you always do. Our hope is that you can rest the heel, hopefully get in there to pinch hit if needed, and be as good as you can possibly be for the World Series. Endy was wonderful out there in the field, but as Tim McCarver and Joe Buck said, the Mets have “lost some power in the lineup”. Keep the faith, get well, and Let’s Go Mets!


    Keep the Faith Cliff you will be back beter and beter than ever.
    We will win this with or without you. Get Well Soon !!



    Hey Big Red Dog:)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that wasn’t your last at bat! I think it’s good to recognize the situation and the injury, but think positive. You tried to be there for “your boys” but owwwwie, did it look like you were in pain in the 2nd. You tried and that, in the minds of the fans, is all that matters. I LOVE that never say die, never give up attitude that you radiate…all of you, but ESPECIALLY you. And if you can’t play, I have all the faith in the world in Endy. He’s a fantastic defensive player and that’s what we need. Don’t get me wrong, we could definately use your power and optimistic attitude on the field as well. But know what, you can kill them from the bench as a pinch hitter. Please take it easy. I know that won’t be easy for you, but you have to get better and if you don’t give the achilles time to heal that WILL be it. We need you, so please don’t hurt yourself worse. You guys will still take St. Louis down and you HAVE helped. Get well hon. We are all behind you.



    Keep your head up, just take care of your achilles, and let it heal, so you can come back next year and kick butt!!



    Cliff, u gave it your best and thats what counts. don’t listen to pple like stout who are just there to make people feel bad-he’s probably just jealous 😉 id like to see HIM try to hit the ball-even without a bad achilles! feel better, cliff, and keep everyone on the team focused and positive! LETS GO METS!


    You are a cornerstone of this team and I am sorry that it didn’t play out better for you last night. You tried to help the team. Don’t listen to some of these fair-weather fans who think only of one game and not of the hundreds of games that you have poured your heart out onto that field. You were last year’s offensive hero and your fielding is always “give it your all” hard playing. The timing of the injury is awful but I know you can help us win just by nurturing and helping your boys either as a PH, DH or from the bench ala Pedro. We love you Cliffie and we hope you can heal your heel soon! I know you’ll be back; don’t worry about it being your last AB.

    These Mets are going all the way!



    Cliff, I second what Laura has said. You’ve been a key player of this team. I wish this wouldn’t had happened now,but who can control which part of your body decides to go out. Just don’t think of retirement because of age. It kind of sounds that way in your BLOG. Age is only a number. Take a look at Foreman and Holyfield. Their up there in age but they can still pack a punch. I LOVE FRANCO. He’s 48 and still causes damage. Your a great player.

    Angel Benabe.


    I remember when you first came over to the Mets how happy I was about that move. My 6 year old at the time asked me why I liked you so much and my response was that you were the complete gamer with one **** of a heart. That still stands true today. I know if you can’t play the rest of the year that pain will be far worse then your achilles but one of the biggest reason the Mets are winning this year is the love all you guys have for each other and heart. That’s what you showed all Mets fans lastnight was heart and you guys can’t win without it. Keep up the great work whether it be with the bat, glove, or must of all heart. That will be what your boys will need from you if you can’t go. Best of luck and GO Get EM’


    Hey Cliff,

    I consider you to be one of the bravest and toughest Mets this year. It can’t be easy dealing with all the injury issues, in one week out the next. You’ve battled all season long and still have managed to stay positive. It takes a very strong individual to deal with these issues, not only physically but mentally. Good luck!



    Hey Cliff,

    I hope your MRI goes well…..We really like seeing you out on the field! But I am sure you will be there to cheer the guys on! It was a great game last night by everyone! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dear Cliff,

    Your heart is clear as a bell and the Mets hear it and every fan does too. Winning takes character.

    Please take care of your self and trust in Willie Randolph …

    Thank you for taking the time to write this blog.

    Nomi in Providence, RI

  20. Zoe

    I was there in my Cliffy t-shirt screaming for you. And I was mad as **** at that fly for making you run. Thanks once again for sharing your thoughts, and for keeping us in the loop. I know for sure your career isn’t over. You’ve had a bad Achilles before, and after surgery, you were an even better player. The last shot did great things, too, getting you to tell us “look at me run.”

    I love you, Cliffy! Hang in there, and let your teammates be there for you. ‘Cuz that’s what the Mets do.



    hang in there cliff! we’re all pulling for you and the team. we know what a big heart you have for the game and this team especially, so we know how important your presence is, even if just in the clubhouse. but get better soon and never doubt your ability to contribute to this team down the stretch. you’re the man!


