Were glad that theyre on our side

It seemed like, until this year, every time I turned on a TV in October, I saw Tom Glavine or Greg Maddux or John Smoltz or one of those guys with an "A" on their caps in a playoff series. It seemed like it?s been that way my whole life.

Braves, Braves, Braves. And now you see why. I mean, it?s not a surprise. But did you notice how Glavine won Game 2 — one ex-Brave pitches great. The other one — Julio Franco — beats out a double-play ball, running on 100-year-old legs. They did what they had to do. Now we?re up 2-0 against the Dodgers.

It?s nice to have those ex-Braves guys around.

I didn?t have to wait to play with Tom and Julio to know that they?re special and that they came from a special place. All you have to know about the Braves is that they won all those years while they were changing their personnel.

You don?t lose Glavine and Maddux, Gary Sheffield and Javy Lopez and Rafael Furcal and still win every year, if there isn?t something special with the organization. That?s what we?re trying to do here in New York. You know, get it rolling, so when one of the big guys leaves, you just keep going.

That?s was amazing to watch all those years. Just win, win. Lose a 20-game winner, and win some.

We?re here now, and that?s great. I?m proud that I?m on a team that ended the Braves’ streak of 14 consecutive division titles, because that was an accomplishment. It took a lot of doing. I wasn?t here back in the day when the Braves caused the Mets all those problems, so I don?t have a grudge or anything. I just respect what they did.

So watch out for them next year.


  1. tashi0106@gmail.com

    Great game tonight Cliff! Looks like you guys are on your way to the ALCS. hopefully you guys can win on saturday and san diego and st. louis go to game 5 to give you guys an extra rest. Man that hit that you had i thought that was out for sure. But JD Drew caught it at the warning track. As soon as it was hit everyone in my room stood up thinking it was out but i couldn’t believe that it stood in. Anywho good game and good luck in the rest of the post season and say whats up to David Wright for me and tell him that Brass Monkey music he comes out it is awesome!

  2. jakirulalom@aol.com

    100 year old legs ! LOL. Yeah it is great that we have Glavine and Franco and yes the Mets will be just as special someday.

    Cliff, thanks for being a warrior. Watching you run out there, play the outfield, and run out bases, inspite of your achilles, is inspirational.

    The infamous Shea Stadium wind killed another one of your homers. Eh, a win is a win, and you’re still a force in this lineup.

    Close out time. Let’s see in the regular season, you guys missed 3 closeout opportunities in Pittsburg (though we fans like to think it was so you could win the division in front of the home crowd). One and done should be the catch phrase for Saturday. Good luck bro.


  3. zygzyg2@hotmail.com

    Cliff, that home run ball should have been “outa here”, but no worries since the Mets did it last night with the short ball, some good plays in the field, speed, and fabulous pitching all the way around. Rest that achilles a bit, but not too much. . . your presence on the field is still greatly needed as we hopefully close out this series on Saturday night! You know all your devoted fans will be watching, and cheering!

  4. pootiepiethe4th@yahoo.com

    Great game cliff. That fly out you had was so gone. It must have hit the scoreboard and come back or something. But anyway, just sweep the dodgers tomorrow

  5. Zoe

    Aw, the wind stole your home run, but that’s okay because we’ll take a WIN every day and twice on Sunday. I’ll be whispering all day because my voice is GONE after all the screaming I did for you and the team.

    I got some truly amateur digital-camera videos of your almost home run and hit, and I’ll try to post them on YouTube today–latest tonight.

    Did you feel the love Cliff? Tell me I’m right–it wasn’t a “hug” like you said in your first post. It was a tornado swirling around you guys. A tornado of fan love. What’s better than that?

    You know, except winning the first 2 games of the playoffs.

    You’re such a special team, and thanks for letting us share in that!


  6. sms6201@optonline.net

    Cliff you got robbed..the ball should have been out…Glavine was AWESOME and Franco gets better with age..you guys got it done..1 game away from the winning…..I LOVE THIS team…I have been a Mets fan for 23 years…the ’86 WS was the best…and you guys will do it again this year…you deserve it. Take care of business in LA….
    Thank you for such an AMAZING year….

  7. jeff@milwaukees.com

    Hey Cliff,

    Thanks for this blog. Fans who live and die by the team want to get as close as possible to the team and the action. Yours is really insightful and organic.

  8. mdeuce@gmail.com

    Hey Cliff,

    I think the ghost of that bird Randy Johnson hit with a fastball took his revenge out on your homerun ball last night. You smoked that thing. I almost threw up on my cat when it was caught. Thanks for an amazing year so far. Lets finish this thing.


  9. raincntry@yahoo.com

    Cliff, it’s great to see you swinging the bat well right now. You’re a vital part of this team and if you can continue hitting this offense is gonna cause huge problems for everyone.

    I very much hope you are a Met for many years to come.


  10. simpleseafood@yahoo.com

    Good job Cliff. The electricity in the air at the stadium last night was incredible. The “Jose, Jose, Jose” chant and “Paul Lo Doo Ca” chant gave me chills. You may not have been around to have a grudge on the Braves. But you bleed blue and orange now. I got one thing to say to you “Take us there Skitch”.

  11. isis324@gmail.com

    Hi Cliff,
    It’s real cool of you to give respect to Atlanta, especially when you have a couple of former Braves with you. It’s been an exciting series so far, and you’re doing fantastic. Keep it up! You’ll go far!

  12. deephousegenes@gmail.com

    Hey Cliff,

    you knocked the cover off that ball I don’t see how it stayed in the park. You hit it a bit too high I guess.

    GO METS!!!

  13. jtp28@cornell.edu


    I was at the game last night, down the right field line. At least three people spilled beer on me because they jumped up when you hit that ball. I don’t know HOW it stayed in.

    Let me just say, you are the MAN. Keep on rollin baby, take em out in game three so you all can get a little extra rest.

    Ya gotta believe!


  14. jrrray@msn.com

    Cliff.aside from every thing,I hope to see you her with us next year again…Going for our title run again in 07 .LETS GO METS!!!!!!

  15. sblake2906@aol.com

    Hey cliff!!My names Jennifer,and i met you once=).I’m on my dad’s name,and i just want to tell you i was at the first round of the p/o’s and godddd,i was freaking out when you hit that homer i was like ‘THATS THE CLIFFY I KNOW!!’I so want you to be with us next year.Much respect & luck.

    Cliff floyd’s number one fan,


  16. briteeyes32_70@netzero.com

    Plain and simple, you guys just rock! For so many years, the Mets didn’t take advantage of their oppositions mistakes and there have been many during this series, but you guys have capitalized on MOST of them. There really isn’t much that the team doesn’t do right. Take, for example, that grounder that squeaked under Wright’s glove in game 2. He looked so frustrated. Here’s my view on that. SO WHAT??? I can’t even count the number of runs he’s saved by diving…I think he did it successfully 3x in THAT game. So, big deal..nobody is perfect. You guys are just the best and you can do no wrong in my book. By the way, you are really doing well too:) It’s been a long time coming, but I am confident that you will bring it on home this year. Go Get ‘Em.


  17. originalbrat63@aol.com

    Hey Cliff, So glad your well enough to play in the post season , I’ve missed you so much when you were injured. Good Luck to you and the guys I know you can do it. Theresa

  18. ebilger02@hotmail.com


    Another great game! Man I thought your one hit was a homer….next time! Good luck in LA! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. mikebesio@acsouth.com

    Great homerun the other day, and you just missed another one but besides Glavine and El’ Grandpa what do you think of the play of Endy Chavez? Is it fun watching a “before this year unknown” player get the job done like Endy does, what does it mean to have him on our team?

  20. misskahlua69@aol.com

    THE Cliffster,

    Great game yesterday. I am so one of your number 1 supporters. The ball you hit should have been a home run, but that’s ok we got the win. Let’s go to LA and don’t forget the brooms. GOOD LUCK LETS GO METS

  21. ls2gtopower@hotmail.com

    CLIFFY! that was one **** of a shot you took I jumped up and almost spilled my drink all over me here at home….keep smoking the ball cliff and i hope your back with us next year!

  22. gomobile@aol.com

    Cliff, I am really proud of you. I see you on the field as I did last night hobbling but toughening it out. We need your hits, catches and results so go get this World Series prize for this team and us the fans.

  23. jerry2a@gmail.com

    Cliff – long time Mets fan here. This has been a great season and although Reyes, Wright, Pedro, Beltran, and Delgado get most of the attention, I think you’re awesome. You’ve got class, you’re candid, you hustle out there…and you’ve got a great sense of humor. After you hit that HR on Tuesday night I e-mailed a friend who was also watching and I said that was one of the greatest shots I’ve ever seen – I swear that thing would have gone 700 feet if the scoreboard wasn’t there. Amazing. Best of luck to all of you – your efforts out there don’t go unnoticed. Oh yeah – tell Mr. Minaya that New York wants you here for as long as you want to keep playing. But please – no pinstripes if you know what I mean….Take care.

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