    Hey Cliffy, I’m not ready to hear any thoughts of your last at-bat of your career!!!! The heavenly father works in mysterious ways so don’t give up faith and understand that hitting homeruns and catching fly balls are not the only ways you can contribute! I think game 1 was just a message to take it easy and to relax for the world series! So relax there with El Duque because you 2 guys are gonna be our wild cards in the world series!


    Cliff I know you’ll be okay… Most guys woulnd’t have even attempted to play in your condition.. You are a true team player with dedication to your fellow teammates. I’m flying to St. Louis to watch you guys sweep. I hope to see you playing there!


    Hang in there Cliff, I told you before you will be a big part of this CHAMPIONSHIP.

    And if you read this, Please pass this comment my Pujols.

    He showed no respect for Glavine.

    “He wasn’t good. He wasn’t good at all,” Pujols said. “I think we hit the ball hard. We didn’t get some breaks.”

    God bless you Cliff, and stay strong.



    Cliff, you are the man. I can remember when you used to kill the Mets and thinking man, I wish we had that guy, finally we did and I was pumped. You have been my favorite Met since you stuck with those terrible teams even though you were hurting. I hope you can get out there and help anyway you can (perhaps some late inning pinch hitting heroics?). You’re a class act and know that who ever you are playing for or what ever else you are doing you will have a home at Shea. Be good.


    Hey, : What’s your position of authority in the Mets organization?

    No, seriously: what major league team do you coach for? I didn’t see that mentioned in any of your oh-so-knowledgeable posts.

    I don’t pretend to be an expert on the sport, but I do understand the concept of emotional leadership and other similar values.

    Hey, Cliff (or whoever types his blog for him): what was your new at-bat song last night?



    feel better.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t play the whole game, but Endy did a great job in your place.

    Looking forward to another Met win tonight. Take it easy.


    We felt the pain when you ran out that foul ball,and on your last swing we saw your pain.Cliff,just take care of your injury and let the guys win this for You, Pedro and Orlando.We want all three of you guys back next year,when we defend our title.GET WELL SOON, WISHING YOU THE BEST


    Hi cliff
    As a physician and fellow tendonitis sufferer I feel your pain. The only real treatment is rest and long slow rehab.I know most MRIs and acute care treatments are useless in your situation. Perhaps someone in the training room can show you a good way to strap your ankle to take the pressure off the inflammed tendon.Get them to strap you with Elastoplast tape 3in X 5 yd (this may allow you to play while hurt)Its not a cure but it can help you take pressure off the ankle. Im on my way now to have mine taped, i got the best guy if you need him. All the Best, remember you only have another 2 weeks to deal with this– then off to rehab


    Cliff you are one of the toughest players in the game. I became a fan of yours especially in either 2002 or 2003 when you played hurt all year even though we were losing.Get well soon so we can all see you out there again.


    Hey Cliff, I can’t imagine you actually read the comments (I’m impressed you even find the time to post something everyday, especially after Game 1). But I wanted to tell you it’s been great reading these, and I love how honest you come across, with a little bit of humor thrown in as well. I remember a day a long time ago, when I was at an Arizona Fall League game. You were on deck, and a little kid kept yelling your last name until you turned to him. He asked if you were going to play in the majors. My friend and I laughed at the question. I think your response was just a simple “Yeah.” Honesty. Even if you can’t play, it seems like you, Pedro, and Orlando have the type of team attitude to keep everyone else loose and having fun, and that’s such an under-appreciated aspect of being a teammate (just look at the Yankees). Ya Gotta Believe.


    Stout what the **** is your problem?? what do you have against Floyd? I seriously get the impression that you are one of the players…like milledge or someone who is really jealous that he is not on the roster!!!
    you’re obsessed…you’ve posted like 5 times already. get a life and leave cliff alone!

    dont worry, we got your back floyd, feel better!!


    Cliff, Have no doubt at all about what you have contributed to this team and to us fans this year and especially the past few when the light at the tunnel seemed so far away. Those are your boys, and while we would much rather see you on the field and at the plate, you still have a contribution to make. Just as Pedro is in that clubhouse with his arm in the sling being Pedro, your boys still need you in that dugout to lend your heart. We love that you wear your heart on your sleeve and feel like its almost there just so we can see it and it makes us more appreciative to be Mets fans. Keep your head up big man, we need you to help our boys continue to see that light. I hope its just the frustration and pain that has you thinking about your last at bat of your career; I hope to see you celebrate on the field in 7 more Met wins, and I hope to see you smile still a Met in 07.



    I was at the game I saw that you pulled you achillies on that foul ball and felt for you man. Don’t listen to what these haters like STOUT are saying. He doesn’t know anything about heart which you have shown us throughout your tenure as a MET. Keep your head up. We know you were thinking about the team when decision was made and we know you were not the only one who made that decision. I plan on seeing you in a MET uniform in ACTION again. So keep your head up and gear up cuz you have given us your all and that is all you can do and we appreciate it.


    hey yankee fans go play some golf with your team. cliff get well we need you as the big DH versus detroit.



    Stop that last at bat nonsense man!! You have the heart of a champion and are a classy guy. You will be back to play this series and most likely hit the 2 run game winning HR. Its in the Cards.. and dont listen to Stout. I just found out he really is a nerd, cant comment on him liking Star Wars too much since I am also a fan or his AIM id which is skins543. Hey Stout!! dont bring knifes to gun fights. Now be nice or I wont!! Lets Go Mets


    hey cliff im sorry about your injury but dont lose hope! whether you play or not doesn’t matter because you helped us get where we are today. your fans and i love you and we’re rooting for you!!
    ❤ laetitia


    Cliff, I almost cried when I saw your pain last night. You mean so much to those of us who’ve been hanging with our boys through thick and thin. We’re all hoping you’ll at least get a shot at PH & DHing. For once the DH will be good for something. And Stout, you fool, Willie makes up the lineup, not Cliff.
    I guess what we’re all saying is that, just in case you’re not able to play in the rest of the postseason, this isn’t how we’d want you say thanks to you. For now, hope you can endure another shot, cause you’re a hero – with the bat, and in the clubhouse! We love you!!!


    We wanted you here even when there was beef with Bobby V, not sure why at the time (other than the credentials), but now I see it’s because you got one of the most righteous souls that I’ve ever encountered. You are a true inspiration to all Met fans. Hope all turns out well with those pops, keepin my fingers crossed.

    -Priyan “Supreen” Naidoo

    Budhite Knights Inc.


    Cliff will be fine!! If he needs a shot he will get a shot, if he needs to rest, he will rest. Cliff has contributed to this team in more ways than 1. Lets not forget he is David Wright’s mentor!! Cliff at even %5 is like most guys at %125. He is not selfish and WILL contribute. I just believe in him and get irrated when jabronies who live with their mommies past 30 make outrageous comments just to get attention. Kinda like that commercial…mommy never loved..mommy never loved me. Be nice now stout…. Lets Go Mets!!!


    Hang tough, Cliff! We can still use your bat coming off the bench. Remember Kirk Gibson in ’88? You can still achieve that kind of legendary status this fall. Rest up. You’re not done, yet!! – Chris Brown



    First time reading your blog and I enjoy reading what you write. Like many fans, I remember the news conference when you first signed with the Mets. I hope this won’t be the last we see with you. I think we’re kind of used to having you around.

    stout: I don’t know why you’re around here, this is obviously a Mets players blog. You’ve got some repressed hatred for the Mets for reasons I don’t know nor do I care. I’m sure at the end of the day, your comments are the last thing on Cliff’s or anyone else’s mind.


    Cliff, if this is it (big IF) it would be a **** shame. You carried us thru those ugly seasons when no one else could step up. We still need you now and coming off the bench or a DH slot in the series would still be a great way to contribute. Get some rest now and we’ll see ys in St. Louis.


    Cliff nurse that ankle buddy! Otherwise how else will you run out onto the field – after the final out – with the rest of “the boys” – with glee – as you, the team, and us fans celebrate becoming world champs again for the first time in twenty years! I can’t wait! Rock on man!


    Dear Cliff,
    I was at the game in LA and was so inspired to see the heart you displayed scoring from first on Green’s double. You were going to score that run no matter what–ankle be damned. I was so heartbroken to see you come up in such pain. Whether you can play or not for the rest of the NLCS, you will contribute from the bench with the leadership and brotherhood you have shown to your teammates all year and for many previous tough seasons. You are an inspiration to us Met fans and a true Met. Anyway, I believe you will be able to pinch hit and DH in the World Series. Thank you for all your incredible efforts during your time as a Met. And good luck in the rest of the postseason. Best,



    You can’t say things like that. Im sure that will not be your last at bat of your career. Try to get healthy over the winter, you will definitly play next year, you are still a great player. Yeah Endy is pretty awsome in the field, everyone knows that if one of our main outfielders are not in we want ENDY! Well, congrats to all of you guys and what an outing for Tom in game 1. Keep it going!



    #30=the best!!


    Have a little faith Cliff. You put us in a good spot as well as everyone else on the team. There was a reason you played last night. But please tell Reyes and Franco to stop swinging for the fences and do what comes naturally. I love seeing you guys work together because that’s true baseball. Thanks:) Joy…Win for your true fans tonight and ignore the red from the Cardinal fans in St. Louis. If you guys see red in St. Louis, think of it as a good thing–be like bulls in the arena, stay on the attack, and get the job done. You are winners in my book!


    Cliff, I knew when you ran down to first it did not look right. Please rest cause I know that having you come off the bench is better than not having you at all.



    We are so proud of the work you’ve done. You, and all the guys, you all look beautiful out there and we are proud to call ourselves New Yorkers, proud to call ourselves Mets fans, proud to call ourselves Cliff Floyd fans. Good luck with the MRI. We’re rooting for you all the way to come out strong. We’ve all got our Mets’ hats on.

    p.s. What’s up with the scrubbing bubbles?!?!


    Cliff, You just get healthy , that’s what really matters. Your real fans know how much you want to contribute and we love you for it. Love Ya, and Take Care. Theresa


    Dear Cliff, your health is the most important thing for you now. You have to get that tendon repaired somehow so that you can continue your wonderful career. It’s so nice to have a player like you on the Mets – playing with all your heart and soul. The team is wonderful to watch because everyone plays with everything they’ve got. It’s very obvious.
    And when we get into the World Series you can be the world’s greatest DH.

    But just a note: When you got to first base you hit it with you left foot – maybe you should be hitting the bag with your right foot so you don’t jostle your left foot so much. I know that that’s how you’ve been playing the game all your life but we’ve got to think about that tendon.

    Just know that all of Mets fans are with you and care about you. We know you play with all your heart. All of our hearts go out to you.



    Cliff, keep your chin up, have faith. You are exactly the type of ball player I would hope to have been. Remember after you guys dispatch of the Cards you’ll be stroking the long ball against the AL. God Bless and thanks for getting us here.


    I’m with the other fans on this one: rest and heal. That’s the most important thing to us.

    P.S. Whether you play or not, it’s still your name and number on my “lucky jersey”.


    Dear Cliff,

    You are a great ball player and watching you on the field or at bat is awesome! I actually cried on Saturday, watching you round 3rd and then come over the plate in so much pain. If last night’s at bat was your last, though I am sure it won’t be, I am honored that I saw it live at Shea, at my first post-season game ever!! Feel better and know your fans are pulling for you all the way.


    I was’nt gonna sign up for this, but after reading the comments that stout1804 made i had to sign up… Lets take a review at some of the things he said….


    1. That was pathetic Floyd. You went 0 for 1, then left the game. Way to take up a roster spot you selfish player.

    Didn’t we all know that you would just be injured? Yet you still insisted on playing anyway.


    You know last I checked, Wille Randolph makes the decision on who plays and who doesnt, that’s why he’s the coach of the mets, In fact Cliff Floyd was even quoted as saying that he was suprised to see his name in the line up card. He also expressed to Willie that his Achillies was’nt feeling to well.. So write Willie on that one..


    2.See, that’s how everyone sees you. No one thinks you’ll actually do something worthwhile, just “Aww look at old man Floyd, hope he doesn’t hurt himself again.” Anyone who tells you otherwise is obviously lying to you, this is the real world and in the real world you are too injured


    I dont think there’s too many mets fans who dont want Cliff on the Roster, He’s to hurt to play the field right now, but the guys got power in his bat.. Let’s see 2 out in the seventh inning, down some runs, bases loaded, pitcher’s spot is up.. Isnt it great that we have someone with that power to call upon in that situation. I think So..


    Take a look at Foreman and Holyfield. Their up there in age but they can still pack a punch. I LOVE FRANCO. He’s 48 and still causes damage.

    Also remember that Franco stays healthy while you can’t. You know people, Floyd still could have been a cheerleader and NOT taken up a valuable roster spot. I’d rather have Franco pitch hit than Floyd, that’s for sure.


    Wow.. You know what i like about you, is that you know what your talking about.. You know what, the only thing Foremans been packin since 91 is the Foreman Grill pal. I like Franco man but i take cliff in an RBI Spot coming off the bench..


    5. Yes, most guys actually think about THE TEAM. Mr. FLoyd, however, thinks about how bad he wants to play in the playoffs. Even if every other outfielder is better than he is right now. Cliff needs to sit on the bench for the rest of the series and stop being selfish.


    You know what, i think i agree with you, can you beleive this S.O.B. I mean last year, the guy only hit 34 homers, had 98 RBI’s, Made a ton of Gold Glove catches, led the league in outfield assists, played in 150 games “the most since 98” carried the team on his back and gave us our first winning season since 2001, and set us up to have the year we had this year by proving this team is a winner. I mean can you believe the nerve of Cliff Floyd. Always thinkin about the team like that. What a Selfish player..


    6. What did Cliff do last night?

    Cliff’s Stats!

    Last night, 0 for 1.

    Fnnds a new way to get hurt every night.

    Brought with him an amazing .244 batting average


    You know Cliff’s had a toguh year man, and he know’s it, lets see what he’s done in the postseason so far. Let’s see what he’s done in his 3 game’s and 2 inning’s.. He’s had 10 at bat’s. A 400 average, that’s 3rd best on the team, a 455 obp thats also 3rd best on the team. Three Run’s scored that’s tied for first on the team. Those kinda number’s sound like the kinda number’s a selfish player who doesnt care about the team would put up..Your Preachin about Julio Franco who i respect a lot, but he’s battin a big zero buddy. Your just another big mouth fan who has no actual athletic talent himself.. In fact you’ve probably never even played on a team, or if you did you had no concept of team.. If you want to talk to people who might care and agree with what you have to say, call Mike and the Mad Dog.

    Cliff has been here for a while man, he’s been through all the bad year’s, and the recent good.. Personally if they did’nt put him in the roster it would be messed up.. The Guy has always showed a ton of heart, and last year when Willie told him “i need you to play for me everyday” he did it. In fact, he’s the biggest part of what made it worth while to go to shea stadium last year.. Whether if it was with his glove, or with his bat, or with his arm, he always seemed to have a highlight on sports center last year.. It’s easy to forget about the good people have done when there having a tough season.. But if you went to Shea Stadium last year, then im sure you were a part of the many MVP chants for Cliff Floyd.. So no matter what anyone say’s, although his achilles is hurt,you know he’s the biggest weapon on that bench, and when he’s called upon to swing that bat. He’s gonna give us the best chance to get that big hit. The Bottom Line is, that CLIFF FLOYD DESERVES TO BE IN THE PLAYOFF’S,AND ON THIS ROSTER, HE’S STILL A BIG PART OF OUR TEAM..You the Man Floyd. Let’s Go Mets….


    Cliffie, my man, I must agree with metsgrrl, clutchdjp and thewrightgrl05. AND YOU cannot pay attention to that stout1804 person or whatever it is. True “stout” has the right to his/her opinion, however, such negativity is unwarranted and is just unsportsman-like. If he doesn’t like what you do, then maybe he shouldn’t watch. I, on the otherhand, respect what you do. As one poster stated, you demonstrate leadership. Another thing, I know that you are much too smart to pay attention to what people such as he/she says about you. LOOK at where YOU are and what YOU have ACCOMPLISHED. Can he/she say the same? I don’t think so.
    Cliff, I pray for you not just because you are a great ballplayer, but because you are a great person. I don’t pray for you because you are a “MET”, but because I want you to be well just to be well and not just to go out there and blast a HR. Get well soon. God bless………


    Love what you write…thanks for sharing with everyone…I have to say though it’s most important to take care of your body than to contribute more for the team. You know what…you DID contribute…all year long! It took ALL of you to get where you are now…don’t go over board! It’s not just the playoffs that did it…it’s every moment of this whole year! Good luck and get healthy! …From a misplaced, crazy Braves Fan that resides in Colorado 😉



    You maybe happy to here this, but i am one of your biggest fans!! i watch every single game i can, INCLUDING post season,and you know what, i am only 13. =]. you were on a roll before you came out, and thats what is great about you cliffy, you’ll never let us down, even if you have to be the DH for the WS, we’ll be with yah all the way! You’ve done so much for us! Hang in there, and know that all of us mets fans are supporting you, and care for you as well! Endy has your back, and i’m sure you know that!



    Cliff…what more can I add to the great comments and compliments that were already said…I think your great and the whole team has been so fun and exciting to watch, I couldn’t have asked for a better season. Keep your head up and know that a lot of prayers are going out for you personally. I have been a fan as long as I can remember. I thank you for all you do to make it great and just keep having fun…this is baseball!!! luv ya, metsbabe

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